Sunday, March 18, 2012


Linking with Ashley for SHS....Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Fessing up to an addiction to this particular linky.  It's fun.  Addiction to fun; I suppose there's merit in that.

Well that belt of snow we got 2 weeks ago has all but melted , to my delight.  Normally snow hangs around on the ground until mid-April but fingers crossed for continued conditions that bring an early spring.  Yippee.  I shouldn't dance around; that has a way of circlin' 'round to bite you.  I'll just say thank you Mother Nature and weather Gods.

I liked this week's list.  So many possibilities for interpretation.  Love that:
Vintage, Word or Quote, Nature's Own, People, Photog's Choice.

Back Door Delivery
Back Door Delivery

Vintage:  Self-explanatory.  Kim Klassen texture added to the look.

No Parking
No Parking

Word or Quote:  I like words in images.  I don't purposely say "oh words, have to take that"...but when I down load photos, I find text often.  Found this in a parking lot....hmmmm.  Go figure.


Nature's Own:  I am relishing in DST time change.  I took this at 5:30 great is that?

Passing By
Passing By

People:  Person?  A person is people, yes? 
Been learning a variety of cloning techniques in my imaging class.  There were some really ugly ass wires and a pole in this.  Nice to be able to get them out.  I shouldn't have told you; you wouldn't have known.  I'm too honest I guess.
Hey look....more no parking indicators....parking seems to be an issue.

With Lemon {10/52}
With Lemon {10/52}

Photog's Choice:  I don't know, I just like it.

Thanks for your visit....and have a great day.
Thanks to hostess Ashley too.  Love this linky that provides so much fun for the participants.


Deborah L. Tisch said...

Your wings image is so nice. Love your choice, too! Have a great weekend!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Susan, such wonderful shots. Still learning lots of cool things to do with that camera. Love, love, love the "With Lemon" shot. Right up my painting alley...:) Have a beautiful day!

Tamar SB said...

Love the angle on your no parking picture - very very cool! Love the lighting in the biker's pic too! Have a spring-filled week!

becomingmyideal said...

I am also loving the DST change. That picture is lovely. And you did a really good job removing the images from you person pic...I seriously would have never known. :)

Kathy said...

Susan..I love that first unique! Where did you find this? The rusty door handles, the worn sign, peeling paint...textures galore! I need to learn more about cloning...I'm not very good at it. And you are right, I NEVER would have known if you hadn't of fessed up. Great job.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Loving the No Parking and Lemon shot . . . it's always fun to check out how you've interpreted the prompts.

Susan said...

Nice finds. I like that sign and the peeling paint, and the lemon shot.

BTW, Thanks for the lovely comment. The beach was in San Francisco, the visitor from China. :-)

gotmycamera said...

How did you get that no parking photo - the ground looks spotless...lovely set.

Brooke said...

Yahoo.... Susan, isn't this weather spectacular?! Love your series. Words, vintage, and lemon are all fantastic. See you next week!

Holly said...

Love these pictures, especially photographer's choice.

Brenda said...

Aren't the clone tools fantastic? I hate wires and poles that have the nerve to ruin my shots! So, yea for Photoshop! Great series - I like all the words that crept into this week's offerings.

Linda said...

Love your photos - and I am also a huge fan of that cloning tool! I mainly use it to take out those ugly power lines that seem to always be in front of the pretty churches I want to photograph! I really liked the bird shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your people shot - great capture!

Kay L. Davies said...

I had to laugh about "no parking" in a parking lot. Great images for the prompts, Susan. You're so talented.

Karen said...

Love your biker picture even more knowing that you edited out wires. I wish we could do that in real life!

lisa said...

Great photos for the prompts Susan!
I especially love the last one. It reminds me of summer.
We are thanking the weather Gods here in NY also.
78 degrees today, and oh yeah, I was out there.
What a day!

Sending you wishes for a wonderful beginning to your week!

Leanne said...

I love that last one too, Nice composition & beautiful light- looks very summery- I hope that your weather continues in warmth & light.

Sweepy said...

And I think you woofy got it all!

Now have some cake and eat for me!

Tezzie said...

Love that vintage, your 'wings' photo is incredible! (you've gotta get that one framed, my friend)...and great cloning work! I would never have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out!

justine said...

I do love your interpretations, I must give it another go, I keep forgetting to do the scavenger hunt