Friday, February 24, 2012

Myself in the Picture

In The Picture

Linking today with Urban Muser for {in the picture}.

A year long selfie project. Self-inflicted, self-exploring, self-deleting, self-surprising, self-fulfilling, self-posing, self-rushing to hit the mark.....self as subject for silly self-thoughts, self-cheering for getting one after self-aggravating 29 tries.  Yah.

This month the suggestion was to combine words with yourself.  Well....I didn't do so great with that.  I did one shot with words and it wasn't my best moment......

Hard Times
Hard Times

.....but I am willing to own it. 
As a kiddo, I wasn't allowed to oft express negative moods like anger, frustration, sadness, etc.  I was encouraged to brush it off or keep a stiff upper lip.  "You bleeding?"  my Dad would ask.  If there was no blood you were good to keep on going.  Probably all good advice, but sometimes things just aren't all rose colored glasses.  It is kind of fun to embrace "yuck" in photos.  I don't feel yuck all that often, but I am enjoying being allowed to or to monkey or pose it for a photo.  I don't have to eat all my vegetables if I don't want to either.

As a total opposite to the above

Focus {6/52}

I be looking good in this shot.  I am willing to own this one too.  Got some nice browns there, but no words.  You know Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model?  She says to smile with your eyes.  I didn't get that, but I'm starting to.  I'm not sure my moods were widely different in these two pics, but I was able to get 2 different results.  I like eyes.  I think they tell a lot.

The most fun I had this month with selfies was a day I went to the beach.  I didn't plan to take selfies, I normally drag my camera along most everywhere for "just in case" moments.  Apparently I became the "just in case" moment du jour.

Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool

I didn't bring a "just in case"  Big rocks with no sand.  I'm sure I could find some poetic words to go with this narcissistic pose, but I'm so poor at quotes, better to just leave it be.

My favorite selfie this month is kind of a pondering moment.  It's miraculous, because my camera was perched high on a rock.  I had that 10 sec window to climb down, run over to the spot and look like I'd been sitting there all afternoon considering the meaning of life.  I deleted the images where I didn't make that athletic feat.  I should have saved bloopers, or outtakes....that might be funny.  That would also be a good selfie project.

A Moment {7/52}
A Moment

I imagine there are wonderful words to go with this.... but I have no clue what they are, and that's OK.  Apparently, I'm at a loss for words. 

Thanks for checking in with my selfie project.  Just to keep it not "all about me", I'm looking forward to seeing what my co-selfie project friends came up with.  Have a great day.


Andy said...

I agree with that these self portrait for 365 days are not easy. You seem to have hang of it.

Jen said...

All your pictures are gorgeous. I really like the one of your eyes. Eyes tell so much about a person!

Catherine Denton said...

Your browns are stunning a certainly smiling. I like the honestly in the first one.
Catherine Denton

shirley said...

What a wonderful collection, Susan. And you are right - it's not easy every day - it's good to keep that perspective, along with the good days.
You have lovely eyes and a great smile, too.

Kathy said...

Hey! You are a celebrity! Congrats on having that first shot featured on the Urban Muser's blog :). I love that shot.


gina said...

Wonderful post, Susan! You DO express yourself so well with words.
I love the contrast of your first two selfies. Your happy face is beautiful!

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are all so beautiful. I don't think they need words.

Susan said...

Nicely done. I especially love your moment shot. Sounds like you could use a remote timer, although no one would ever guess you were running back and forth between shots. :-)

Kimberly June said...

I struggled a bit with this months theme too. Looking forward to what next month's theme will be and seeing all the great interpretations, including yours!

Carol Blackburn said...

Super shots! Rocks are friends....:)

Tezzie said...

Your selfies are all wonderful...and, you're so very beautiful! Your eyes are gorgeous, and you've managed to capture your inner beauty in your photos, as well.

My dad was similar to yours, I think, when I was growing up. I don't remember 'being allowed' to cry, and be comforted. (unless I was bleedin' ;D) If I was in a mood, it needed to be done alone, in my room...and would never be referred to or discussed. I find myself repeating (bad) history sometimes with my kids, but since I'm aware of it, I'm hoping that I can correct my behaviour often enough that they'll feel like they're loved even when they're having an off day <3

Becs said...

Love your words and your selfies. My favourites are focus and a moment but they are all great. Your ideas for a bloopers project made me laugh...maybe we should start a sub-group in the flickr pool - though thinking about mine I'm not sure how willing I am to share!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

I love your exploration with this. I meant to try this project but have such a hard time turning the camera on myself. One of these days I'll get over myself and give it a fair go.

Leanne said...

These are great. It was a bit tricky with words, wasn't it?
The challenge with it for me was to find words that were authentic & meant something to me! It ain't easy!

Kay L. Davies said...

I love your "on the rocks" shots, but I especially like the one of your eyes. Even if whatsername hadn't said it, I noticed you have smiley eyes. Good work on the selfie project!

Bridget said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your beach shots!

Linda said...

No way am I ready for any kind of selfie project! Good grief, I normally hide my face when someone turns a camera my have done a fantastic job! I admire anyone who is willing to undertake this project...your eyes are beautiful!

georgia b. said...

i love your writing style... how you tie together all these separate random thoughts. it's very reflective, but also whimsical. made me smile here and there. that said, i think you take some great self-portrait images.

interesting what you said about being allowed to show emotions growing up. as i read it, i thought back over the day and how i handled the situation when my eight-month-old son would whine or cry when something did not go his way. i can recall that i rarely comforted him, but instead told him to stop getting upset over something so little, as i could see he was approaching tantrum mode. but this has really opened my eyes to be more sensitive to his reactions and emotions. i don't want him to grow up not knowing how to tough it out. but i also don't want to keep him from expressing emotions. so this actually really helped me. my mom was very similar to how you described your dad. she never let us get too upset if we were hurt, unless it was major or worthy of stitches. hahaha. and it's funny, 'cause even at forty years old, i still get that from her... not just about physical pain, but emotional pain, too. i'm glad to have this reminder, because that is one of my mom's traits that i do NOT want to inherit. =)

Zinnia said...

Soul searching selfies. The jouney is a deep one and you seem to be expressing it beautifully.

Jo Murray said...

You did well Susan.... it's quite a challenge. I only manage one a month. I reckon you're allowed to have the occasional 'down'day... particularly when you can get a good photo of it.

urban muser said...

susan, these are all so great. i love your words photo (as you may have guessed since i used it in my mosaic). you made me almost spit out my tea when you described how you ran into the photo on the beach to pose like you've been sitting there all day pondering the meaning of life. Ha! you are doing such an awesome job on this project--you're surprising yourself right?

thanks so much for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

Summer said...

"It is kind of fun to embrace "yuck" in photos."

I agree with this. Photography is about capturing the truth. . . sometimes we just feel yuck.

I love the final shot here as well. It looks peaceful, comforting, inviting.

Very, very cool.