Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scavenging Right In

Linking with Ashley today for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Rain today and tomorrow.  We haven't had much so everyone is at that cliche "but we need the rain".  Me?  I was totally diggin' that all day/everyday sunny weather thing.  However-I did do some seeding and feeding of the lawn yesterday (perfectly timed please and thank you) so at some point there will be green out the window rather than yellow- brown mixed with lovely patches of dirt and dust.  It also allows me the perfect excuse to take a "rain" day and enjoy a book or watch a film. 

I've been thinking about those Lowe's ads that picture the "average homeowner's" yard looking like professional gardeners have magically instilled their skills/abilities on said "average homeowner".  Trust me, I sell houses-it ain't like that out in the real world.  I'm going with mulch sprinkled with day lilies that this average homeowner can totally ignore and still look genius.

You didn't need to know all this, did you?  I'll get on to the SHS now.

Work Zone
Work Zone

Yellow:  I had LOTS of flower pics, but decided to go "out of the flower box" with this instead.  One skill I could really use to work on is panning.  This one's not bad.  Would prefer a better backdrop, but when the moment strikes, you know.....

Finding Happy
Finding Happy

Something That Made Me Smile:  Tula Dot.  When I see my overly timid and stressed out rescue dog in an environ where she can relax and feel stress free, that makes me smile.  I guess it's the simple things.

White Rocker
White Rocker BW

Ancient/Antique:  This is an antique child-sized chair.  I'm afraid I didn't capture its scope well which would have made the image more powerful, but I like the sun and shadows and the sense of solitude.

Droplet Bokeh
Droplet Bokeh

Splash:  This is a small waterfall-I could look down over the water flow w/out getting wet.
Confessing this is from a series last August sitting in my archives waiting for my attention.  It is newly processed however.  I love this collection of shots and want to work on them with time to be careful with processing.  Um...."self" you need to get going.


In the Sun:  An unexpected find one afternoon when I wandered in an area I'd never explored before.  This footpath leads to the beach over that little hill. 
The hardest part of this topic was choosing "one" shot so......

Afternoon Sun
Afternoon Sun's another "in the sun".  Lucky to find this footpath in spring with no one else around.  It let me be a goofy photog and go thru contortions w/out the world seeing me or me having to wait for people to go by.

That's it for this Sunday.  Hope you have sunshine rather than the liquid kind.
I also wanted to thank those of you that stopped by on my '"blogiversary" the other day.  It was lovely to get so many kind thoughts.  You all are the best.


ju-north said...

Love all of these but especially the water drops!

Sherrie said...

Great snapshots! Love the Antique child's chair, it's looks lonely. The Splash is awesome! Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Kathy said...

Yowzah...lovin' that path! Geez Louise it is terrific and so inviting. I also am drawn to your b/w rocker with the bit of shadow on the porch. Perfection all around my friend! BTW....rainy day here too.

martinealison said...

Je suis très admirative de vos photos... Elles ont toutes quelque chose de particulièrement intéressant. Bravo pour ce talent qui me touche.
gros bisous

Tamar SB said...

I just love, love, love your droplet bokeh! And the footpath to the beach - hello awesome!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Oh my the leading lines in the last two - amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, I especially love the splash!

Tezzie said...

Those water droplets are uh-MAzing! Wowee! And, your 'smile' would make me smile, fact, it actually did :D

Thanks so much for the sympathy and bday wishes...although, I'll point out that at no time will I be expecting anything even resembling a surprise weekend getaway from hubby. *sigh* I'll have to create my own...most likely without him. Which, I'm sad to say, is usually more fun.

Brooke said...

you did a great job with your panning shot. i can't ever seem to get those down. Grr. And of course, I love the bokeh too. Oh, and that amazing path. How beautiful!!!

Good luck with your grass. The only reason my grass looks the way it does is thanks to my hubby. He's a professional and all. (He maintains an exclusive golf course for a living.) He has an image to uphold! ;D

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Susan!
I especially love the rocker.
Beautiful light and simplicity.


The rocker photo is great. Its size is deceptive!

Leanne said...

nice set, love the droplets

Linda said...

Love the walkway shots...especially the last one! And the water spray...great stuff, Susan!

Deborah L. Tisch said...

You got me with that little rocker and the foot path. Excellent images, Susan!

Shay said...

LOVE LOVE that rocker! The waterfall is way AWESOME! And LOVE the footpath!

Valeria said...

Amazing splash.

Nadege, said...

"Splash" is amazing. Fantastic set.

Nancy Claeys said...

Very creative in all of your choices Susan. I'm on board with everyone else that the splash is amazing. :)

Happy blogoversary!

JM said...

All shots are good, but the droplets and the wooden 'snake' really caught my attention. Love them both.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Oh, love your in the sun, glad that you included them both! I so hear you on the "average homeowners" thing too. (My husband gets sad when the yard doesn't look like a Lowe's ad though.)

Brenda said...

Susan - why oh why have you been keeping "Droplet Bokeh" from us? An amazing shot - very creative point of view. I feel like I'm the audience for the water droplet ballet. Really stunning!

Oh, and the rest of your series - pretty darn good as well. Love the REALLY low POV on the newly-discovered walk path.

Saun said...

Oh wow! what a great set love your splash and antique.

Francisca said...

Looks like "splash" won the day... but I'd like to take walk on that boardwalk (2nd shot does it for me). We've had wet and gray for months until just the last few days... Now it's clear blue skies. And friggin' hot already. No spring to speak of. Panning is something I need to find time to learn do right. There's not much interesting in the Scrap City, except weird and wonderful things on wheels zipping by... Are you smiling, Susan?

Ashley Sisk said...

oooh I love splash - that is genius. With all the rain this week, I might get one too.