Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scavenger Time

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.....the ritual continues.  Cup o'coffee and Sunday morning post.  I like it.  Thanks Ashley. 

This week's topics were:  Street Photography, From a Distance, Sunday, Liquid, and Behind

Love the topics this week.  Not too tough, but a little challenge to keep things interesting.  Oh let's fess up, I like the topics every week....

End of Day
End of Day
Street Photography:  I KNOW this isn't what's meant by street photography, but putting up my rural version anyway.  I guess I should call it "road photography".
This was one of those pull over and grab the shot now images.  I stopped at the end of a driveway and the owner came out with his barking dogs.  Gladly he didn't mind when I told him I was grabbing a photo of the setting sun.

From a Distance:  Had to attend a funeral for a friend's husband yesterday.  Grabbed this shot at the end of the day out on my dog walk with miss Tula.  A beautiful day and sky making a lovely send off for Joe, don't you think?

Sunday Steeple
Sunday Steeple
Sunday:  Local Unitarian Church in town.   Even though I don't regularly attend church, when I think of Sunday, church comes to mind ( and so does Scavenger Hunt Sunday).

Rain Covered Jeep
Rain Covered Jeep
Liquid:  My friend from England's rental car.  She was disappointed by the NJ plates she had while in the state of Maine....but I like the yellow contrast the plate provides on the black vehicle.

Still Runs {359/365}
Still Runs
Behind:  I'm so happy for this topic, because I am enormously behind on just about everything.....laundry, bill paying, groceries, taking photos, and mostly processing photos.  This one is from mid-August, please and thank you.
Another photo I had to take.  It was not optional.  An old fisherman's truck parked at the wharf.  Note the the worn Red Sox bumper sticker on the right and the bait barrel in the truck bed.  Won't mention the smell of the bait.


Kathy said...

Yowza! Totally worth barking dogs and a visit from the property owner to get that "street photography" shot! Love the amber hues from the setting sun on the blacktop street. Gorgeous!


Katie said...

I love the street photography shot, and the distance shot. It is a beautiful send off, I am very sorry for your friend's loss.

Those Jersey plates are a great contrast! I'd be upset with Jersey plates too...but that might just be the New Yorker in me!

MG Atwood said...

You captured the set perfectly. Really really like them all.

Tezzie said...

I love your "liquid"!! That contrast is amazing! And, your skies (all 3 of 'em ;D) are gorgeous <3. Thankfully, technology hasn't come as far as being able to share regards to that bait truck, at least. Fun capture!

Ashley Sisk said...

I really love your street photography shot - the light is so beautiful. And street would pertain to any street...even if it's a rural road.

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful shots, I especially love the sky one, beautiful send off for Joe.

Brooke said...

Susan - a lovely set... AGAIN! I love the cloud one, sad about your friends husband, but the beautiful sky seems fitting.

Happy Sunday!

lisa said...

Great photos for the prompts Susan!
I absolutely love "Swirls."

Kay Rhodes said...

I think all of your shots are them all.

Anita Johnson said...

Another good set of photos, and yes, I think the sunset was a perfect send-off! Beautiful!

Valeria said...

Great interpretations

Cedar said...

I agree the yellow and black do look great together in your image. So sorry for your friend, but that sky is gorgeous! Love your double take on behind!

deb duty said...

I love your set this week! The sky is gorgeous and the steeple is really pretty. I really love the old dodge truck. Very fun!

Ms. Becky said...

haaaay, always love your scavenger hunts. the rosy glow, even captured on the pavement, is super duper in that first shot. great lines going on there too. I think Swirls is a great tribute to Joe - the layers are like chapters of light/life. I think Liquid is my fave, I love rain shots and the colors/dof here are perfect. the flavor of the Dodge truck shot is pretty eye-appealing too. it's been a long time since I saw a tailgate secured with those chains on either side like that. good catch. I just watched the movie "The Islander" and was thinking of you during the whole thing. that way of life/scenery must be entirely familiar to you. if you haven't seen it, put it in your queue, it's not bad. happy day to you Susan.