Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Linking with James out Cal-i-forn-I-A for this week's weekend reflections.  Thank you James!

I am REALLY behind on processing images.  REALLY behind.  The kind of behind I don't know if I'm ever going to catch up on.  I have plenty of great images waiting nicely for me to get around to cleaning up.  Today I waltzed through my Boston folder from 3 weeks ago.  I've hardly touched it, so I thought it was time to at least dig out some of the reflection shots.

In Boston there are plenty of tall buildings. So different from my rural seaside area, I can't help but spend a bunch of time looking up.

On High
On High
Based on the building you can see in reflection across the way you can tell that this window washer was up quite high.  I should have counted the stories.  Window washing....not a job for me, that's for sure.

Awning x Two
Awning x Two
Rows and rows of these awnings line "North 26", a hotel in the north end.  In this alley way I was able to catch them in reflection too.

Durgin Park
Durgin Park
Famous Durgin Park.  So the story goes.....age 4 my parents took me there for supper....supper, not dinner.  We sat at a long banquet table like a church supper-next to whomever from wherever, like twice removed (plus) extended family.  At the time they had no "kids" menu so my mother ordered a roast beef dinner to share with me.  Apparently I ate almost all the meat leaving her the green beans and 1/2 a potato.  I guess I take after my Dad.

Hot Dog Vendor
Hot Dog Vendor
Over around Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, I caught passing people in the "no sneeze" window of the hot dog cart.

Flower Vendor
Flower Vendor
I know this isn't a great reflection shot, but I love this catch in Downtown Crossing of a woman surrounded by the flowers she was hoping to sell.

Thanks for taking a look at some of my Boston reflections.  Maybe this weekend I can catch up on a few more folders of images.  Have a great weekend.


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Amazing captures, I don't visit cities that often but they offer such wonderful opportunities for reflections with their glass buildings.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have barely clicked the shutter in the last few weeks. My backlog is running dangerously low :-( I just found out I have a meeting in Philly on Wed, so maybe I can go early and fill the queue.

That first shot is killer! The dark glass and black frames look almost evil.

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving that first shot - the perspective is grand!

Sylvia K said...

These are awesome captures! Love your perspective and composition! I live in a big city, too, but rarely get into the downtown area where the tall buildings are, so I am impressed! But then your shots are always terrific, Susan! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


gina said...

I love Boston! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of Boston again -- I grew up nearby and lived in Somerville many years ago. Your reflection images are terrific -- your POV in the first give it such great lines. Ah, Durgin Park....memories. Let's so more, please!

Scrappy Grams said...

love your reflection shots! I haven't done much going out to do photo shots because I'm here handing tools to my son who's graciously remodeling my master bathroom. I had one of those garden tubs that are hard to get in and out when one is older. Also they use too much water. I will be doing a post when he's finished. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Susan, wonderful shots as always. Love, love, love the flower vendor.......I see a future painting if you'll allow me to use this one. :)

James said...

Excellent shots! I love perspective and subjects of your photos! I have hundreds maybe thousands of photos that need to be worked on. I'm a photo addict. :)

Have a great weekend!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You have a wonderful approach in your photographs and this is a stunning collection. The angles and perspective looking up at the first building and the awnings are fabulous.


urban muser said...

i have lots of photos i haven't gotten around to editing yet too! these are some great ones.

Kay L. Davies said...

One thing about glass towers, they're fabulous for reflections! The window-washer scares the wits out of me, although the contraption looks safe enough. And I love love love those awnings! I'd love awnings but we live in a very windy area.
I enjoyed the little giggle I got from the glimpse into your childhood.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Leanne said...

I love the first shot, how stunning!

Tania said...

I really like these Susan. The first one is such a great angle. You've inspired me to want to take a walk around Boston with my camera.

You commented to me once that you are a real estate agent. I'm curious to know if you ever do rentals? I'm still looking for a place to live in Maine and thought I'd see if you could guide me in any way. (Not sure how else to contact you other than here). My email address is:


Susan said...

Beautiful captures. I love all of the awnings and the great angle you captured them. I’m glad you included the flower vendor, such gorgeous colors!

Becky said...

Love Durgin Park! We went there a lot when I was a young'n. Bubba's should do Boston!

Cathy H. said...

These are wonderful reflections!! They are all so chrystal clear!! I love the Awning X two shot!! It's an awesome shot!

JM said...

All shots are wonderful but the perspective in the third image is really something! Love it.