Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Love POV

Another wonderful lesson from Kat over at Kat Eye Studio (check out her HOT new site) for Find Your Eye.  There was a time that I never thought I would find my eye.  I think I might have to eat those words.  I'm finding my eye all over the place and loving that.  As always....thank you Kat!

When I first read about this lesson I couldn't wait to try it.  A familiar object, 20-30 pics, from a variety of POVs  (points of view).  Yupper, I was all ready to run out there and "get 'er done".  Yee-hah.  Well yesterday by chance, I finally did "get 'er done".  Geez Louise, could there be a little less work and a little more play in my life, please and thank you.

On my lunch break after the gym, a morning of work, and before an afternoon of work, passing out Halloween candy, and a 4 1/2 hour drum/choral rehearsal....(I think I'm just justifying my claim to busyness) I thought I'd get a quick little walk on the beach with Tula.  I was NOT thinking about FYE, or POV, or XYZ, or PDQ, I was thinking about multi-tasking lunch, dog walk, and exercise...but I did bring my camera JIC....that's just in case and I just made that up.

That's about the time that, up near the cement wall sheltering a shoreline house from nature,
I spotted this:

Lobster Trap
Lobster Trap

A kindly person had likely rescued it, carefully wound the lines and placed the buoy atop in hopes that the lobsterman might come by and retrieve it.  They lose a lot of equipment to the rage of the sea, and it is expensive to replace.

I took this photo of it:

This floater was dangling off to the side and I guess this is what my normal POV would be.  I'm often a vertical shooter and I normally shoot not the whole thing, but a part of it.  No clue what that's about, but it just is.  I took a couple other snaps when I suddenly realized I could add another "task" to my routine and make it a lunch/dog walk/exercise/FYE moment. 

Not everyone was super pleased about an additional "task" being added to "their" moment in the sun. 

Super Pup
Super Pup

I took about 35 photos from a lot of different angles.  I was working with midday sun which is my least favorite, and there was a yellow dog standing on the wall above my head, but for FYE I soldiered on.

Black and Orange
Black and Orange
It was Halloween yesterday....hence the title.  I think this is my favorite of the group.  The green and pink tags are required markings.  I'm always amazed for something so utilitarian how many colors there are involved in a trap.  I'm sure I would have missed this shot without being inspired by Kat to really explore lots of angles.

I don't know if the color of the lines (lines, not ropes....big "faux pas" to call them ropes) has any significance, but I see a lot of different colors out there.  This is from the top looking down.

Trapped in Shadows\
Trapped in Shadows
I was thinking about my classmate Brenda when I took this shot.  Honestly, without her influence in the last couple FYE classes, I wouldn't have taken this shot.....thanks Brenda.  I would love to see what she might do with this shadow, I'm sure I didn't do it justice.

And without this lesson idea running through my head, I wouldn't have snapped this shot of the sand wedged into the side of the trap.  It reminded me a bit of one of those drip castles kids make on the beach in the summer.

The only angle I didn't go after was one from the ground.  I would have had to lay in the sand and on a multi-tasking walk, between morning and afternoon office shift, sand everywhere was not really an option (it's bad enough just on shoes).  I'm sorry about that;  I love images from a low POV, yet it is something I often forget to do.  I'm trying to be better about that.


Tula was quite happy to move along down the beach and I did make it back to the office in time.  All in all that's very successful multi-tasking if you ask me.

Looking through all the photos I took, my favorites were the close ups and partial shots.  I didn't like the photos featuring the entire trap.  My first shot that I took before I was even thinking about POV was one of my favorites, but there were several I would have missed without slowing down to give this discarded trap some thought.  I really enjoyed this lesson and hope to use it again and again.


Leanne said...

Nicely done- i really like all these shots & your commentary on the processes. Excellent multi tasking!

martinealison said...

Des photos magiques... Très photogénique ce toutout!
gros bisous

Kay L. Davies said...

So much to learn and so little time. Too bad you can't quit your day job.
Just kidding.
But you seem to catch on quickly and well. I enjoyed today's photos a lot.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

LeAnne said...

All great shots. I worry sometimes about overdoing the whole POV thing, but as I get more experience with it, I get more creative. Wish I was participating in this class. I think its too late to sign up, right?

Anonymous said...

Rule one of photography - shoot from the angle/POV everyone else isn't :-)

You've captured a relatively 'ordinary' subject and given it tons on visual interest. I was commenting to someone yesterday how I like the sun angle in the fall because.

Kat Sloma said...

Susan, that might have been the most successful multitasking ever. Wow, what a fabulous place to take break from work, I am jealous! I like how you really studied the object and found all of these interesting details to show us. There is so much to this lobster pot! The "lines" shot is my absolute favorite. The way the lines of the ropes (er, lines) curve through the frame is wonderful. Have fun with this exercise on into the future, keep me posted when you do it again.

And thanks A BUNCH for the shout out on my new website. I'm grinning ear to ear!

Rosie said...

These photos are so interesting, Susan! I also love to play around with the POV and these are fantastic!

Ginny said...

You have inspired me to do this assignment again. It was really interesting to see all of the different things you were able to capture when you changed your POV. I really enjoyed reading about your day.

James said...

Excellent shots! "Super pup" is so cute. I should try shooting from different angles. I do love taking pictures of shadows though.
Have a great week!

Brenda said...

Do my fifteen minutes of fame start now? I mean - surely being mentioned on your blog qualifies? You can find me practicing my red carpet walk this afternoon.

I appreciate the shout-out. I think you did a wonderful job with your shadow shot. I am thrilled to have had a tiny part in giving you the inspiration for this additional POV.

But you didn't much need my help. Your trap exploration yielded so many imaginative shots. My favorite is "Floater" - so sue me for liking your "normal" shot. But I'm also partial to the wonderful texture and curves of "Lines" (which I am grateful to learn are NOT ropes, saving me from a future faux pas).

You are quite obviously the Queen of Multi-tasking. Your subjects bow down.

seabluelee said...

Oh, I love Super Pup! I know, not part of the series, but a great POV nonetheless. I also like Lines and Buoy. The funny thing is, when I saw that shadow shot I immediately thought "Brenda," even before reading your caption. Can't believe you got all that in on your lunch hour!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm tired now. I thought I was the Queen of Multi-Tasking but you just stole the crown from me :) I like the partials and close-ups too. It is amazing what can see when we slow down. I agree this is a great assignment, although I've yet to do it.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

I'm right there with you on being inspired by Brenda and her photos in this class!

The Lines is my favorite here. I can just feel the texture of them.

You really impress me with your multitasking and how you write about it. Plus getting to see the 'stuff' in your world is so fun. Being a land lubber all I see is corn stalks and bean fields.

Thanks for sharing all these different POV's.

Nadege, said...

There is so much to this photography...You have done a super job of capturing such an ordinary object and make it interesting. I love the partials and close up.

The only problem to getting down low, is getting up

Cathy H. said...

You found a wonderful object to photograph!! I love how you just stumbled upon it on your walk!! I'm attracted to shapes and forms so the buoy and the floater are my favorites. I also like the textures in both of them. Great post; I enjoyed reading it!

Ms. Becky said...

this was a wonderful learning experience for both of us. a study in lobster trap. love it. but you know that my fave is the photo of Tula. I love any photo of her, but I've never seen her from this POV. thanks for that. she is a work of art. happy day to you Susan.

Cheryl said...

What a great exploration! My favorites are Floater and Lines...the textures and simple subjects are so interesting. Being prepared JIC yielded some incredible pics.

Jamie said...

What an awesome exercise - I can't believe how many amazing photos you found when you really started digging. My favorite is the second one, but there was so much to love.

lisa said...

What a find Susan, and you have photographed it wonderfully!

Juli said...

That you get to walk to the beach..with the lunch time.and take photos..I'm loving that! And, the photos - loving the photographs, too! All of them. If I was to pick a fav, probably the sand-trap shot. What a gorgeous muliti-tasking adventure..Can't wait to do my assignment now. Very inspired.