Monday, November 28, 2011

Creative Breakfasting

Linking with Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  And I'm doing it on Monday which is always a miraculous thing.  I even amaze myself sometimes.  

I was lucky enough to get a nice photo walk in on Friday morning.  Love that.  Spur of the minute decision when the cat, her royal princess-ness, woke me just before 6 a.m.  Shot a bunch of images until my fingers on the trigger hand got too cold and my stomach reminded me that breakfast might be a good idea.

I don't mind eating alone, especially at breakfast time....however, I think other "diners" might think I'm a total weirdo, because, well....I can't stop playing with my camera.  If I'm confined to sitting still in one place, with camera nearby, I keep picking it up shooting something, then putting it down again.  Repeat, ad nauseam.  I think they rush my order to minimize the ADHD/OCD that I appear (in their eyes) to have.  Thought I'd share some of said results.  BYW, I'm totally OK with people thinking I'm a nut, because I know I'm not. : )  I have many endearing qualities.

See that open sign?

Coffee and colorful menu

Two Top
Two Top
Beat the crowds by about 20 minutes

Neon Blinds
Neon Blinds
I know people were giving me "that look" when I took this one

Touch of Pink
Touch of Pink
Sweet little flower and cool way to have sugar on the table

Best way to get me to stop....bring the food

Of course I start again as soon as the food is gone.

Check please!

Thanks for having breakfast with me today.


Ms. Becky said...

I always wonder how people snap their forks of food like that. my attempts have ended with the food flying and landing on my nose or the top of my head. you're so many things. this is truly a feel-good series. love Two Top, and Neon Blinds - that's my fave. and the Touch of Pink. you're not alone with the whole snapping thing while eating out. I find myself doing the same routine when I eat at my favorite joint here - Lulu's. They've gotten used to me and now pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain. is that a bit of snow on the sidewalk in first photo? okay, I won't rub it in. your town is remarkably crisp and clean. happy day Susan.

LeAnne said...

Now I'm hungry! I almost feel like I was having breakfast with you. :)

gina said...

I loved having breakfast with you....that table looked so inviting! So glad you took a lot of shots and no tried to stop you -- I have had that unfortunate experience. Now I am off to eat some eggs....

lisa said...

Such beautiful light in each of these Susan, and those eggs look yummy!

Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Tezzie said...

Fun! And, frankly..."photo nuts" are endearing. ;)

Mira said...

Susan, it's too late to be reading your delish post! It's almost 11pm in Europe and you got me craving some eggs. :)

seabluelee said...

These are great photos! Who cares what anyone thinks? :-)
I really like Two Top, and Neon Blinds is simply gorgeous.
You really are talented to be able to juggle a forkful of eggs and your camera at the same time...and end up with a perfectly-focused image!

Kathy said... your commentary on this post! You are too funny. Welcome to the "some times you feel like a nut, some times you don't" club :)


Anita Johnson said...

Amazing how neon blinds can be so striking!

Brenda said...

Oh Susan! I adored sharing a virtual breakfast with you. And I laughed the whole way through atof the experience of capturing your meal. Just keep ignoring those strange looks - your results are worth it! "Neon Blinds" is fabulous. I also really like the composition of "Two Top" as well as all the closeups of the breakfast details.

Francisca said...

Make my coffee black and egg sunny side up. I relate to feeling ok with people giving me the "you nuts?" look. Only sadly, in recent years, there's also more fear involved, suspicion, and outright anger, with waving hands and, "no photo!" This at a time when every phone has a camera. Back to you photos, I'm a little surprised to see the utility poles... why do I associate that with developing countries; I always notice them here (because it's hard to shoot around them), but not when I'm in NA. I like the shallow DOF and ambiance in Two Top. Neon Blinds are fun, too.

Nadege, said...

Breakfast looks so nice especially the eggs. I love the neon sign shot through the blind and the little table top shot. Very nice post.

Pat said...

It's just past midnight and now I can't wait until morning so I can have breakfast! That'll be around 5:30 am - I have cats too!
Nice shots!

EG Wow said...

Ha! I think eating breakfast with you would be a hoot! I think it's wonderful that you take your camera with you and are not afraid to click away. :)

Gilly said...

Heavens, and I thought it was just me! A camera is a great antidote to boredom and if my eating companion goes to the toilet I spend the time snapping away at everything and anything.

Phyllis said...

Hi Susan, I was looking at the links posted at "the creative exchange" and was pleasantly surprised, (but then again not really), to find out that the photo that caught my eye was yours.

I LOVE your photos - if you had these photos with you the next time you were in a restaurant , and showed them to everyone- no one would ever look at you strangely again!

Have a happy day!