Monday, October 17, 2011

Chair Exchange

Linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  Many thanks Lisa.

Love Lisa's link!  This is 2...yes, ladies and G's....2-Mondays in a row I'm linking up in a timely fashion. Whew.  I'm usually linking late on Thursday or missing out altogether, despite best intentions.  Maybe it's the Monday thing.  I have creative ideas, but they're not "slap-dash" as my mother would say or "add water and stir" as I would say.  I know it's going to take a few minutes to put them together....and who has a few extra minutes on a Monday morning?  Nobody.  Unless your princess cat wakes you earlier than your alarm clock.  I'll move along.

I was thinking this morning, sometime between cat and alarm clock, about music....because I was thinking about this post.  I was remembering how often my parents used to listen to music when I was growing up.  The records (LP's) were stacked 5 deep on the automatic dropping turntable.  My mom used to sing and dance with me when I was a toddler.  By age 8 I knew ALL the words to the songs from Cabaret, and sang along with Barbara Streisand...."Funny, do you hear that?  Funny.  The guy said ''re a funny girl".  No clue what I was singing, just singing.

See, this is not add water and stir.

I'm getting to my point.  My father had a Burt Bacharach album-undoubtedly "greatest hits".  My Dad is not so much the musician-OK, he's a horrible musician-but this album was one he enjoyed.  I sang along with Burt too.  Bacharach's songs usually beautifully composed and arranged, often had a melancholy nature to them.  The other day I was out shooting photos-near dusk-and came upon a beautiful chair.  Ever since I shot the photos, I can't get "House is not a Home" out of my head.  I wonder if you know that hauntingly sad song?

Chair 100
Chair 100

A chair is still a chair......

Chair 78
Chair 78

.....even when there's no one sitting there.

Chair 82
Chair 82

But a chair is not a house, and a house is not a home....

Chair 91
Chair 91

...When there's no one there, to hold you tight,
And no one there, you can kiss goodnight.

I told you it was kind of sad.  But I thought this chair was beautiful and the setting sun I could see from the chair's vantage point equally lovely.  Made for a lovely and emotional capture for me....and that's what it's all about.  Right Lisa?

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Thanks for stopping by.


Brenda said...

Ahh, Susan. Such an emotional and heartfelt story. I love the way you have fully explored the chair - my favorite is Chair 78 - something about that downward view and that curve - a way to look at something so simple in a new way. And isn't that what photography is all about?

Rosie said...

I absolutely agree with Brenda - a wonderful post Susan! I love all those different angles of that wonderful chair!

JM said...

The second and third shots are fantastic. What clever angles, well done!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful collection - simple and perfect

lisa said...

What a great post this is Susan, and I do remember Burt Bacharach! I think my Mom had every one of his LPs, and now I have them, along with at least a hundred others that she would listen to. There was always one of Mom's favorites playing on the "record player" when I was growing up.

Thank you for the wonderful memory, and for sharing this post and your beautiful photographs today, at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great evening!


Mira said...

your post is funny because I am linking in a timely manner this week, too! :) Nice shots!

Nadege, said...

I remember the days when I sang along to those records too. (Not always the right words).

A simple subject but a delightful presentation.

Genie said...

Awesome macro shots of the chair and its posts. Wonderful photography. My favorite is your last one. genie

seabluelee said...

That last photo is so poignant that it brought tears to my eyes. There are so many stories in that image.

Pat said...

I agree with the previous comment - the last shot evokes much emotion!

gina said...

Wonderful post about one of my favorite subjects for my camera! You really did pull on my heartstrings with the song -- beautiful match to your creative chair images. Sad, but life is like that sometimes.

missing moments said...

A wonderful series of photos and words. That's what photography does ... evokes some emotion!

Ms. Becky said...

you size things up with laughter and tears and all the good stuff in between and then you throw in a weathered red chair got me.
I love Chair 100.