Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cabin Fever

Linking with Project 52 for this week's topic, Cabin Fever.

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We've had some really lovely weather this February, well this winter in general.  I'm thankful to Mother Nature and to the weather gods for keeping my mood more elevated this year.  March can be a beast and jump up and grab with those lion's teeth, so I'm just going to whisper that "I saw my first robin today"....shhhhh.....

The light is now long enough that if I really rush out the door at the end of the work day, I can get my dog to the beach for a little 20-30 min. walk.  I know no better cure for cabin fever.  I saw some other folks who had the very same idea.

Cure for Cabin Fever
Cure for Cabin Fever

The other bit of good news.  Two weeks until daylight savings time....whoot!  My 2nd fave day of the year. 
My favorite?  June 21st.  Give me the light.


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

This light is gorgeous. At first glance, you wouldn't know it was taken in Winter.

Although the weather hasn't been bad, I have not gotten out much for photography this Winter :-( I'm hoping the extra daylight will motivate me.

Brenda said...

Susan - the mutual admiration society is back in business! Thanks for tweaking your settings.

Yes, I can see why this would be a cure for cabin fever. Glorious light, lovely reflections and even a silhouette. Again, with the beauty!

Carol Blackburn said...

Great shot, Susan....hey, where did all this snow come from? I bet you got all rain....right???

Kay L. Davies said...

Really? Only two weeks?
Does your dog get confused when the clocks change? Lindy has a timer in her head that tells her when her meals are due, and she lets us know. It seems we've just managed to get her to stop complaining about waiting an extra hour. She'll love to be fed an hour "early"!
Beautiful photo today, Susan. Wonderful color.

Sweepy said...

that could be me walking down the beach except its not. ;-( now if you'll kindly hop over to my blog and VOTE for me i might get a cat GF!

drooly yours,
S de supersumthin

Linda said...

Beautiful shot - I am a summertime gal, so I am straining at the bit for summer and long days to get here too!

Rosie said...

What a fantastic shot, Susan! I love the tones and also the mood of the photo! I'm also so glad to notice that the days are finally getting longer and can't for daylight savings time!!

seabluelee said...

Amen, sister! Like you, I'm longing for the light. And a bit of warmth would be welcome, too, though we really can't complain (much) about this winter. Beautiful photo!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness...the colors in this remind me of sherbert!

JM said...

What a light! Absolutely beautiful!

Susan said...

What a perfect cure, and what a gorgeous sunset!