Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Reflections

Linking with my friend James for this week's Weekend Reflections.  Yay.

Checking through my photos from this week I had NO reflection shots.  What!?  Say it isn't so!!  Perfect time to pull from the archives. 

I have a gazillion images locked down in my files that I meant to process but never did.  Then I take more photos and more photos and more photos....geez it's like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory.  That conveyor belt goes faster and faster and well, pretty soon something has to give and it's the photos in the files.

So I went back to February and found some I meant to process (and there are still others in there) and then I was feeling cold so I went back to last June and found something (and there are still others in there too).  If I ever break my leg (I am sooooo not sending out bad karma for that to happen), at least I'll have some images to work on during the healing process.



Is this from summer or winter?....hard to tell, but it's a winter shot.  It's not a real reflection reflection, but I like the sun reflecting on the waves, water, and sand.  It was even prettier in real life-but cold.  Do not think of grabbing a swimsuit or dipping any toes as you look at this.

Over the Shoulder
Over the Shoulder

This is how I was dressed....from a little later that same morning.  Brrrrr.

Big and Small
Big and Small

Aha! This is the summer shot from a dusky evening late last June.  I can see that weather on the distant horizon, AND the light that goes with it.  Yum.

Thanks for checking out my old but new reflections and have a great weekend.


JM said...

WOW! I'm in awe at the Splash photo. Stunning capture, Susan.

seabluelee said...

Was that the morning it started to snow just as we were finishing up at OOB? Beautiful shot of the waves and sun reflecting under the pier! That second one is funny - the double-reflection of the dual pane glass gives the impression of shivering from the cold.
The last one is just simply beautiful. I love the lines of the two boats, and the reflection in the perfectly still water.

Linda said...

Love that last shot! And the first one too...I think I see some reflection in that one too! Very pretty colors! Happy Weekend!

Kathy said...

Wow the color and clarity in that first shot is amazing!

Ms. Becky said...

I love the shadow/splash in the first photo. Love the shake in the selfie, it's so real. the crispness and clarity in last shot - be still my heart. that water surface is total stillness and glass. excellent. happy weekend to you my friend.

Brenda said...

What, no reflections? But really, I'm okay with you digging through your archives - what gems you have unearthed in doing so. The bronze sun shining on the waves - that would have to qualify as an all-time favorite - with the light, the silhouetted pier, the deep black shadows,the molten sand and the sparkling water. Sending big WOW's right back at you.

Lew said...

Love the low sun angle reflecting off the water and wet sand! I scrolled back through your recent posts and you have some good compositions, making ordinary things (ice cream cup) beautiful. I also like your pencil sketches.
(PS You will find lots of reflections of my van - front back, side, mirrors, hood on my blog.)

Oakland Daily Photo said...

No matter how much you warn the water is cold, that golden light seems to say something else.

Jamie said...

I think it should be a rule that once I week you have to go back into your archive - think of the beauty we'll miss if you don't.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

That big and small shot is just gorgeous. Love it.

martinealison said...

J'aime l'ensemble de vos capture photographiques...
gros bisous à vous

Sweepy said...

Woof Susan.
I AM looking over your shoulder.
And now I'm off to take a nap.
Have a fun April week!

Mira Crisp said...

I know what you mean by saying that you mean to process photos but... in the meantime you just keep taking new photos and photo files are expanding, new photos are being downloaded, older photos are getting some dust on them, and you just feel like you are out of control. At least that's how I felt until recently when I decided to take less photos. Love, love that big and small photo.

James said...

These are great! Nice hat and camera. :) I love the top photo and the boat is so cool with the wood trim.

How many photos do you have in your files? I bet I have 25 to 30k. Yikes! However it's nice to find interesting hidden in the stacks.