Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative by the Seat of the Pants

Linking with Lisa today for the "creative exchange" one of my most favorite link ups for I must think and feel in order to be satisfied with what I choose to share.  While it is about images, it's really not, in the same breath.  Thanks to my friend Lisa for hostessing such a lovely spot to sit and ponder while looking at all the amazing talent out there in the blog-o-sphere.


You know that line or phrase..."you had me at hello"?  Well, that's kind of how this scene was for me.  All those wavy lines with the earliest peeks of sun warming them in the quietness of an early morn.  It was one of those "I have to have this; it is not optional shots."  I'm glad it worked out.  If I look at this one I can get right back to that spot. 

I should do that more often.  I need to wear glasses that have this image taped to the inside of them between my eyes and the world.  Perhaps I'll become famous like Jonas Salk and his polio discoveries....for my way to lower blood pressure (or for looking totally ridiculous with images taped to the inside of glasses).

This is the "seat of the pants" part of today's post.  I have no clue where my mind might jump around to next.  Perhaps my chair here at the computer should come with a safety seat belt just in case the ride gets bumpy.  Crap, am I channeling my inner Mae West when I say that?  I didn't even know I had an inner Mae West.  I actually am still doubtful on that.  Are you still there?  I think I'm all over the place today and as a reader you might need to stop and take a breath and click "next blog" if I'm not more careful.  I do have many endearing qualities.  I'll move along and try to make them more apparent.

Mama's Best Girl
Mama's Best Girl about someone who is "dear" to me, and maybe sees my endearing qualities, especially around 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. when the ol' chow dish gets filled?  I don't get great close ups of Tula too often; she's not a fan of cameras-she tolerates, and often looks in the other direction.  If she were a human she would likely be standing with arms crossed and tapping one foot thinking silently "hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!!" 
You know, like a teenager.

Early Wake Up
Early Wake Up

All right, now this is more serious.  Same morning.  All three of these shots were from the same morning last week.  It was an inspiring beautiful start to the day.  I do participate in a couple Flickr groups for fun, sort of hit or miss.  People in one of my groups were taken by this image-and it made it to "Explore" and got something like 600+ views.  That was pretty exciting as well.  Sometimes I think what I'm doing is just sort of goofing around, and then I come upon a day like this when God is smiling on me and I think "wow".  Life is funny like that.

Thanks for bearing with my crazy mood swings du jour and for peeking at my morning images.  I'm off to sit in a 3 hour real estate course.....that may have something to do with getting my silliness out early.  Have a wonderful day!


Jamie said...

I could spend a few days staring at that photo too - perfection

Anonymous said...

Wonderful portrait of Tula and I like the sand textures!

LeAnne said...

I love that "love at first sight" feeling. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but there's nothing like that "OH!" that escapes your lips when scrolling through recently downloaded images from the camera and you know you have a winner. These are definitely winners!

Karin M. said...

... beautiful nature photographs ... I like your photos very well .. ..
LG: Karin

Brenda said...

Oh, so THAT is why you like the magic golden light! NOW I see it.

That first image of the sand - I am trying to keep my jaw from dropping onto my keyboard. A winner, indeed. That one qualifies for the Publisher's Clearing House grand prize.

And big congrats on being featured on Flickr "Explore" - a well-deserved accolade as well.

And I love when you rattle around in your brain and then share it with us. This is me smiling :)

martinealison said...

Un très beau portrait que celui de cette "fifille" toutoune!... tant de tendresse dans son regard.
gros bisous

Susan said...

Beautiful! I love the waviness in both of your morning shots! And what a sweet dog. I had a horse that would start pawing when I stopped and “chatted” too long, or happened to be trying to capture the perfect picture.

lisa said...

Each of these is so beautiful Susan, but you had me at "Mama's Best Girl." Something about that photograph just touches my heart. She is a beauty!

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great evening!


Kathy said...

Lovin' that sunrise!


geetlee said...

Hope your class went well. These shots are so lovely! Love the last one!

Nadege, said...

Love your shots, especially the first one.

Pat said...

These are all lovely photos, but Tula wins my heart!

KateWares said...

You had me at "sand"... Gorgeous images. =)

Gilly said...

Lovely shots, as always, and I love the picture of Tula. I'm with her when it comes to cameras; I'm not a fan of being in front of one either.