Monday, January 2, 2012

Creative Exchange

Linking with the fabulous and sweet Lisa for this week's Creative Exchange.  Love this linky with it's wide open parameters and chance to look inside to see what evolved outside. 

This week, as an option, we were invited to share our "best" image of 2011.  Are you kidding me?  That's a nightmare just waiting to happen.  It's like choosing your favorite song.....I could never do that either.  It totally depended on my mood at the moment, forget day.  Could be Mozart, Earth Wind and Fire, Maroon 5, a West African drum piece such as Freekoba, Sting, C Jam Blues, or the Hallelujah Chorus for criminey sakes.

However....I could choose a few favs, so that's what I did.

Tiger {247/365}
I love this shot.  An accidental find that turned out fabulous.

Steam {159/365}
From a cold January morning, in a flash I grabbed the camera when I saw the steam coming from my breakfast interacting with the sunlight.

Opening the Salon
Opening the Salon
An eerie early morning shot thru a window of an employee arriving at her salon, her arrival was unexpected so I snapped quickly. Reflections, shadows, silhouette make this a thought provoking image.

A pet portrait of my friend's new dog.  When I put myself on the ground and shot upwards at this little guy (he stands less than a foot high), I came up with a winning shot.

Honestly, I could choose several more, but it was supposed to be "a" favorite, so I'll stop.  Something I've noticed....all of these were spur of the moment grabs.  Shots that in an instant I was moved to take and my camera was right there.  Images that came from a jolt of the heart, rather than a posed and carefully planned out image.  I need to remember that.

Have a fabulous day.  Thanks for stopping by....always appreciate a visit.


lisa said...

I can surely see why you would have a difficult time choosing just one Susan, so I am glad you chose more than that!! Each of these is wonderful, but I think my favorite is Myles. What a beautiful portrait that is!

Thank you so very much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Kathy said...

Geez, these are all fabulous....a real dilemma you had! I love the way the steam from your breakfast seems to be magically dancing in the air. But that profile of your friend's dog....regal and majestic are the two words that come to mind.


Kat Sloma said...

When I saw the Tiger, I knew it was you! That is such an awesome shot. Thanks for the overview of 2011.

Woody said...

Tough call, they are all great, but the tiger gets my vote too!

Carol Blackburn said...

All great shots, Susan. Well 2012 is coming in nicely. Just got my first commission to paint two dog portraits and the owner has given me free reign to either paint them as one or two separate portraits and my choice of medium. And, there is a job possibility already. Yipee!

Anna Lear said...

Fantastic shots, all of them! I can't decide which is my favorite, either; these all evoke totally different sensations, each in its own complete way. Thanks especially for sharing your observation that they're spur-of-the-moment; I've been struggling a bit with composition and all that, and maybe what really works best is to let go and shoot from the heart. Happy new year!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I can see why you had difficulty in choosing just one photo -- these are all exceptional!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I truly appreciate it. :)

Pat said...

Your photos are fabulous - especially the steam - amazing!

James said...

Outstanding photos! Each one is a powerful image! I'm always inspired when I see your photography.

Brenda said...

Just can't follow the rules can you? :)

But then, I do completely understand your quandry - how DO you just pick one? I remember the majority these shots from the past year. How wonderful to see them again.

I really like "Opening the Salon" - such a complext, layered shot, very effective in BW. And a great story.

Rosie said...

Happy New Year to you, Susan! What a gorgeous idea to show not only one but a collection of your favourites! I see why it was difficult to choose! :-)

Scrappy Grams said...

I'd have a tough time picking from those too. Myles looks absolutely angelic. I adore red cars and with the shadowed stripes? Super WOW!
Happy new year!

Nadege, said...

Myles looks gorgeous. Wonderful collection, I especially love the first image.

Merike said...

Gorgeous photo collection. Miles are my favourite shot :)

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Such beautiful picks. I love the steam shot, great capture.

smiles, Sharon said...

Such a brilliant idea to choose 1-? favorite shots during the past year. A great walk down memory lane, and seeing one's personal growth. I loved all that you shared...but that steamy photo captures my heart. You are so right, they were those fabulous shots that were not planned...serendipity! smiles: sharon

LeAnne said...

All great images! I especially love the steam one.

Jess said...

Isn't that fascinating that they were all shots you just grabbed without putting too much thought into it!? I looooooove the mysteriousness of "Opening the Salon". That's my fav of these.