Friday, April 6, 2012

Project 52 x 2

Linking with Project 52 where this week's topic was "Foolin' Around", in honor of April 1st which blessedly came and went without catching me in its snare.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


Finding myself with extra long legs made me pause and snap a few.  Something about it feels fun and frivolous.  I was definitely "foolin' around".

Last week I missed the link up when then topic was "details" there some subliminal message there that I got hung up on the details on details week?  I think I'd better not go there.  Let's just say I messed up, but I'm making good on this two-fer post.

One Little Detail
One Little Detail

I do hate that this detail can derail an otherwise perfect opportunity.  I won't say whether I paid heed to the message or not.  Hmmmmm.


Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Love the shadow pic with the long legs. I always smile when my shadow does that, especially as I'm just 5ft tall!

Susan said...

Fun, love your long legged shadow. Such a lovely detail shot as well. The golds are gorgeous!

Linda said...

Amazing how tall we can look in our shadow! Loved that shot! The detail shot is beautiful...never mind the sign!

Francisca said...

Foolin' around gave you a stellar shadow shot, Susan... And I think you can guess how much mind I'd give to the sign... LOL!

Nadege, said...

Great shadow shot.

Jamie said...

I almost want legs that long

Brenda said...

Well, with those giant legs, I assume you were able to walk right over that "No Trespassing" sign - how dare they keep you from a great photo opportunity!

Kathy said...

Oh My, what long legs you have my dear :). You must have a TERRIBLE time finding jeans to fit :)

seabluelee said...

NOTHING keeps Susan from a good photo opportunity! :-)
And what looooong legs you have, my dear!