Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Scavengeur

Yay.  Sunday.  Time to link up with the fabulous Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 

Got me a big ol' cup of Joe (or Jane as my friend Becky would say), in my favorite mug and ready to put together a little scavenger post.  Please note that I've titled this post with a made up French spelling.  Why?  Sheeesh.  Who the hell knows?  Maybe because I made French toast this morning.  Aside from the numbers and an occasional "n'est-ce pas?"  I'm totally doomed, so I'll put my brain back on English.  Oh wait, I can drop croissant from time to time too.  If you say something like "Je suis du le croissant, n'est-ce pas? No?"  It sounds like you know French. 
I totally need a string of days off.

This week the topics were: Less is More, Holiday Lights, Ornament, Cup of Cheer, and Nativity.

Milkweed Pod
Milkweed Pod
Less is More:  This is just a simple dried up milkweed pod.  It is nothing much, but with the light behind it, it became so much more.

Holiday Lights:  Attended a concert last evening where they sang "Lich'vod Hachanukkah".  While the chorus sang this woman gradually lit the menorah candles.  The fire and light on her face I found very moving as accompanied by the haunting song.

Ornament:  Well, decoration anyway.  I love how Santa has things all balanced out- as usual.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Cup of Cheer:  There is not any extra "cheer" in this cup.  I don't usually think to have hot chocolate, but if someone suggests it, I say yes.  On a chilly morning, this was a yummy treat-glad my eye caught that sign.

Old Soul
Old Soul
Nativity:  I went to the local monastery to take images of their life size nativity, but others were there to pray and meditate.  It didn't seem quite right.  Last evening at the concert they sang "March of the Kings" with brass quartet. From the back of the hall 3 over-sized puppets came marching down the aisles.  I found them absolutely mesmerizing.

Well that's it!  A fun list for sure.  Looking forward to seeing what other people captured while out scavenging around.  If you've yet to try this hunt, me thinks you ought to give it a try.  Its a fun and friendly linky and I always receive such kind and thoughtful comments from other participants. Jump in.  Many thanks to our hostess Ashley who provides this for all of us to enjoy.


AMY said...

Wonderful photos! Love them all, great job!
That last guy is very mesmerizing for sure!

Brooke said...

Such lovely shots. ALL OF THEM! Love the milkweed and your candle shot :D

tiarastantrums said...

haha - my kids love mildweeds - but very full ones!

MG Atwood said...

Lovely shots. The first two are my favorites. Have a great week.

Randi said...

Love your holiday lights shot...not what comes to my mind when I hear the term, but its a lovely shot and fitting. Awesome:)

seabluelee said...

Gorgeous light on that milkweed! I think I'll go make some hot chocolate now.

Tamar SB said...

Oh wow, Susan the picture of that menorah being lit is just stunning!! And that hot cocoa is making me hungry! Great finds this week!

Susan said...

LOL, love your reasoning for your post title this week! The lighting in the first two shots is amazing! Love the chocolate and the sign. What a great draw!

Andrea Dawn said...

A beautiful collection . . . love the woman singing and the "Old Soul".

Brenda said...

Susan - you brought a smile to my face, as usual. Loved your faux French - you are so sophisticated - I am in awe of your many talents.

Including this week's images. The amazing light of Milkweed Pod, which transformed it from "less to more". And the faces you have captured - the singer, Santa and the Old Soul.

Wishing you a great week! (Wish I could say that in French).

Tezzie said...

The milkweed is gorgeous...for sure a 'more' :). I'm also loving that Santa! What a great decoration! And your 'nativity' is looks like the giant puppet is looking straight at the camera :)

Kathy said...

Totally agree about candle light illuminating her face to perfection....exquisite!


Anonymous said...

Eggy bread is one of my breakfast favs.

I think the hot chocolate shot is perfect. Great use of a background!

I really look forward to your posts for this meme, but I could never participate. I have the attention span of a gnat.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love that first shot - beautiful.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

I like all of these, but that Old Soul is captivating! Very cool!

Susan said...

Wow...what a great group of pictures. Love the lady singing!!

Ms. Becky said...

my oh my. you got me with Candles - Holiday Lights. you snapped at precisely the right time to capture that. I love her face. this reminds me of a vintage card illustrated with carolers and I love your Old Soul too! what fun with those eyes. and the light you've captured in Milkweed Pod is just perfection. it shimmers. excellent scavenging this week Susan. happy week to you. I hope you don't dream in French tonight.

Nadege, said...

I was blown away by your Milkweed Pod, wow, brilliant lighting.
Then came the candle shot, lovely. Love the Old Soul.

justine said...

thanks so much for your comment, that milkweed shot is truly stunning, the lighting is perfect, absolutely fantastic.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

That candle shot is amazing, Susan...and I love your "less is more"!

James said...

Wow! Especially the one with the candles!

smiles, Sharon said...

I join my great appreciation for your milkweed shot. You were certainly patient and in the right spot at the right time.....worthy of printing for sure. The woman's face with the candles reflecting upon her is tender. I can almost hear the music.
I agree with you, there are times when photos seem to be inappropriate and one just has to carry the memory in one's heart.

Beautiful work....smiles: sharon

Francisca said...

You do a fabulous job with these scavenger hunts, Susan. When I'm at home (ie, not on the road) I don't really get out enough to go hunting. Yet the urge is there; maybe one day. Today I especially like how you set the hot chocolate in front of the sign - cool detail. Candles is a wonderful warm portrait and an excellent crisp photo. And yes, the light behind the milkweed pod makes the shot. PS. Your French is horrendous, but you're a dear for trying. LOL!