Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, and you know what that means....

Time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  Yay!  Thanks to our wonderful hostess Ashley!

Been, as they say in Maine, "wicked" busy.  I hate it when I'm too busy to blog.  Just ain't "nat'rul".  I am in the midst of two classes, one with the fabulous and famous Kat-Find Your Eye, and one at the local community college on Art Appreciation.  Both are requiring time and effort-of the good kind.  Last week for my college class I was asked to do a critic of a painting.  That damn paper took me most the week. How can one criticize Winslow Homer?  Who am I to judge? 

Breezing Up 1873-1876
Winslow Homer

I mean, it took the guy 3 years to paint it!  I had to come up with minimum 3 pages to critic it.  Yikes.
I said nice things. So, if I've not been by to say hello, I will.  I've just been busy getting to know Mr. Homer.

I have had time for the Scavenger Hunt however.  I do have priorities.  This week's topics were:
Words, Under, Orange, Fly, and Always Look on the Bright Side.

Fresh Eggs {sh 11}
Fresh Eggs
Words:  Love the local hand painted signs I see around.  There is a charm, that I sometimes overlook, about living in a rural area.

Under:  On Friday, after having spend the WHOLE week writing that damn Winslow Homer paper, my art class went the the Portland Museum of Art where I found these arches.  You know what?  There were also about 10 Winslow Homer pieces too!  Very cool after, you know, a long week.

Touch of Fall
Touch of Fall
Orange:  Soon these puppies will be all over the ground and I'll be bitchin' about raking.  For now, they're kind of pretty.

One Gull
One Gull
Fly:  Is it okay to love your own photos?  This was a beautiful morning.  Just snap in any bad photos. But the lone bird was a nice bonus.

Rich Smile {sh 97}
Rich Smile
Looking on the Bright Side:  Pure stranger.  Waiting outside the art museum.  Sweet, energetic, fun.  Just her smile made me happier.

Thanks for taking a peek at my images today.  No paper for art class this week.  Midterm instead.  I am getting much smarter though.  Have a great day.


MG Atwood said...

Lovely shots. I'm obsessed with the leaves turning. Just starting here. Your orange shot is my favorite.

Kathy said...

Soooo....if I call that number do you think he will deliver fresh eggs to Pennsylvania??? haha. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your "fly" capture. Those colors and total composition...brilliant. And I think that is so cool how you asked a total stranger if you could take her photo. I really have to work on that kind of stuff...I'm always afraid of rejection :).


Tamar SB said...

Just love your under and fly! Those fresh eggs sound wonderful too! I'l totally do a post about those cookies this week sometime!

Brooke said...

So glad you carved out time to take and share these photos!! I love your fly shot so much..... Stunning!

Brooke said...

Ps.... It is totally okay to love your own photos!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear that you are getting smarter - all that effort should pay off somehow.

You golden sunset, "One Gull", is simply heavenly. I am so glad you took the time from your studies to capture and share these images with the rest of us.

leavesnbloom said...

I love all the quirky little things you can find in a rural community - I've been taking shots of signs this week too. That one gull photo is just AWESOME. The colours are lovely reflecting off the water and that bird flew in just at the right moment.

If your art class is doing anything on Millais I've just done a piece on him on my leavesnbloom blog.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your fly shot is stunning - I love that and hope you had a great weekend.

Leanne said...

Great shots- Love the 'fly ' shot too.

Kay L. Davies said...

Delightful, Susan. I love your photos, especially the gull, but I also believe a stranger's smile is a bonus gift in everyone's life.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Shay said...

LOVE your 'words' and 'fly' shot! Looking forward to following you!

Anonymous said...

As an Engineer, I tend to critique things from a different perspective. OK, it took the man 3 years to paint it, so maybe time-management wasn't one of his core strengths. On the other hand, it's held up for 135 years so it was obviously built to last.

I like the arches, it makes me want to hurry through them to see what's on the other side.

Rich smile is seriously infectious. Nice scavenges!

Anonymous said...

great finds this week. Your fly photo is simply amazing.

Francisca said...

If you don't love your own photos, why should anyone else? Gorgeous collection, Susan... I like this meme a lot... just haven't taken the dive... :-)

Serline said...

I like taking photos of clouds and skies. I love your sunrise shot!

Susan said...

Oh I am SO horrible at critiquing. I couldn’t imagine coming up with three pages worth. How about they aren’t wearing life vests? HA! :-) I love your lone gull picture, so crisp and soft at the same time! Sweet stranger shot as well!

Ms. Becky said...

you know I love your scavenger hunts. Arches is my favorite this week. love it. the exposure is perfect and I love the depth and soft shadows. yes, it's alright to love your own photos. I was just looking through my picasa albums, thinking that would be the fastest way to determine if I had already posted a photo I want to post. well, it wasn't my brightest idea, but in the process I found that I had taken a few photos that I actually like now. isn't THAT a surprise? so I like that you love your own photos and I know why. One Gull soars. on so many levels. great shots all Susan.

Gilly said...

That last photo is fabulous; she has such a great smile, and I'm always envious of anyone who feels happy asking if they can take a stranger's photo. I'll get there eventually.....maybe it's easier if you're not surrounded by inhibited Brits.

How's your art appreciation class going? Three pages of critiquing seems quite a lot for someone who's new to this stuff. Hope you're enjoying it, anyway.