Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Holy crap I almost forgot it was Friday.  How does it happen between Christmas and New Years that time oozes and alters, stands still and rushes and soon you don't know what damn day it is?  Thursday seems like Monday and Monday feels like Saturday and you're just all screwed up.  Today IS Friday.  I'm glad I realized that in time to link up with James for this week's Weekend Reflections.  I hate to miss it.  Thank you my sweet James.

Red and Green
Red and Green

All the holiday festive stuff looks really cool in December, but if you let it linger much into January it looks sort of silly.  Odd isn't it?  Personal rule for wreathe hanging.....must be down by February 1st.  Other decor needs to be done sooner.  Hmmmm.


I found this pink polka-dotted ornament hanging in a shop window.  I'm never shy about selfies...especially round ones.  Such fun.


Outside this shop....there was a mirror resting on the ground and propped up against the side of the entry way.  I think I've given up wondering what people think when I'm out taking photos.  I'm oblivious to them anyway.  When I look at my images at home....that's when I wonder if I was spotted looking sort of ridiculous.  Head and feet.  Whatever.

Looking In
Looking In

The longer I take reflections, the more I think that on this linky is one of the few places they'll be understood and appreciated.  I love the multiple layers of abstraction going on here.  I stopped to shoot the church steeple on the right....but there's the TVs, the man at the bar, the etched waves on the exterior of the window, the seating, other patrons and all the lighting....and the roof tops of the buildings going on across the street.  I don't think anyone but you all "gets" this image, but I have to keep shooting things like this.  Thanks for looking. Please tell me I am not a voyeur....or at least I'm not the only reflection hunting voyeur.

Happy New Year to one and all.  I'm going to try to remember on Tuesday that it's not Monday.  You know what I mean?


Kay L. Davies said...

I was just thinking about you as I posted photos including one my husband took of himself.
Love your Christmas reflections. And yes, it's Friday!
Happy New Year!

Nadege, said...

Love these Christmas reflections.

Happy New Year.

urban muser said...

Happy New Year to you! It was great to see you over at Mortal Muses today.

Anonymous said...

Great reflections! I am partial to the subject(s) in the first shot, I just dig those 'bulbs'.

I feel your pain. You'll have your camera in hand, staring at something with your head turned at some awkward angle, people around you are wondering what the hell you're up to. Shooting reflections, of course!

There's no known cure. Sharing with those afflicted eases the pain. DAMHIK

Anonymous said...

Forgot to wish you Happy New Year!

seabluelee said...

Love that first one...are those FAKE Christmas lights?? And the last one...there's a whole village or two or three in that image and it's hard to sort out what's inside, outside, real or reflection. Love it!

Sylvia K said...

I love your Christmas/Holiday reflections! How fun! I, too, love the bulbs and wonderful colors! Wishing you a most wonderful and Happy New Year, Susan! I look forward to seeing more of your photos in 2012!! Enjoy!


Valerie said...

Great post Susan. It's such fun becoming so absorbed in one's sizing up of shots that, regardless of some otherwise seemingly ridiculous postures, it really doesn't matter what passers-by think! Enjoy - and thanks for visiting my blog. Happy NY

Karl said...

Beautiful Christmas reflections!
Happy New Year 2012, Karl

Brenda said...

Susan - so glad that we didn't miss your last Friday Reflections of 2011. Love the red and green bulbs and the selfie in the pink polka-dotted ornament. What will you do when all those holiday decorations are gone? (assuming everyone follows your decoration rules!)

Happy New Year!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi I love the red and blue decoration with your reflection first time on Weekend Reflections
and I have put on a party of reflections for
everyone to come and see.

James said...

Excellent reflections! So much to see in the bottom one. The church steeple looks amazing!

Happy New Year!

Georgia said...

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