Friday, May 4, 2012

Reflection Reflection

Linking with my friend James for this week's Weekend Reflections.  He probably thinks I slid off the earth or something, but I didn't.

I have been really remiss on getting reflection shots of late.  I've been off my photography game a bit-not shooting as many photos as usual, reflections or otherwise.  I'm going to blame it on rainy weather and a cold I picked up along the way, but I think I'm just in a little slump.  Time to unslump myself I guess.

I had to dig deep to find something to share and decided to go waaaayyyy back to some of my early photos when I wasn't even thinking about reflections, but I was taking them without realizing it.   

Dryer Bank
Dryer Bank
This subject is pretty cool.  I should go back and experiment-but who wants to go to a laundromat if they don't have to?

Orange Chair
Orange Chair
This chair was in the restroom at a police station....and no, I wasn't in trouble.

Skiff at dusk
Skiff at Dusk
This one is so old it's SOOC out of the point and shoot.  Not bad for a beginner 1 month into taking pics.

Here are a couple that are more current.  This was supposed to be my "stuff" for last week when I didn't even get around to posting:

On Edge
On Edge
Old building at the edge of Salmon Falls.

And this is the only shot from this week that I felt worth sharing....

Abstract Photog {17/52}
Abstract Photog
This is a selfie reflected in a metal serving plate taken through a shop window.  Someone said they could see an abstract face of a dog.  I really like it, so at least I know I haven't totally "lost" my reflection spotting chops.

Thanks for popping by to see my reflections.  Have a great weekend-and I'll be on the lookout for photo ops, now that I've nearly exhausted my back stash.


Linda said...

Love, love, love that last one! They were all interesting - the orange chair is too cool, especially since you were not in trouble!

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Fun! Hope that wasn't a 2-way mirror in the police station! :-) Love your last shot, great abstract.

Brenda said...

Completely understand the "slumps" - you just have to do what you are doing - keep pressing the shutter button even when it feels like it is useless to do so. Because it always comes back - that creative high.

And for someone who had to dig way back in the archive and is in the middle of a slump, your images are intriguing and creative (as always). Love that duplicate orange chair - glad to know I'm not the only person to take photos in restrooms.

Sylvia K said...

Good to see you back and, yes, I do understand being discouraged by the weather! Ours has been yucky lately!! I also love, love, love the last shot, too!! A great abstract indeed! But I did enjoy all of your reflections, old and new! Hope you have a great weekend, Susan! Enjoy!


Leanne said...

Love the last one!

Carol Blackburn said...

Love how the chair in the mirror looks elevated. Neat.

Tamar SB said...

Love your on edge and abstract!! Stunning finds, Susan!! Happy weekend!

Nita Davis said...

Great set of shots. Your abstract is fantastic. I hope your out of your slump, I know for me creative slumps are very frustrating. Have a great weekend.

lisa. said...

These are fantastic Susan!
The skiff was at one month??
That one is my favorite here.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Stunning variety of reflections! And the last one is like a creative underwater shot!

Catherine said...

Love that cool orange chair

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Love the dryer bank and that last shot is really amazing.

martinealison said...

Une avalanche de beaux reflets...
Gros bisous

urban muser said...

i love that red building on the edge of the falls. such a beautiful shot. hope you come our of your slump soon. i think that gets us all once in a while.

Tezzie said...

Nope...don't see the abstract dog! I DO see an awesomely fun selfie, though! Great's good to go through the archives once in a while; can even help you get out of a photo slump. Love that chair reflection, and 'On the Edge' is absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you're well, my friend...sorry I've been so absent.

Gilly said...

LOVE that last shot. Hope you're out of your slump now and getting your mojo back. Feeling a bit like that myself at the moment; grey skies and rain doesn't help. I think we all go through these times now and again, but the flow always comes back eventually. Wishing for some sun to come your way!

Chrissy Brand said...

What a lovely selection of reflections- the simplicity of the orange chair is striking.

Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave