Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreaming a Dream

Linking up for this week's Project 52 where the topic is "I Dreamed a Dream". 

I'm sure this was a reference to MLK, but the minute I heard that phrase all I could think of was a beautiful melody from the musical "Les Miserables"-my most favorite musical of all time.  I sat entranced through the entire performance.  I wish I could hear well enough to go see and hear it again.

The piece is soaring, sad, emotional.  Susan Boyle used it as her signature piece on Britain's Got Talent.

With that memory, I'm going a different direction for this prompt.  The other evening it was rainy, damp, dreary, and dark and I had not one pic in the camera for the day.  On my way home I snapped a few from the car.  The beautiful entry way of this small city theater surround in lights caught my eye.  Glad I stopped.  Maybe they'll do a performance of Les Mis sometime.

City Theater
City Theater

I warmed this up with a bit of Kim Klassen's "confidence" texture.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing! Love your theater image.

Kathy said...

Les Miz was MY first thought too when seeing this prompt. I adore that show, and it is Thing #3's fav. I think that song is about one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I could listen to it tirelessly.


martinealison said...

Derrière une porte tant de rôles ont été joués... Une photo d'une grande âme.
Gros bisous

julie in memphis said...

What a neat looking theater! Love your treatment of the photo, too. The graininess makes it look almost like a print from an old magazine or something. Very cool!

seabluelee said...

Oh, now you're hanging out in my work neighborhood. I like that photo. It would make a nice black and white, too, methinks. Another image for your Film Noir do have a Film Noir series going, don't you? Or do I just think you ought to?

Susan said...

Great shot! I love that song, so beautiful, and a perfect thought for the prompt!

Linda said...

Great, great, great...the photo, the thought. Love it! That song is a wonderful pairing!

Brenda said...

I like that you took this prompt and made it so very personal, to you and your own experiences. I love theatre marquees and this one is really lovely. Further enhanced by your texture application. Beautiful.

Ms. Becky said...

hmmm, bittersweet. I'm loving the tones in this photo. and Les Mis is a fave we share. never saw the musical but I watch the Liam Neeson flick over and over. does that do it justice? I have no way of knowing. guess there's no comparing a live musical with a flick, huh? I even made an attempt to read the book. at any rate, I'm glad too that you stopped to snap this quaint theater. happy Friday.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the sign. Salle de l'Opéra. Perfect. And your photo is beautiful.

Stampmouse said...

Interesting shot. Now one day you need to go inside!!!