Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diagonal Thinking

Linking with Kat for Exploring With a Camera on this month's topic-diagonals.  Yum. 

I use diagonals a lot.

Open Sky {16/52}
Open Sky

A lot.

Down the Line
Down the Line
(linear perspective/converging)

When Spring Comes Early
When Spring Comes Early
(more parallel)

I think that I can't help myself.  I think I do it all the time.  Almost any image I take that I actually guessed it; diagonals.  I noticed this about my photographs late last year and mentioned it to a friend. "Why do I do this all the time?", as if a steady diet of diagonals might be a bad thing.  She said "it's just the way your brain works."  She's always noting how my brain works and how my feelings are reflected in my photos-how does she know what I'm thinking?  You know who you are too "P".  I'm calling you out!

Thing is, I don't shoot diagonally intentionally.  But I did try to be a bit more aware in the last week or so after reading what Kat wrote about it.

Side Garden
Side Garden

How about a little organic zig-zag?

Friday Night BW
Friday Night BW

Or a low POV with linear perspective?

Warm Spring
Warm Spring

Or converging diagonals all over the place?

Near the Chapel
Near the Chapel

I even use light (my fave photog element) in diagonal.

Geez....there's all kinds of "natural" diagonal stuff going on in this one-more than just the light I was thinking about.  I guess I'm just not balanced evenly, I'm crooked.  I hope that's OK....and I imagine my friend will be analyzing what the hell that means about my brain too.  Either that or she already knows.

Gunwale {12/52}

This diagonal is from March.  I love this photo, but didn't share it because I didn't think many people would "get it" due to perspective.  This is the edge (gunwale) of a little row boat shot from above.  Looks like it has the parallel thing in the boat's line and in the reflections....and an implied line in the little seat that moves from left to right giving a converging diagonal too.

Made for Walkin'
Made for Walkin'
(too damn many diagonals to think about)

I do wonder about the direction of the diagonals I choose setting the tone of faster or slower or moving "backwards" from right to left or down to up or up to down.  That must say something else about what's going on in my head.  This picture thing is getting a little revealing me thinks.  Yikes.

Thanks for checking out my diagonal pics and my mind wanderings.  You needn't remind me that this is just how my brain works, well that is unless you want to gang up on me along with my friend.  She'd love that.

Have a great day...thanks to Kat for a great topic.  You might try exploring with a camera too.  You never know what you'll find out about your photos (and your brain).


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Some overt diagonals and some very subtle (love the fence in warm spring).

I'll be looking for diagonals myself.

urban muser said...

wow, you captured some great diagonal shots! that first one is fabulous.

Carol Blackburn said...

Now Susan, diagonals (especially yours) are beautiful and intriguing. I think we were programmed as children to think on the diagonal; for example aren't slides diagonal, swing sets surely have lots of diagonals, Jack's crooked house at the Carnival was surely diagonal, we cross 4 way interstions on the diagonal, we read books in a diagonal position, recline in our recliners, when you are sitting and lift your toes up on the diagonal it means you are happy where you are. So have at the diagonals, Susan....I think they mean something good for you. :/ (diagonal smile).

Leanne said...

YOu've captured some diagonals beautifully, I like the 2nd shot with all those posts & shadows.

lisa said...

Susan, these are just gorgeous!
I especially love the fence on the beach.
So very beautiful!

Nadege, said...

A wonderful series.
I love the tulips in the chapel's garden, beautiful lighting in the shot of the fence on the beach, my favorite.
Your diagonals are fantastic, maybe this is the way you see have such a great eye for composition.

Sandra said...

I love the diagonals you've captured here and do love the tulip zig-zag under "Side Garden". I find that all your diagonals give excellent visual impact. How clever of you to have captured that naturally in most of the photography you do!

justine said...

love the diagonals, love all your examples, I suppose it is something we automatically look for in photography.

Kat Sloma said...

Haha Susan... yes, learning how your brain works, and maybe a bit about your heart too, through photography. It's wonderful, isn't it? Great examples of diagonals in images here, and it's fun to see this is how you naturally think. Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!

Cathy H. said...

I always love to visit your blog and read your commentary as well as see your amazing images! I find that I tend to naturally use diagonals, too! My favorites are Warm Spring; beautiful lines that lead right to the water, and the Gunwale; I get it and I love it!!

Gilly said...

Love that last shot - I've got a real thing about diagonal bars of light. I liked the gunwale too; I got it straight off, but then I like boats a lot.

Have you tried to figure out what percentage of your shots use diagonals? Might be interesting. Take a hundred at random and count!

Anonymous said...

Great diagonal thinking :).
Stay inspired!

Becky said...

I recognize those feet! Great shots as always!

Paula said...

Wonderful shots! I'm really in love with "Down the Line!"

seabluelee said...

Great series of diagonals, Susan! I'm glad to see you made it back to Laurel Hill for the tulips. I think my favorite shot might be When Spring Comes Early. There's something very poignant about that photo. Spring can't come early enough, one might almost think.

Brenda said...

Well, I happen to like the way your brain works and the dynamic diagonals that result. All wonderful examples of your diagonal love affair. Keep 'em coming.