Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Scavenger

Yay Sunday.  Time to link with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  You should do it too.

This week's list included: Low Key, Color Wheel, Circle, Scarf, and Phone

I've been running on empty lately.  Too much to do, not enough time.  My photo ops have been suffering.  I am missing the self-discipline of the 365 which I've been off for a month now.  I'm still thinking about some sort of substitute for that to keep me going.  I did get out several times in the last week and am delighted to have enough for "the hunt".

End of Season
End of Season
Low Key:  I knew what high key was but had to look up low key.  I'm not sure I quite got it with this image, but it's a start.  I think I like this type of photography....I need to try some more.

Sun and Shadows
Sun and Shadows
Color Wheel:  Over at Kat's Exploring with a Camera the latest topic brings an awareness of the color wheel....enormously helpful for me.  I'm at Color Wheel 101 level.  This sunflower is an example of analogous colors....those that are side by side on the wheel.  I got me my yellow and yellow-green, not to mention some pretty awesome shadows.

Circle:  What can I say?  I like this shot and it fits the category.

Scarf and Bag
Scarf and Matching Bag
Scarf:  I did selective color on this scarf and handbag because this is Dannah's shop and you'd never pick it out if I didn't.  It is an amazing place to shop for all things lovely that you really don't need, but want to have anyway.  The shop is artfully stuffed with takes me forever to go through but I have great luck purchasing gifts there. if you feel like a little on-line treat.

Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
Phone:  Can you remember when this is how you found things?  Now there's an "app" for that.  I bet I used this only a couple times in the last year.  If I could only get my parents to start googling-then I'd know that times had totally changed.

I hope you're having a great weekend.  Today I'm all about studying, watching football, a little cutting back of the flowers, and laundy.  Have a great day and many thanks for dropping by to see my photos.


Tezzie said...

Stunning...just, stunning...

That low key is fabulous, and your sunflower takes my breath away <3 I love your phone interpretation, too! I think Finland has something similar, but I've no idea how to use's frustrating since only some of the things are listed in both languages, so you really need to know the Finnish word for what you're looking for (which I don't!). So, I rely completely on the internet...and my friends to point me in the right direction of whatever I might be searching for!

Thanks for your visit and kind comment...they mean so much to me; I love that there are some people 'out there' who regularly stop by. Those comments always warm my heart <3

Have a lovely week!

Deanna said...

Really like your series this week. The yellow pages made me smile, just got a new one this week, the scarf shot is brilliant and that sun-flower shot is spot on.

Susan said...

Hello fellow Susan, I love your low key and that pretty scarf and purse, nice selective color work. And of course the sunflower! :-) Have a great Sunday!

Sherrie said...

Great snapshots! Love the low key and yellow pages shots. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Hi Susan - I still would use the yellow pages as I'm not that techy with the phone apps yet! I loved your low key and it's a style that I want to develop aswell. My favourite is that bag and scarf - a perfect combination.

Ashley Sisk said...

Very creative interpretations - I love this entire set. Well done!

Carol Blackburn said...

You came up with some interesting shots, Susan.

Kathy said...

I love the creativity of tieing the scarf around the purse for your shot....brilliant!


Kay L. Davies said...

What a wonderful series of shots. I love the first one, but my brain immediately goes from looking at it as art to wondering why some of the boats don't have their motors out of the water, and thinking "silly people"!!
The scarf and handbag shot boggles my mind. I've no idea how to do that. I am to photo apps what your parents are to the internet.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Leanne said...

Great shots,
I really like your low key & colour wheel.

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't remember the last time I used a phone book, period. I'm a huge fan of SC, the scarf and bag are a home run (not that any of the other are any less excellent!)

Brooke said...

Oh wow - these are lovely. Particularly that circle shot - love your take on that one ;D

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the boat shot. WOW! So good. I was imagining a whole story when I looked at that. I love your scarf picture also. Lots of beautiful ones.

Linda R. said...

Love your shots this week.. Why didn't I think of the yellow pages. So clever.. That sunflower shot is my fav. I love it!!

Cedar said...

Terrific set! I think your low key is just right! I love your flower! Beautiful1

Cathy H. said...

You have such clever ideas for your scavenger hunt!! These are wonderful! I especially like the circle and the low key shots!!

Rebecca said...

I am liking the bicycle wheels.

MomLaur said...

I'm pretty sure you nailed low key! LOVE The sunflower shot - so cheerful and clear!

Mira said...

Susan, the Sun and Shadows one took my breath away! The entire set is very nice but that one is special. Hope you're having a great day!

lisa said...

These are wonderful Susan!
I especially love light and shadows.
Beautifully done! said...

These are just great....especially the phonebook...these are going away as fast as the phonebooth....

Bek said...

I love your your low key shot! It's gorgeous! Thank you for your visit and comment!