Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clearly Unclear

This is my final installment of Find Your Eye.  It makes me a bit sad that my "journey" is over, even though I know that it truly has just begun.  When I started, I was looking for my eye but now, thanks to Kat, I have a much better sense on the whats, whens, whos wheres, and the hows of my eye.  I've also learned that my eye is constantly changing. Now I am better equipped to sense those changes myself.  But I'm still going to miss the excitement of this journey.  I've enjoyed every step.  Big thanks to Kat.  If you'd like to find your eye, I highly recommend taking your own journey next time Kat offers her classes.

For this last challenge-and wow there have been so many-we were to think about a series.  I only once did this before for a class I took last year.  Our final project was to choose a theme and present.  I chose "red" figuring it offered many possibilities.  It was fun, but I don't think I necessarily have a passion for red, and I don't think it was limited enough.

Library Reflections {142/365}
Library Reflections

When I saw "series" it was instantaneous.  Windows!-and not the kind on the computer.  My friend Gilly over at The Camera Points Both Ways had suggested a series to me a couple months back.  Having this challenge is just the push I need to heed Gilly's advice. (Gilly is awesome, take a peek at her blog.)  I have so many wonderful blogger friends.

I love windows.  I didn't really know this until I created my inspiration file.  Then I began to wonder about my attraction to them.  "What's with all these windows?"  I'm still wondering....wondering is a great fault of mine, (or a sign of genius);  I'm not sure which.

Often my window images feel sad, empty, or lonely.  Melancholy, like a song of longing.  I think these images help me express those feelings that come and then pass by.

Sad and Gray
Sad and Gray

On a more cheerful note, I find a lot of windows with text.  I like the combination of image and text and windows are a great place to find that.

Artistry in Bloom
Artistry in Bloom

And with curtains draw me in too.

Bathroom Window {278/365}
Bathroom Window

For something clear, made of glass, windows are not clear.  In fact, windows are perfectly UNclear.  I think I'm taking a picture of a window, yet when I get home.....well, there are other things I didn't see at all while I was standing there.  Bonuses maybe? Art? Illusion? A Haunting?

Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop

I KNOW I shot this image for the row of wreathes between the white columns.  Look at all the wonderful chair shapes, buildings, disgusting snow piles, cars, not to mention the hanging lights, paintings and unknown objects inside the coffee shop.  All from one image.  Wow.

Since I shot this photo, I've met James at Weekend Reflections.  My eye for reflections has improved a lot.  Today, I wouldn't have missed many of the reflected elements in the wreathe picture.

Customs House Reflections
Customs House Reflections

I received some odd looks from passing cars wondering why I was taking photos of a vacant store front.  They didn't see what I saw. 

One of the wonderful things about windows-sometimes they show you something crisp and clear, and other times, they're not so clear.  It's a left brain-right brain, enigma, riddle, abstract, mind poke.  It's as if the windows have stories in them you're supposed to unfold as you explore the image. 


This photo holds many riddles....even to me, and I took it.  Yikes.

Yesterday I had a bit of time to do some "window shopping".  I found a couple things to add to my growing window collection.


This could be one of those melancholy shots.  It's not hitting me that way right now.  Perhaps this is more about the decay near the window, but of the several I took at this old shed, this was my favorite.

Later in a Kennebunkport lah-di-dah designer shop.....

Lunch Time
Lunch Time

I found this fun window.  Text, reflections, a slight abstraction, pictures inside and out....and way over in the right corner a young woman grabbing a quick bite to eat-in the back window of my white Subaru.  Sadly, I can't see my dog Tula who really IS in the back of my car waiting for a walk.

When I think about windows I realize I could do several series by breaking down the things I've been able to pinpoint here.  I could do a series on curtains, windows with text, windows and their frames, windows on city buildings, old windows, clear window reflections, abstract window reflections, and even selfie window reflections.....Geez, I better get going!  There's so much to do!

Glasses in the Glass
Glasses in the Glass

Thanks again to all my classmates who journeyed with me and all the wonderful, insightful, comments and compliments you've left for me to cheer me on.  And of course many thanks to the fabulous Kat.....who just dropped a "bonus" lesson in my email box.  How great is that?


Rosie said...

What a great post, Susan! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I love your series - can't wait to see more of them!
I planned to take this course, too, but unfortunately it didn't work out this time.

Brenda said...

I completely understand your attachment and fascination with windows - as I share the same feelings. You have provided such great examples that demonstrate the unique qualities - the reflections and the layers-upon-layers effect. Ever changeable. I love the texture of "Broken" and the mysteries of "Echoes" - which works really well in monochrome. Isn't it fun to have a subject to search for?

Deborah L. Tisch said...

These images are inspiring to me. Maybe my next series will be on windows. You have some fabulous examples here for me to emulate.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

What an amazing series, love all the window images. I've never done a series but you've inspired me so I just might try.

Cathy H. said...

Oh, Susan, I love to read your posts! It's like listening to a good friend. You have a wonderful window series! Windows and the reflections they hold fascinate me, too. Yet, I take very few photos of them though, that's kind of strange!! You have a beautiful eye for photography! So glad you added the selfie!! Great shot!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful windows, Susan. I love the old weathered one.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Nadege, said...

Your window series is just fantastic. It is hard to pick a favorite.

I'm doing Kat's 'Exploring with a Camera' at the moment and hoping to do her 'Find your Eye' in the new year.

Scrappy Grams said...

I think I've told you before, but I'll say it any way. I love your reflection shots. I've found that I enjoy and find myself surprised at what else I see besides the mirror or window shots when I view my photos on my computer. And, even more when my son is driving and I'm taking my random fall shots.
Now I'll have to see if I can find a way to take one of Kat's classes in the new year.

Juli said...

Great series..great post! My many to love, but I think it's the bathroom curtain. I just love the light in that one.

Tamar SB said...

Susan, these are all great!! Love love love that first one, the lighting is just stunning! Great journey!

Ginny said...

I love all of the pictures and your explanations. It was so much fun to travel with you through this series. You have inspired me to start my own series on windows. I loved all of the hidden surprises in each picture.

Kat Sloma said...

I was thinking the same thing as I was reading Susan, you have many series within this series of windows. I love all of the details that you pull out of the scene, especially in the multi-layered reflection images. Wonderful series and I'm so glad we were able to be on this journey together! There will be more in the future, for sure.

Francisca said...

Brilliant, Susan. And never again think otherwise.

seabluelee said...

Hey Neighbor, YOU STOLE MY SERIES!!! I love your windows with all their layers of reflections and images within images. It's always fun when I recognize some of your locations. And as usual, you cracked me up with some of your comments. You have a unique and special outlook on life and it really shines in your writing and photography. I'm so glad I had the privilege of getting to know you through Kat's classes. I'm looking forward to our next photo shoot!

Firas said...

You are a versatile photographer!
Even with a theme Windows, you made stunning pictures!

Gilly said...

I love your window shots, Susan; there are some wonderful ones here. The library reflections shot is stunning, with that amazing yellow colour. Thanks so much for the mention, too! - I've only just seen this.