Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Silhouettes

Morning Flight
Morning Flight

Last minute linking with Kat for Exploring with a Camera where this month's topic is silhouettes.

I never realized how much I enjoy silhouettes....until I took a good look at my collection of images.  Kat mentioned that it's likely they are taken without much thought...and she was right.  I also noticed they didn't appear much in my first 6 months of shooting, but the longer I shoot, the more they pop up in my images, or the more my head swivels when I see an opportunity.

Crane 11
Crane 11

This was a head swiveler for sure.  From last summer it was a "screech on the brakes OMG I have to have that" kind of shot.  Cranes are cool-they have all those angels and things.  Day to day I could care less about them-but against a nice sky.  Yum.

Shade Shadows
Shade Shadows

Sometimes I get confused about whether something is a shadow or a this one.  I suppose is doesn't really matter as long as I like the shot.  Another head swiveler while I was waiting in a DRs office.  Run out to the car, grab the camera, and get stared at while snapping.  I can handle it.  Embrace your weirdness and remember they likely have no clue there's a chance someone would buy this (well maybe not this one) and hang it on their wall.

This week I tried to be a little more aware and tried to find silhouettes as opposed to them just coming to me.

Tulips in Waiting BW
Tulips in Waiting

I'm not crazy about this tulip in the window shot....I think maybe the forms aren't separate enough-but tulips in February?  Gotta give that a try.

Steps in Silhouette
Steps in Silhouette

From a low dock at low tide looking up under a pier.  I think you have to be an ocean person to "get" this one.  I do like the shapes.  My light was going fast behind those clouds too.


An early morning shot, playing with trees.  This one has silhouettes and shadows.  A two-fer.

On High
On High

And tonight, I climed high to get the final glimpses of sundown.....and then wondered how I would get myself and my camera back down to the ground safely.  I managed-but better to think of these things before hand.  This image has a hint of shape and color as you can see my hand and watch band.  I think I prefer silhouettes that lose their form, but this one is kind of cool too.

Something I didn't try was using the aperature controls that Kat suggested.  I just stuck with my manual settings and metering that I'm accoustomed to.  Next time I'm in a good silhouette mode, I hope to give those a try. 

Thanks to Kat for taking me out "exploring".....Can't wait to find out what next month will bring.


gina said...

Oh, what fun! You have some great shots here. I am a water person, so I fell in love with the steps -- beautiful! Have a relaxing weekend!

Kay L. Davies said...

I love to be under a pier at low tide! I miss the ocean so much since I've been transplanted to the prairie.
Some super silhouettes here, Susan. Industrial images against the sky do cry out to be photographed, and tulips in February are great. I recently put a tulip photo on my desktop, waiting for the right meme.
Enjoyed your exploring!

Nadege, said...

Very lovely shots...I especially love the 'Morning' image.

Ai said...

You're like me! I didn't realize how much I liked silhouettes until this project. Love the early morning tree photo, beautiful lighting!

Susan said...

Lovely silhouettes, I especially like your shade & shadows. Good for you to go out and get your camera to capture this!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Sillouettes are good and I love the color gradients in your skies.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I like silhouette's too.

On the tulips, if you has a flash, set it to low power to give you some fill light. It won't be a silhouette, but the flowers will pop. On 'morning, I like the light reflecting off the snow.

Tamar SB said...

These are all stunning!! Wow - you are so skilled at capturing these stunning shots!

Linda said...

Not only are your photos interesting and well-executed, I enjoy your commentary. I had never thought about what it was that caught my eye, but yesterday, traveling the interstate I spied something I wanted to photography so badly...and now I realize that what caught my eye was the silhouette! But, alas, I was driving, and alone, and at 70 mph, didn't think it prudent to try to capture it. I will try to be prepared on the way home so if there isn't much traffic, I may pull off the interstate at the exit and grab the shot. Nice work!

Brenda said...

Susan - again with your golden light and outrageous skies - do you never stop? But I'm so glad you don't. Great crane - I would be all over that as well. And you certainly know how to triple your fun with that "Morning" shot - silhouettes, shadows and snow reflections. What a combination!

It was a great exercise to actually look for silhouette opportunities this week - they were always there, I just hadn't been "seeing".

Kat Sloma said...

Great silhouettes Susan! I especially love the crane. It's interesting that they have cropped up more and more with time. You are probably "seeing" more opportunities for them. I'm happy to see looked for new silhouette images too. I do like the tulips in the window, there is still enough shape to see what they are. Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!