Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home Before Dark
Home Before Dark
Something about that pastel sky and the old car create a mood I like in this photo.

Woodman Building
Woodman Building
Beautiful architecture, reflections, and morning light.

I am blessed and oft inspired by the light that comes in my kitchen window in the morning.

Orange Leaves
Orange Leaves
Between fall and winter.

I'm constantly a sucker for all things RR....tracks, lines, cars, graffiti, grit.  Don't know why; it just is.

I am feeling a gentle relief.  While many are undoubtedly hustling around in a Christmas flurry, for the first time since September really I've found my pace slowing down.  I've been too busy to think, be a regular blog writer or visitor, spend much time being creative in a rambling/go where it leads you kind of way, too busy to keep up with balancing the checkbook and keeping the cupboards well stocked.  I'm hopeful that this sense of respite I feel will endure for more than the weekend.  I'm ready.

Thought I'd share a few images that got lost in the speedy shuffle of the last few weeks.

I hope you too are having a restful, less stressful weekend.


Rosie said...

Another gorgeous collection of photos, Susan! I'm still in turmoil with work and getting things done, but I know it's only another week to go...! :-) Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Tamar SB said...

That egg is just so simple and so striking! And I just love those leaves in the lights!

Kathy said...

Glad you are enjoying some R&R. I have been amazingly calm this holiday season even when faced with how little I've got done and how much more I need to accomplish! Oh well...the elves will take care of it, right? :) Love that egg photo...the lighting, the composition...beautiful.


Woody said...

The Woodman building looks very old, yet the painted wood is very crisp and clean - recently refurbished? Those arched windows with the keystones are amazing.

Life is good, my youngest son completed a major project for school ahead of schedule, because of my incessant nagging (just ask him).

seabluelee said...

Susan, I'm glad you're in a place of respite, for however long it lasts. And congratulations for finishing up your class! This is a beautiful series of photos. Home Before Dark is very touching, somehow. There's a story there that speaks to me. And Egg...the composition, the light...that is just exquisite. I'd hang that on my wall in a heartbeat!

urban muser said...

glad you are feeling a bit of a slow down. i love that first shot, and the one of the egg!

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Good to know that you can enjoy some less hectic time now. All the images here are excellent, but my favorite is that egg...lovely light. Hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing.

Jamie said...

There is real peace to be found in that first photo fo the sky - so lovely.

Nadege, said...

A great variety of subjects, I love the orange leaves, gorgeous shot.

Brenda said...

Susan - so glad to hear that you are experiencing some relief from the never-ending demands of your job. A slowing down - when you can enjoy the quietude behind the lens and share such lovely images with us. I like that you are enamored with all things RR - even when you don't really know why. I think those attractions are the source of our best shots - love the curving rails - this works so well in BW. For my digital photography course, one of our assignments was to shoot eggs - you would certainly have earned an A+ for the interplay of shadows and light in your egg shot - there is such a depth and volume to the simple egg shape. And of course, you had me with the arches and windows of the Woodman Building.

Enjoy your down time! You deserve it, my friend.

Brooke said...

PHEWWWWW.........isn't it nice to slow down.... enjoy the quiet time..... take lots of great photos...... I'm so glad you are getting a little break. You really have an amazing eye for photography. Keep at it!

Francisca said...

The egg is a WoW! I get the RR thing... Of course each photo deserves praise. Trust the weekend was what you hoped, Susan.