Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leftover Exchange

Linking with the wonderful Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  Love this linky-much appreciative for the opportunity to share. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I am enormously ready for Thanksgiving.  This year I am thankful for 4 days off in a row.  Since Labor Day I've worked 6 days a week with maybe one or two exceptions and I'm just ready for some down time.  I wonder if I'll use it wisely or waste it?  I suppose if it's my time it doesn't matter.  I'm just ready to stop the speed induced juggling.
This year I don't even care if there's turkey-as long as there's potato-and that would be me-a couch potato.
Moving the spirit of overwhelmedness, thought I'd put up a few random pics that are sitting in the recent archives.  No theme-hodgepodge.  Is hodgepodge really a word?
Afternoon Dunes
Afternoon Dunes
Shutter Shadows
Shutter Shadows
Salad and Fries
Salad and Fries
Life Jacket
Life Jacket
Salon Stillness
Salon Stillness
Bear Swim Club
Bear Swim Club
Lucky Dog
Lucky Dog
 Thanks to Lisa for being such a gracious and kind hostess and to you for taking a peek.
Wishing you a happy holiday-with turkey AND couch potatoes.


Carol Blackburn said...

Ok Susan, I love the shutter shadows and um, does the good salad cancel out the bad for you french fries....:) I am cooking this year (say a prayer). Mike will help of course and I'll graciously hand the whole thing over to him because he does such a wonderful job! I can slip away into my studio and he'll never miss me. Happy Thanksgiving Susan!

K Soucy said...

The shutter shadow photo is absolutely gorgeous! :) Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Like the others I'm loving the shutter shadows, great hodgepodge collection.

Happy Thanksgiving.

lisa said...

Susan, I have looked through these photographs four times now, and just my opinion, but I think they are some of your very best! I was trying to pick a favorite here, but the best I could do is three of them. "Afternoon Dunes," "Shutter Shadows (an amazing B&W image)," and "Life Jacket." Really, really beautiful work!

Thank you so much for sharing this week at The Creative Exchange.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving!


P.S. Enjoy your time off too!

Ms. Becky said...

these photos blow me away. a disclaimer - I'm no expert at anything, I only know what my eye likes. I'm not sure how long I've been looking at your photos - I'll guess close to about two years? at any rate, I see a clear progression in the polishing of your eye. one photo I recall from the early days is a bottle cap on a picnic table; I loved that photo and thought it one of your best at the time. I'm sure I'd still like it today, but these photos knock that one off the pedestal. These have a complexity of light gathering that's so expert, they soar. Words aren't adequate for Shutter Shadows. That one belongs on my wall. It evokes emotions that are better left for the heart and not the tongue. Life Jacket is another that belongs on a wall someplace (mine has available space). the combination of blue and orange sends me. Those were the colors of my favorite kitchen in my favorite place I ever lived. But the soft gray added in is what really makes that photo sing - a song of stillness and implied rest. and the lines, forms - oh yeah. excellent photo. I'm taking up way too much space here, so I'll leave it at that. the others are standouts in their own right too - the light/shadows. I love the moving auto in Salon Stillness! okay, I'm moving on now. you catch my drift. Happy Thanksgiving Susan. I hope you enjoy your time on the couch, and please do try to have at least a bite of turkey and some stuffing.

seabluelee said...

I love Shutter Shadows too, but Afternoon Dunes takes me away to a quiet, deep-breathing place. Thanks for the transportation. Happy Thanksgiving!

Francisca said...

Yes, hodgepodge is a word, and you've captured it perfectly with this series. The light dancing off the golden blades is wonderful, as is the lilac hue on the lake. The shutters make a super monochrome study of lines and shadows. Enjoy being a couch potato, Susan.

Rosie said...

What an absolutely fantastic collection, Susan! I love love love them! I can't even choose a favourite! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kathy said...

REALLY likin' those shadows on the shutters!


Tamar SB said...

Susan, these are all just fabulous! The lighting you have captured just makes these pictures so amazing to look at! Well done!

LeAnne said...

What treasures sit in your archives! The shutters are really awesome, but all the photos are great. Like you, I've been working a lot of long days and overtime and I'm looking forward to four whole days!! Wishing you a restful and happy Thanksgiving however you choose to spend your time.

Jamie said...

I hope you enjoy every single moment of your time off!

Brenda said...

To my favorite couch potato - enjoy your well-earned time off. Happiest of Thanksgivings!

Geez - if these are your LEFTOVERS, what was the main course like? "Afternoon Dunes" is such a great tribute to your favorite golden light with an unusual perspective and wonderful texture. But you know that I adore "Shutter Shadows" - it has everything - lines, shadows, windows. And I also really like the POV and composition of "Life Jacket". We should all have such images in our leftover pile.

Anonymous said...

Happy T-day! I love shutter shadows, but I prefer my fries naked (as in no 'chup).

I'm re-doing our laundry room for what seems to be an eternity, I haven't touched the camera in over a week, I'm in serious need for some shutter time.

Nadege, said...

I can't pick a favorite from this set as I think that they are all wonderful. Great use of light and patterns as well as technique.

Phyllis said...

Hi Susan, I stopped by your blog to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and one again I am in awe of your gorgeous photographs. You can even make a can of car wax appealing!
Enjoy you time off!

Anonymous said...

love the 'afternoon dunes' & 'bear swim club' shots! WoW! =)

gina said...

This is a wonderful collection of images -- my favorite has to be Bear Swim Club. The light on the water is so lovely! Hope you're enjoying your t-giving leftovers!