Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sarcasm and wine-in no particular order

or Caught Up?
You feelin' me on this?

Web BW {19/52}
Web BW {19/52}

I hate working on weekends and more and more, that's what I do.  Grrrrrr.  Today was one of those days as will be tomorrow and I worked all last week and last weekend and now a call comes that indicates that smack in the middle of Monday (which I was hoping to take off), there will be work, not to mention the rest of next week. Grrrrr.  I'm at 14 straight days and it's going to be at least 19 straight before there may be a tiny glimpse of hope for a day without work.  Calgon....take me far, far away.

Hence the photo above.  Simply caught.  Bitch. Moan.  I should choose another photo to take my mind off auto-replay....and another profession.  Anyone hiring a somewhat insane writer/photog?  Call me. 

Burn Pile
Burn Pile

Smokin' hot guy. was about the smoke, not the guy.....I'll choose another one.


A sunset from the way back you have like billions and billions of photos that have never been seen apart by you?  I do, which is of course why I'm asking if you do too, to find out if I'm just an abnormal blip on the screen of society or part of the in crowd.  Not that it matters.

Maybe I won't really write anything of substance in this post, but just offer these unrelated images and thoughts, like this sunset.  Hard not to take them when they're lovingly taunting you like this. Still remembering my mother's question/comment "aren't all sunsets pretty much the same?" Apparently I was adopted, and not only that-I'm the milkman's daughter.  I'll move along.

Journeying BW
Journeying BW

I'm off topic.  But seeing there isn't a topic, I guess that's OK.

Escalator Up
Escalator Up

Journeying of an entirely different sort.  Escalator.  What the hell am I doing taking this photo?  Cool kicks though.


Lines....because lobstermen don't call them ropes, they call them lines.  What-evah.  They come in blue, pink, purple, turquoise, red, orange.  I wonder if the different colors mean something other than the owner was bored with the color du jour and decided to "change it up" a bit.  If so, they've been watching too much HGTV and CSI-bored lobsterman division.  The hell with Miami or L.A.

This photo reminds me of my brain. It goes circling round and round until I break the cycle with a video or I walk the dog. Sadly the dog has been walked and the video I have does not hold interest. Should you read on, it's at your own risk.


Oooh.  Pretty.  Too bad these don't last past May or early June.  Sincerely, if they hung around, I'd appreciate them just as much come mid-July.  Really; I would.

For Rent BW {17/52}
For Rent BW

Oooh.  Not so pretty.  How 'bout a little grunge?  If you lived here, you'd be home now....and your garbage cans would already be out at the curb.  Seriously, if I lived here, my life would be substantially more difficult than it is now.  I think I like to take these shots, maybe as a reminder of where I am not, or where I could slip to if good fortune did not support me.  I could live here, but it would be a lot tougher if I did.

Swim at own Risk
Swim at own Risk

A friend, now retired....great sense of humor...when telemarketers would call his home he would reply in a semi broken-English accent "son not home now".  They'd say something else he'd interrupt with "son not home now" and again "son not home now" kind of cracked me up and he said it worked.  I just hung up on them; he had fun.  This sign sort of reminded me of his "son not home now" comment.  I'm sure the lifeguards will soon be "on" duty most of the time.

Library Lion
Library Lion

If I only had courage....forgot about this cool lion shot.  From Boston Public Library-"BPL" if you're in the know.  I need to go back there.  Really cool stuff, like this lion, and another one directly across the stairwell from him.

Ferns in Sun
Ferns in Sun

I could go on and on finding images I've never shared and ridiculous things to say about them, but likely I lost my audience up there around the escalator someplace, so I'll just leave it with these gorgeous newly opened ferns caught in the late day sun.  No sarcasm at all, and my wine glass has been empty for more than 20 minutes.

Thanks for reading me-you're a star for doing so.  Take tomorrow off, and think of me.  I'll be working.


Kathy said...

I hate an empty wine glass :) That fern shot is beautiful...but I'm kind of caught up in that rope shot. Wicked Cool :)

Leanne said...

I made it to the end!The sunset shot is beautiful love the tiny trees & enormous sky.

ju-north said...

Hey! What a great post! Raw honesty - we need more of it!

Tamar SB said...

These are all stunning, Susan! You have such a great eye and find wonderful pictures in amazing places!

Linda said...

I could not have left before the end for any reason! You always delight me with your strange brain...and your lovely photographs! I love the fact that you say what you feel like saying...great job today! And, you did manage to tie all those random photos together well!

Brenda said...

I always love your ramblings and the places your mind takes us. So sorry about the work schedule - I can't imagine how punishing that must be. Great collection of images - and now I know to call them "lines" if I ever get to Maine and begin a conversation with a lobster fisherman. This post and its images may seem random but I think it shows us (and you) your amazing versatility in finding interesting shots everywhere. Thank you for sharing it all.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Susan you crack me up. Love your ramblings and your images. Sorry you have to work, that sucks. Hopefully the end is in sight.

Francisca said...

Well, this was sure amusing... I've been in hundreds of free association chats with cherished friends over the decades... you know, the kind that never stay on a subject for more than three to five sentences before veering off on another tangent... But this, I do believe, may be the first free associaation blog post I've come across. Now don't you go get offended, Ms Susan, because those free association chats are the best kinds! And you've dug up some treasures out of those archives of yours -- and while I've never been "normal" enough to be part of any "in" crowd, my HD is indeedy crammed with billions of photos no one has ever seen - a good portion not worth showing, either - and that is despite my concerted effort to delete bad or useless photos soon after I take them... But I would not advise concluding you are now in good company! LOL!

As for this stretch of work, think of it like rain that goes on and on: some go dance in it, while others just get wet. Choose to dance, my friend. The sun will appear again, no worries.

Carol Blackburn said...

Those bird tracks on the beach make it seem like the little critter was partaking of some of that wine LOL. Ohhhh WORK, that'
s a dirty word Susan. Advertiser Democrat in Norway wants a freelance photog/writer to cover events........... have you ever contacted the local rag in your area for possibilities???? There is your PUSH for the day P.U.S.H. = pray until something happens. Hey, it's Sunday and I am preaching. Don't work too hard. And smile, it does wonders for the spirit and I've heard it sells houses too. :) :)

Anita Johnson said...

I love the randomness of this post...I needed that today. Good stuff here!