Friday, June 29, 2012

Selfie Check In

Last Friday of the month, time to check in with Christy for {in the picture}. 

In The Picture

I blew it this month.  Man I bailed on the selfies, on photo snapping in general.  I'm not beating myself up over it, just acknowledging that it happens.  I did take photos more than once every week, but felt most often really blah about doing so.  Either that or I was super gi-normous busy.  Oh yes, and there was a lot of rain.  Am I all excused up?  When I was a teen my piano teacher said I was the best excuse maker she knew.

Aside from some shoe and feet shots, I only had one day that I slipped in some selfies.  I stopped by a pretty cemetery when the rain let up for a bit.  I hadn't planned to take selfies, but found a bench and a nearby headstone and "made it work".

Cemetery Bench {23/52}
Cemetery Bench

If you're gonna "make it work", you might as well put a smile on to go with.
I might have been inclined to try a face down plank, but I hadn't read the month's theme when I took this.  Rats.  I missed a good opportunity.

There's always next month, right?  No one said I can't plank anytime I want to.
Have a great weekend.  Looking forward to seeing all those spot on "face down" interpretations.


seabluelee said...

This may be my favorite selfie of you ever. So far, anyway, since I have no doubt you'll come up with more fab shots in the future. And you're right, that would be the perfect setting for some planking!

Linda said...

A totally awesome selfie - you look marvelous and I love the little smile on your face. Great shot!

Kay L. Davies said...

I think "face up" like this is much better! Great shot.

Brenda said...

You look happy as a clam - I suppose that upcoming trip had something to do with it?

Leanne said...

this is a great shot!

Francisca said...

Well, that is a nice piece of synchronicity! You're at least half way to a plank! I've just not been able to muster the frame of mind for this fun project. There's always next... er... year, right? LOL!

smiles, Sharon said...

I think this is very original!!!! I scan also feel the weather around look very happy and satisfied, not the least big guilty. A girl can only do so much!!!