Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Reflections

Linking with James today for Weekend Reflections.

I've been nutty busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Cuba.  One of the cool things-the choral group I'm traveling with rented some lenses for me so I've been trying out equipment normally not available to me.  (this could be dangerous for the I want list) There's been good, bad, and ugly amongst the learning curve, but I'm feeling that I'll be able to document their trip and take some photos for myself too, with success.

With practice needed I've been getting out between the raindrops.

House on the Hill BW
House on the Hill BW

This house sits like a beacon just asking for people to take it's photo.  How could I say no?  Nice large tidal pool left by the outgoing tide was pure bonus.

Tidal Pool Reflection
Tidal Pool Reflection

Then my dog decided to dip her toes in said tidal pool setting off gentle ripples.  Thank you Tula.  This is the same house and trees.

Just Nibbles
Just Nibbles

I hear the outgoing tide is the best time to fish.  He said he hadn't had any success....yet.

Window Table
Window Table

I like to treat myself to breakfast out after an early morning photo shoot.  This spot always has fresh flowers on the table-and great food.

Standing On Cars
Standing on Cars

Fun selfie with a car park in the backdrop and a bit of a city skyline above my head.

Thank you for stopping by today.  Will be back in a couple, hopefully with some images to share.
Have a great weekend.


Tamar SB said...

Love the first picture!! Have fun with the new gear and enjoy Cuba!

justine said...

I do love your reflections, looks like you are having fun with your lenses, have you tried the 50mm, works in low light, perfect and light and fantastic all round, plus it's very small

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Cool lenses to play with and somebody else is footing the bill :-)

House on the hill is really wonderful!

seabluelee said...

That looks like a lovely spot for breakfast; wish I could join you. I love your reflections, especially that last one. I think you're pretty amazing, getting all these in while dodging raindrops and preparing for Cuba!

James said...

This is a great assortment of reflections! I can't wait to see your Cuba photos! I also want to know your opinions about the lenes you are trying.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes! A great assortment of reflections indeed, Susan! And I know you're having fun playing with the new lens and even better since you don't have to foot the bill, as Woody wrote!! I hope you have a fantastic trip to Cuba and I can't wait to see your photos!! ENJOY!!


Linda said...

Love your photos today! And I am so excited for you and the trip you are going to take! Have a wonderful trip, be safe, and take LOTS AND LOTS of photos!

Kay L. Davies said...

NIfty reflections. So nice of Tamar to help, because ripples always add a certain je ne sais quoi.
I love the last shot where you're standing on the cars. A bonus effect.

Brenda said...

Enjoy playing with the new gear. Love you "standing" on those cars - very creative. And the house shot - they should buy that print from you and hang it over the fireplace. Beautiful in BW.

Dianne said...

the house on the hill is impressive
I love your selfie, very creative :)

Robert Nicolaescu said...

Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!

Francisca said...

Ditto James. Plus: maybe the fish were scared away by the colorful pants... :-D