Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Reflections's the weekend.  Yay, I have reflections.   Check out more reflections at James' meme Weekend Reflections.  You'll be glad you did.

Last weekend it was my birthday.  Let's just say it was the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday and call it good.  I decided to take myself to Boston for the day for a little city shoot.  I don't usually shoot in bright sun, but crawling out of bed at 3:30 a.m. to be there for morning light was not a reasonable idea, so I was working more in midday light.  But I found lots of great reflection opportunities, not to mention some fantastic people watching.

I did get to Quincy Market before the big rush of the day.  The restaurants weren't open yet and the foot traffic was pretty light.  I had fun outside this restaurant with the large picture windows and tilted black chairs.

Black Chairs
Black Chairs


Window Washer
Window Washer

Inside the restaurant the movement (and it was fast moving) of this window cleaner caught my eye. I almost missed him.


Boston is a great city to visit. There is a juxtaposition of new and old. I took this standing between Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market building.

Hair Salon
Hair Salon

I love big plate glass on store fronts. They beg to be used for reflections.  A subtle little birthday selfie.


I'm not sure this last image is much good....but while taking it a man noticed me. He stopped and said, "May I ask what you're taking a photo of?" Who could blame him?-it was a utilitarian door that led into a closed theater lobby. When I explained about the reflections in the glass of the tickets sign and buildings across the street I said "Yah, I know. Kind of weird." He replied, "That's not weird, that's art". What a wonderful thing for him to say and for me to hear. It isn't a stellar image at all, but I like the story.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend....especially if you're in the region hard hit by recent torrential rains.  And big thanks to James for hosting such a fun meme.


Kathy said...

Happy birthday! Ahhhh Boston, love that city for many reasons. But chiefly because of what you said, the combo of old and new. Great job capturing that in so many of your reflections. Enjoyed your narrative too :)


Fábio Martins said...

Picture number 4, very nice capture

'Tsuki said...

Nice set of reflection ; i like the pirst one : the place look shiny, because of the penumbra.

Lois said...

I like the story too! Those are fabulous reflections. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I've never been to Boston and from the looks of it, my loss. I really like the diagonal.

Ms. Becky said...

oh DRATS! your birthday came and went and I missed it. but now I know for next time. I love that you treated yourself to an urban photo trip scene. especially when I see what you captured. I think these are some of my favorites. ever. I love Black Chairs (all those windows, the light), and Window Washer. oh my. that's a superb photo IMO. and Diagonal is a fave because I love lines and diagonals in photos, especially urban. that reflection is fantastic. Aveda are the only hair products that don't send my sinuses into a frenzy, so they're the only salons I will visit. plus I love being pampered with the neck and hand massages. yeah, I can be self-indulgent...
when you began the story of Art I was so prepared for the guy to end up being a jerk, but pleasantly surprised to learn that he was a thoughtful, aware, kind human being. isn't it wonderful to have spontaneous encounters like that with strangers? I always see the common threads running through your camera lens - the colors/tones/composition. they are so you. I hope you see it too. happy day to you Susan. and belated happy birthday. next year...

Leanne said...

I love all these reflections and such beautiful art in all your photos.
Happy 20th anniversary :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Belated birthday greetings (I was 29 for a long time, great fun) and bless that man for understanding what you were doing. What a gift he gave you. Some people go through their entire lives without any understanding from anyone.
Wonderful photos. I love them all, but will remember the "tickets" one long after I've forgotten the others.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Ebie said...

My belated birthday wishes! Yes, I agree with you, early morning light is great for photos. Love that brown and white patterns of the building!

urban muser said...

awesome shots, and happy belated birthday!

James said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday! I've never been to Boston but I hope go someday. Regardless of the light you captured some excellent reflections. I often get strange looks from people who cant figure out what I'm taking a picture of. :)

Gilly said...

I just love Diagonal, and a happy belated birthday to you! Wishing you lots of wonderful happenings in the year to come.

Francisca said...

I like your art story a lot... and happy belated, Susan. I'm enjoying my stroll (or should that be scroll) through your blog. I'm sorry I don't visit to comment more often... it's truly a case of "so many great blogs, so little time"... but now I am following you and can at least see you in my reader. Thank you.