Friday, March 23, 2012

Balance Shmalance

Linking with Kat for Exploring With a exploring on Kat's themes.  A new one each month pushes me to think in new ways or re-visit old techniques and terms.  The more you hear something, the more it starts to make sense.  I think.

This months topic was/is Balance.  This one was tough for me.  I'm not yet seeing balance out there to say-"oh shoot's balanced".  The few times I did do that, I liked the results, but didn't love them.  Maybe they came from the brain and not the heart.  They seemed to have a little feeling of stiltedness.  Or maybe I'm being too self-critical.  Wouldn't be the first time.

Back Door BW
Back Door

Here's one I found and shot with intention thinking it might be balanced.  I like the symmetry and suppose the rustic sign offers a little break.  Balanced?  Maybe.  I am OK with liking the image.  Do you need to know that?  I don't know.  Extra info-no extra charge.  Absolutely free today-especially for you.
.........I'll move on.

Weed in the Wall
Weed in the Wall

OK, fessing up, I didn't think balance when I took this.  I thought look at those hanging "thingies" caught in the light.  BUT, then I thought the daintiness of the weed might balance out the heaviness of the wall or vice-versa.
Maybe?  Not sure.


Here's another I think might be balanced by weight, near-far, and light off-sets.  Maybe?  Opposites?  Maybe?  None the less, I like the image for the light-those bait barrels were a smidge stinky though.

I thought about balance some more-and figured, my images must be balanced and I don't know it.  In my recent art appreciation class we learned about the principles of design and balance was one of them.  I remember a painting sited where a little cast of light on a woman's foot balanced out the strong primary colors and enormous mass on the opposite side of the image.  Hmmmmm.

This balance business is not for the faint of heart.

I found a couple of examples from my archives that might be "balanced"....

Sundays by Appointment
Sundays by Appointment

This reminded me of one that Kat might be inclined to shoot.....she'd probably get a bunch of different balances out this spot.  I took this one image and ran; it was cold that morning.

Outside the Bakery {1/52}
Outside the Bakery

I really love this image-I keep revisiting it.  I should put a little star beside it like my mom does in recipe books.  Two stars maybe....that's even better.
I think this might be balanced....those snow flake lights seem to balance the rest of the scene, kind of like that little sun lit foot offsetting the large mass I remember from the painting in art class. 

Maybe I get this balance thing more than I think I do.

New Years Walk {1/52}
New Years Walk

I love this snap of my sweet Tula.  As a last thought I wondered how reflections might play into balance.  This image "feels" right to me-perhaps it's the echo of the reflection that makes it feel that way, or maybe the "feel" is in the off-balance.  She looks like she's balanced to me.  Now if I could only get her to be less timid and more emotionally balance......she's cute tho'.

Thank you Kat for trying to get the concept of balance thru this thick skull.  And thanks to you all for reading my blah, blah, blah on the topic.  Now I'll read your balance posts and figure out what I missed.  Have a great day.


Carol Blackburn said...

Looks like everything is in balance, Susan.

Francisca said...

Actually, you didn't miss a thing. You've got this balance story well balanced! LOL! The weed in the wall is my fave today, just because I like a yin-yang of hard and soft and the light is nice.

[Thanks for the welcome, Susan. I'm afraid I'm not completely back, though. Blogging through the anonymous proxy is a sloooow business, and although I miss it a ton, doing it this way takes away some of the pleasure. Besides, I'm here to work, so free time is more limited - and I hope to spend some of that with more shooting. As soon as I learn how to make money traveling, I'll let you know! LOL!I hope you are well and smiling. :-) ]

Susan said...

The bakery shot is great. I love the star idea. :-) We used to do that to our cookbooks as well, often with a little comment or two about the occasion or taste.

Kat Sloma said...

Never blah, blah here Susan! Yes, I think you have the concept of balance. It's good that you covered this in art appreciation too - the more you hear about it, the easier it will become. I think most of us balance things intuitively, and don't always understand why a photograph works. So when you go back looking through your archive with balance in mind, you can start to see how it works in your photos. Wonderful images here! All beautifully balanced. Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

Leanne said...

I agree that it's a bit tricky to explain, I guess if the photo feels right then theres some balance happening in som way. Wh knows? These shots are all great, look pretty nicely balanced to me.

Linda said...

Well, you are one-up on me! I don't understand balance at all...yet. Now I am going to have to study it when I get a chance so I can understand what you were talking about. Doesn't really matter though...I like your stuff, even if you aren't balanced!

Kay L. Davies said...

Some fabulous photos, Susan. I like the one of Tula the best.
My own physical sense of balance has been skewed all my life, although I can see balance in your photos. You are really producing some "educated art photos" here.

Scrappy Grams said...

love Tula's shot; she must be something like my cat Jax. If I make a move to pick him up, he darts away, but if I sit, he jumps on my lap. silly kitty! And I really liked the weed in the wall.

Kathy said...

Seriously, that last shot is mesmerizingly gorgeous t o me!

Zinnia said...

My favourites are: Outside the bakery, that snowflake brings my eye in on the rest and I like the scene behind the window which has balancing elements in it.
I also like the weed in the wall because of it's simplicity. I like the contrast in textures.

Brenda said...

Susan - I think we forget that "shapes" don't have to be geometric or regular - that organic shapes, such as in your Weed in the Wall also qualify for "balancing". For me, this one works because the weed is natural and sinuous and, though relatively tiny, still carries the visual weight because of its bright spot of green and light colored roots. All of this contrasts nicely with the man-made, neutral stonework in the background. I think for most of us "balancing" is intuitive and something that we "see" as we compose our shots. Also love Sundays by Appointment - works so well in black and white.

TheChieftess said...

Well done Susan!!! I absolutely followed your thinking on every shot...each unique and, well, "balanced"!!!
Love Tula's wonderful reflection!!!

Well done...and excellent use of your art appreciation education!!!

Cathy H. said...

I love your "weed in the wall" and your "Sunday's by appt." images the best! The look very well balanced!!