Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kit-Kat Creative Exchange

Linking with Lisa for this week's creative exchange.  Thanks Lisa...always one of my most favorite spots.

I've been having trouble finding "space" for doing what I like to do, blogging and taking photos.  Work has been crazy, and it seems like the month of September roared in and out and I find myself sitting at the edge of October wondering what just happened.  Tonight I'm tricking myself by posting to the Creative Exchange early!!  I always have best intentions and then......whoops.....I missed out; again. 
In my post tonight (which is really for tomorrow, but shhhh) I'm loving my cat, "Princess P".  Sometimes I overlook how much joy and love she offers me.  In January I'll have been blessed to have her for 2 years.  She was an elderly lady of 10 when I adopted her from the local SPCA.  Her name was "Abbey", but I just couldn't keep that name as it had been my dog's name and her passing was still too fresh in the heart.
So, I kept the initial A. and named her Pamina after the princess in Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute".  It's an odd name,  A. Pamina.  I was trying to stay true to who she was before she chose me.  In the meantime, she's become Princess P, and I love her muchly. 
So yes, these were taken from the heart....on a recent rainy day when she was looking so sweet, I couldn't help but grab the camera.

Near the Window
Near the Window

A. Pamina
"Princess P"
(with Kim Klassen "stained linen")

I don't know if i like the textured version or not, but it was fun to play for a bit with an image of my sweet girl.

Thanks Lisa for your great meme.  I look forward to it every week, even when I don't quite get there.  Have a wonderful week.

PS.....As fate does like to toy with me now and then, this week Lisa is having internet repairs and therefore is not able to have "on-line" service until Thursday and the Creative Exchange is resting for a week.  I'm posting anyway.  Maybe I'll need this next week if I fall behind again.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a precious face your princess has!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Anonymous said...

I never tire of looking at a pets fur because of the patterns and colors. She looks like a wonderful companion.

Brenda said...

Susan - what a lovely tribute to Princess P. And I think the textured photo works very well - love the text addition - so very appropriate!

gina said...

Oh, I'm a cat person and love your kitty images -- great processing on the second one! Yes, it's too bad Lisa is off-line for a few days.

missing moments said...

So love these shots!

lisa said...

I am so sorry Susan, and I truly thank you!
Loving this little kitty!

Anonymous said...

Ahh. How precious she is. I love the texture on the textured on, you did good. And I love how she had you 'at meow'. Too precious.

Ms. Becky said...

Hey Susan, I almost missed this post, and it has photos of your baby! She's so adorable, I love the one with the texture (go figure). And the first with those ears. You've captured her very well. "She had me" would be a fantastic poster. Sorry I haven't been around - I'm spending less time at the computer and taking another master gardener class. Don't have the notion to pick up my camera these days, but I'm glad that you are! Happy day to you.