Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making Tracks

The sun is shining and I have another blessed day off.  Shhhhh, that's 4 in a row.  Hope I don't jinx it.  This has been wonderful.  Each night I've slept 9-10 hours.  I guess I needed a break.  A little later I thought I'd go for a nice long walk with Tula.  That's a great day.

In the meantime a few photos to share:

Green Sedan
Green Sedan

This beauty was parked downtown a few days before Christmas.  As any good photog would do, I pulled over and took some pics.  I kept looking over my shoulder, wondering if the owner would appear.  S/he didn't.  Perhaps they were watching with delight from afar.  Who wouldn't want someone admiring their prized possession?

Sweet Lines
Sweet Lines

Buick BW

String of Lights BW
String of Lights

Infinity BW

I've been finding myself drawn to black and white images lately.  This is new for me.  I sense it another turn on this winding path of photography interest.  It must mean something....just don't know what.  I'm good with that.  Like this long line of tracks, it will lead somewhere.

Now off for that nice long walk with my dog.  Wishing you a happy day as well, and appreciate you stopping by for a quick peek at my pics.


Kathy said...

Totally lovin' that second capture of yours. You are right, the lines are magnificent! I have always been drawn to b/w. I am only recently getting into more color. I love b/w because it takes away the extraneous and allows you to focus more on the subject and/or the graphic nature of the subject. I have an inner voice that just tells me what works better in b/w. Shhhhhh...don't tell people I"m hearing voices tho! haha.


Jamie said...

You pretty much describe my version of a perfect long weekend - lots of sleep and lazy walks. Enjoy every moment.

Tamar SB said...

That car is amazing!! I love the pictures you captured! They accent the stunning beauty of that car!

Brenda said...

Susan - I'm loving the black and white expression - very powerful! I say go with it to wherever it may lead. We'll be along for the ride. Glad to hear you have had precious time off to recharge - enjoy every moment.

Susan said...

What a gorgeous car! Love your captures of it! Hope you havea great walk and am so happy you have some much needed time off to catch up on some R&R.

Carol Blackburn said...

Glad you are enjoying your time off. Love the railroad track shot "Infinity."

martinealison said...

Une bien belle auto...
gros bisous

Leanne said...

LOve those B&W shots- how nice to be enjoying some time to relax and recover.
ENjoy the walk!

seabluelee said...

I love the old car! I especially love how the pine needles on the Maine license place perfectly match the beautiful forest green paint color! And Infinity is wonderful, though I do hope you looked both ways first. :-)

Nadege, said...

Beautiful old cars. Love the B&W shots, especially the train tracks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Buick, the front turn signal is really cool.

Everything goes better with monochrome :-)

JM said...

I just love the green Sedan shots! The details are fabulous.

Anika said...

Really beautiful shots of the car Susan...that one of the light is spectacular!

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Susan!
I am loving that car!! :-)
So glad that you are getting some down time, and that you are enjoying it.
I wish you a most wonderful New Year.
So glad you are here!