Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Quickly breezing in to join James for this week's weekend reflections.  One of my favorites.  Thanks James.

Have a bit of mix and match today. 

First a couple from "the big city" (ha) of Portland.  Love to capture images in those large store front windows.

Sort of an ironic photo.

Window Shopping
Window Shopping
I wish I'd gotten a better catch of the pedestrian, but I had eyed the Subway shop across the street when he entered into the frame.

On the other end of the spectrum....
Daylight savings time and that means dog walking savings time.  Sometimes squeezing in a beach walk at the end of the day pays dividends.  As long as you can find your car when you're finished.

An Empty Beach
An Empty Beach
I mean, a reflections addict cannot pass up this shot; right?

Is this a gift from nature or what?  Glad Tula wanted to walk the entire span.  The show at the far end was worth it.

Those are my rural and urban reflections for this week.  Thanks for taking a look and have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Twilight is so cool, definitely worth the walk!

Susan said...

Beautiful captures Susan! I especially love the colors of twilight, such gorgeous reflections! Have great weekend!

seabluelee said...

That first one, or rather your comment about it, made me laugh.
Twilight is just gorgeous. That one's frame-able!

justine said...

that empty beach shot is stunning, would love to walk my dogs along there, beats scary london parks at sunset!

Nadege, said...

Some great reflections. Love the empty beach one, wonderful twilight colors.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Gorgeous reflections, have a great weekend.

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful images! Love the first reflection, what a cool capture! Also love those beautiful twighlight shots! You have a beautiful place to walk!!

Pat said...

That first shot is an ideal shot for the business!

Your twilight shots are SWEET!

Maboe said...


Brenda said...

The Empty Beach is not empty but full indeed with gorgeous Maine light!

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos, Susan! The twilight shots are so fantastic! I'd love to get into the photo and take a walk right there! Have a wonderful weekend!

Francisca said...

Oooh! Aaaaah! :-) (Too short on time, but I think you understand me, hey?)

Ms. Becky said...

i truly enjoy your reflection shots. they're all grand. an empty beach is a heartsong.

Lucy the Cat said...
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James said...

Wonderful shots! My two favorites are the top and bottom photos. Big city or not Portland is a place that I'd love to visit someday.

Have a great week!