Friday, December 30, 2011



As I mention, perhaps too frequently, I took Kat's Find Your Eye series last summer-fall and really enjoyed it.  While "finding your eye" is rather an elusive endeavor or concept, I came away feeling I had a much better sense of myself as a photographer.  Kat provided excellent lessons, and some I vowed to "do again" at another time. 

Today is another time.  The lesson was to choose a random photo-one that sort of jumps off the page at you-and start writing about it.  It was one of my most favorite lessons we did.  I bet I'll enjoy this lesson for the rest of my life.  Thanks Kat.

I've often referred to my life as being on a path, a curvy winding path where I never know what unexpected pitfalls or pleasures may be around the next corner just out of sight.  Paths have crossroads and forks; choices.  Sometimes they have signs and arrows and sometimes they seem to have nothing; no distinguishing marks or clues to help at all. 

At times I've met wonderful people along my path-people who inspire, take interest, make me laugh or dream....but there are dangerous individuals I've encountered too.  Steering, manipulating wolves in sheep's clothing who've lead me off my path until I've turned around, gotten out of the bramble, and resumed my journey.

A path may be open and beautiful, rocky and hilly, mired in muck and mud, or flat and lush.  My current path is uncertain.  I think maybe I've been sitting here at a crossroads for a long time.  Some days I dare to peek and lean towards one direction, but I can't commit or it turns out to be a dead end if I do.  I slink back to the middle, to inertia, to "stuck" and frustration.  Perhaps I am just resting.

I suppose I could just pick one, go along my merry way, jump in with both feet.  But too often I wonder should I come upon that rocky hill where the going is hard, who will pay my mortgage?  Maybe I just need to bring a tent and sleeping bag.

People have pointed and suggested; they've talked and they've listened, they've sympathized and tried to solve, or nudge.  They are very kind.  But no one can choose my path for me.  Only me.  Rats.  It would be so easy to let someone else lead the way, but I know, as I sit here at the crossroads peering at just the tiniest bit of each direction, that it is me that has to do the choosing.  I sure wish there were a big-ass sign here letting me know what the choices were.

See how great this is?  You never know what an image might do inside your brain.

Today, (thanks to my friend Gilly at The Camera Points Both Ways) I am a guest muse over at mortal muses.  If you want to hear my take on "fresh", pop by and give me a visit there.  Thanks for listening.  I'll let you know when I get my butt off the ground and back on life's path again.


Deborah L. Tisch said...

Thanks for writing this. I think you have been inside my brain and read my thoughts. I sure would like this choice stuff to be easier, to be set out for me....but, no, it doesn't work that way. You said it so well.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to walk down that path to see what is at the end.

I have passed a few career forks in the last few years and spend a lot of time wondering if I should have taken another path; the one I'm on is nice but it seems each month is more uncertain. Who said it gets easier?

Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful post, Susan. As I've said in a poem of mine, "although the road as many twists and turns, it often leads us straight to where we need to be." You have headed in the right direction!

Tamar SB said...

So beautiful! Such a great post to read on new year's eve eve!

Kathy said...

How fantastic that your path has lead you to Mortal Muses (just took a peek and am thinking that is one mighty fine post!). I am just happy OUR paths have crossed my friend :). Looking forward to continuiing the journey in 2012. Happy New Year.


Brenda said...

Lovely photo and thoughtful post. You are right - we each have to decide on our own path. Are there tiny steps that you could take to test out your decision? Things that would give you some input on which fork may be the right one? Know that we will all be here to support you, whatever direction you take. Happy New Year, my friend!