Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Scavenging

Linking with Ashley today for SHS....yay! 

This week's hunt included: Facial Feature, Shadow, Spicy, Gold, and Fabric

While I sit here and wonder what the HELL I've got that will cover fabric, I'll share my other finds with you.

Reading Glasses
Reading Glasses
Facial Feature:  Your choice....eye or nose.  Participating at Urban Muser with a year long selfie challenge.  I'm taking a lot of when I share one, I'm at least pretty OK with that.  More to choose from is a good is the delete button.

At the Museum {4/52}
At the Museum
Shadow:  This is from my museum trip a couple week's back.  I really love this shot and haven't had a chance to share it.  I don't know if it's a good image or not, but the play of light and shadow, and that empty bench made it appealing to me.

Bed of Spinach
Bed of Spinach
Spicy:  Listen.  Ancestors came over on the Mayflower....seriously.  Tomatoes is about as spicy as I get.  For example, I think Paul Newman's mild salsa is spicy. I am a spicy wimp....but lovable.

Fence Line
Fence Line
Gold:  Midday sun lighting up a "golden" colored field.  Please note:  no snow.  : )

Fabric.  Fabric?  Fabric.  Fabric.  Hmmm.  Fabric.


Okay....this is going to have to work.  Humor me.

The Work
The Work
Fabric:  Sponge?  (it's like a plastic fabric) How 'bout the fact that I used Kim Klassen's "just stitched" texture?  Work with me here.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello and check out my finds for the week.  And my sponge as fabric.
Have a happy day.


urban muser said...

who knew you were a spicy wimp? great shots today!

Tezzie said...

haha...loving the sponge fabric...granted, a strech; but made up for by being totally hilarious :)

I'm soooo with you on being a spicy wimp. I, too, have trouble eating the mildest of salsas. I've just never seen the point of eating anything that creates pain...

Your "peek-a-boo" selfie is fabulous, and I love the lighting and composition in both your 'shadow' and 'golden' photos. Good hunting, my friend!!

Wishing you a wonderful week <3

Anesha said...

Great set, love the shadow and your take on fabric!

Tamar SB said...

That picture from the MFA is stunning, you should frame that one!

Saun said...

I'll take it (stitched texture) love your facial feature. Thanks fro stopping by :)

Susan said...

Nice work. I really like your shadow shot. I LOVE spicy! Am not sure where that comes from as I’m German & Irish… but I somehow managed to get a hot luvin’ gene! Have a great week!

seabluelee said...

Once again, Susan leaves 'em laughing. I love your humorous take on fabric, but actually, I really do like that photo. Nice composition, and that little bit of orange catches the eye. I love the light and shadow in the museum shot, too.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

Your shadow image is my favorite. It just draws me in and invites me to come sit a while.

Never thought of sponge as a fabric...but for you, yes, it can be a fabric. :-)

Linda said...

Love your make me laugh! Really laugh...I can accept the sponge as fabric - very clever. I am NOT comfortable with selfies...I admire anyone who can do them!

Barbara said...

Love that shadow shot!

Kathy said...

I commented on your self portrait in the Flickr pool, but just to repeat myself...I really like it! The angle, the raise of the eyebrow. Makes me wonder what is going on in that brain of yours at the moment...I REALLY want to know! haha. But the REALLY "wow" one for me in this set is your shadows. In my opinion, ALL of your composition choices are spot on in this one. I love both the simplicity of it and the geometry of it. So striking. Bravo girl!


Ashley Sisk said...

A wonderful set - I really like your first two shots.

Carol Blackburn said...

All great shots, Susan but I love the museum shot with the shapes and shadows.

Patti said...

Great work - I struggled with a few this week too!

Brooke said...

Snort! I love your fabric! If nothing else, you made me laugh! The gold shot is my fav... Oh, and the lovely shadow too. Have a great week.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» likes the museum shot very much. Nice play of light, shadow and geometry.

Sweepy said...

I think ya got them all!
And thank you dear DS for thinking of us and making me drooly happy!

Have a happy V-day!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I think you did fabulous with the prompts, Susan. Loving your selfie -- you always have such interesting poses. :)

Ms. Becky said...

ooh la la - At the Museum. that has it going on. you're becoming an expert at capturing demure selfies. I suspect you're one of the few people who could take a dish-washing experience and turn it into an artistic endeavor. and succeed at it.
happy day to you my friend.

JM said...

Great portrait on top and I love the minimalism in the museum shot.

Brenda said...

See - this is exactly why I am useless at these prompts - trying to "force" an image that works with the word. Although, I find "sponge" completely acceptable for "fabric" - points for creativity.

I too love the shadow/empty bench shot - but then, you knew I would, right?