Friday, April 27, 2012

Selfie on the Run

Airbourne {16/52}

Last Friday of the month, time to connect with Christy at Urban Muser for {in the picture}. 

In The Picture

This month's theme was "shake it out", which I interpreted as "move your ass" and in that meaning your whole self.  I'm not sure I was shaking, but I was trying hard to MOVE.

I haven't struggled with taking selfies.  My strategy is take a whole bunch and then have plenty to delete and a few that will work safely.  What I've struggled with is taking pictures of my entire self.  I'm working on losing weight including going to the gym 6 days a week-(there was spinning at 6 a.m. today please and thank you)-but it's not working.  That sucks.  I'm kind of stuck.  That has been my hang up with the whole self selfies so it was a push to put my whole self in when I wanted to put my whole self out.  Yes-a hokey pokey reference.

I went to the beach one day and spent a long time running and jumping.  Tula thought this was enormously fun.  Selfies with dog.

Play BW
Play BW

Beach Run
Beach Run

Ready Set Go BW
Ready Set Go BW
(Hee, hee...Tula missed this photo op)

This was really tricky because I don't have a wireless remote and with the wind, waves, and poor hearing couldn't hear the beeps from the camera.  There was a lot of counting and a lot of outtakes.


Goober City.  Honestly.

Another day I amused the neighbors playing in the yard and out on the street.

In the Street
In the Street

Hi Neighbor
Hi Neighbor


How the hell do you jump, time it right....AND put a good look on your face? Could it be more obvious that that's the step I'm missing?  Good God!

All and all jumping and running was pretty fun and silly and it exercised me and the dog at the same time.  There is a part of me tho' that's looking forward to next month's theme sure to be something that will make me look good, or glamorous, or hip, or intellectual or something other than like a big goofball flying through the air. 
As they do careful what you wish for. 

Sitting Still
Sitting Still

Thanks for taking a stop by and looking at my April selfies.


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh oh, sitting still??? Do you have a fever...LOL. You sure got your exercise. Nice you are having fun with your camera. I learned how to put captions on photos last's cool.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

How can you not have a big smile on you face after looking at these? I really like your closing shot! (watch your background)

urban muser said...

these are so great. each one more wonderful than the last. i am glad to see you are enjoying our little project. thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month susan!

Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

love, love the jump shots! I haven't tried them yet. I really think the dogs love them because they are so playful. It looks like it was a fun self portrait month for you. Great work!!

Sandra said...

It looks like you're having great fun! I love the look on the dog's face!!
In the shot below the car, you look as if you're holding that orange car up with the sheer strength of your arms! No wonder you have a look of concentration!!

Jo Murray said...

You certainly made the most of this theme. They are all great.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Thank you for the smile. :-) I love your outtakes and that one of you sitting is GREAT! (I'm glad I invested in a remote, I got exhausted just looking at all of these!)

I hear you on the gym; I too go 6x a week and am not losing weight at all. I know it's my love of bread and cheese that is my undoing. I have the feeling I'm going to have to purge the house of all things nosh worthy so I can finally shed the unwanted pounds I keep lugging around. Fingers crossed all the hard work will pay off for both of us soon!

Leanne said...

These are all such fun! Love all the jumping ones, I must try one some time. You're getting some great exercise.
Love the last shot too.

Kay L. Davies said...

Well, I sure had fun looking at these, Susan. My favorite is one of the out-takes, the one where you're up in the air with both arms out, and Tula is looking mystified. So cute!

Mom Photographer said...

such a fun time u had with all those photos (and your neighours, too) :)

Cathy H. said...

I need to follow your example and have a good time with our assignments!! I did manage one twirl!! I love all of these, the jump in the first one and the beach run! The last one is so beautiful!!

seabluelee said...

What I want to know is, how do you jump so HIGH??? You may not be losing the weight you want to, but you're sure getting strong legs! I love this post, Susan. Even the outtakes are so you. You made me laugh, as usual. And I LOVE that last one. It's so natural and beautiful.

martinealison said...

Quel dynamisme dites-moi!!! merci pour l'ensemble de ces photos... Une promenade vivifiante et pétillante de joie.
Gros bisous à vous et une caresse à votre mai à quatre pattes.

pink sheep said...

great photos! it looks like you had a lot of fun. in fact, i was smiling & having fun with you as i scrolled through your post...all your photos together told such a great story! i even laughed out loud when you were talking about the lack of a wireless remote, because i had the same experience! but then that's what made it so much fun! love your photos & your blog...keep the great pics coming!

Ms. Becky said...

oh Lordy, you had me laughing out loud at the first one and then it rolled into a hefty belly laugh that carried next door, for the cry. these are very very endearing, each one. I just want to hug you. And why oh why can't we live 5 miles from each other? I know there's a reason for everything but this one I haven't yet "got". I just love you.

Katerina said...

Oh my goodness - thank God for someone real.
I love that you showed your unpolished shots (it isn't just me then that looks like a giant goofball flung into the air. Hallelujah!)

Your post has me laughing again and again before wanting to ask "can we be friends?"
You're gorgeous inside and out xox

lisa said...

How wonderful these are Susan!
I absolutely love the frist one because it is such a happy image. Beautifully done!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

gina said...

I am really impressed with how high you can jump too! Those beach shots are terrific -- and that is one lucky dog to be able to play with you. Fun series!

Tamoonstone said...

What an awesome fun month you have had and you have captured it brilliantly! Whilst no doubt keeping your neighbours and your dog very entertained!! Great stuff - you have certainly made me smile. :-)

Lori said...

Susan - - love love love your shots. The smile on your face is priceless and shows how much fun you had! I'm so glad I stopped by and thanks for visiting me this month, too.

Sassyangelac said...

That was fun to watch!

Becs said...

Love your jumping shots, they're great...particularly enjoying the outtakes! I really can't talk though as I have had no success with jump shots at all. Great beach shots and love the one of you sitting. Fabulous set.

Genie said...

These are the cutest shots. Wow...did you do a great job getting yourself airborne. Amazing. Your last shot is my favorite....that look that it is all done. Love your post. genie

Brenda said...

Yes, your airborne shots are pretty darn amazing. You should consider taking up one of the Olympic sports that involve scoring based on how high you get off the ground. Love all your efforts (including the outtakes) to "shake it out". But that last one is pretty darn amazing - such a wonderful expression.

Francisca said...

Oh, man, can you hear me laughing all the way from China?! These are just wonderful... the good, the bad and even the ugly... (I lie, there is no ugly). Even your neighbor is smiling, Susan. I can just ditto what everyone else has said about this series. The last is a lovely closing portrait (but I also noticed what Woody pointed out).

Jamie said...

These shots are amazing! You are beautiful and I so love seeing more of you here.