Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunny Exchange

Linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange, in a timely manner, please and thank you.  That is called miraculous.

I've never considered myself a sunset enthusiast.  It's not that I don't care for them, they're lovely, but I don't really seek them out.  If I happen to catch one that's especially beautiful, great.  If I miss out, I'm okay with that too.

My recent cache of photos would beg to differ, however.  I've been privy to several beautiful sunsets lately and been caught in their rapture.  What can I say?  I think it's the time of year.  I'm chasing light at the end of the day and the time is getting short.  I've hardly begun taking snaps and the sun starts fading behind the tall trees.   Being on the East's not easy to find an open space looking West to see the sunset, but a few days last week, by chance, I found myself in good locales.  Guess that's what the glut of sundown photos is about.

October 3
It wasn't just me awed by this sky....there were a 1/2 dozen or more people spellbound by this show last Monday night right near where I was standing.  The sky took on an amazing purple hue and people were taking shots will cameras and cell phones.

God's Glory
God's Glory

Purple Sky
Purple Sky

Between Worlds
Between Worlds

October 7
I wasn't planning to shoot a sunset this was one of those "skip dinner and get an ice cream cone instead" nights.  On the way home, a little bonus.  I had seen a lot of vapor trails earlier in the day, and this last one of the day I believe made the image.

Brush Stroke

Brush Stroke

O'er the Plains
O'er the Plains
(This is my favorite)

October 8
The last couple nights felt like summer.  Everyone has been out and about.  I shot a bunch of photos near the beach Saturday night.  On my way home I stopped at a nature preserve-an old farm property with open fields.  I had to take a few shots.  I mean, no one needs this many sunset shots!  It's crazy.  But I took them anyway.

Pink and Blue
Pink and Blue

Over Yonder
Over Yonder

I'll save these for the next spate of rainy days.
Thanks for stopping by and getting "sunny" with me. Have a great day.
Thanks Lisa....did miss you last week. Glad you're up and running again.


LeAnne said...

Lovely light! I agree with you on your favorite. Love the way the sunbeams span over the horizon.

Rosie said...

Wow, these sunsets are amazing, Susan!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Wow, they are all lovely Susan. You have been busy!

Anonymous said...

Ice cream - it's what's for dinner :-)

I love sunsets, but I rarely photograph them. I always thought that the pink 'fire' against the dark purple was the best.

seabluelee said...

I loved your comment that ' was one of those "skip dinner and get an ice cream cone instead" nights.' That's exactly what I did last night when, on my way to the beach, I found my favorite ice cream stand still open. What an amazing weekend it was!
Your sunset photos are beautiful. My favorites are the two vapor trail ribbons.

gina said...

Oh, my goodness -- what a wonderful series of sunsets! The vapor trail ones are especially beautiful.

Linda Makiej said...

Fantastic work for the Creative Exchange!!

ShonEjai said...

You managed to capture the sky in all its drama and beauty. Well done.

Jamie said...

These are glorious! I think you've found a new muse.

Phyllis said...

Hi Susan,

I think "Heavenly" is a good description for these beautiful photos. I can't pick a favorite!

Brenda said...

What a gift - your week of stunning sunsets. Since I don't live near water, I really love the ones with the sunset reflected in the water's stillness - double beauty.

Anika said...

Very's especially nice to see all the days end comparisons...what a lovely scene.

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful, Susan. Sometimes things just demand to be photographed.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

lisa said...

Oh my goodness Susan, what a beautiful series of photographs this is! How fortunate you were to be able to capture them, and how fortunate we are that you shared them here. Thank you so very much for linking up today, and thank you for your kind words.

Have a beautiful evening!


Anna said...

Looks like you've been privy to a wonderful show! A stunning group of captures! The mystery and majesty of sunset and sunrise always puts me in awe of the amazing world that we live in. Thanks for sharing these gems with us.

Cathy H. said...

Breathtaking images!! I could look at these all day!!

geetlee said...


Anita Johnson said...

I love the brush strokes, made by a Master's hand.

Scrappy Grams said...

well, I believe that one can never take too many sunset shots! I never get up in time for sunrise since I've been retired. keep the sunset shots a comin'!

Laurie said...

Beautiful. And they are all God's glory.

Ms. Becky said...

whoa! I feel an echo!!! are we in tune or what? I was lamenting too about how rare it is for me to capture a sunset over the horizon. these shots are amazing - such a silent beauty yet I can almost hear it. I think O'er the Plains is my fave too. I like the grasses and the lone tree top on the horizon with the sun going down like a big bald head. these photos are joyful.