Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Selfies

Snapping up a quick selfie check-in with Urban Muser's {in the picture}.

In The Picture

I remember starting this adventure way back in January.  It was Christy's NY resolution that she invited others to join in on.  I'm not a resolution girl, but thought...."I'm not the one making the resolution".  So it was mine to stay with or not, without consequence.  But I have stayed on while the participant field has thinned. 

I enjoy seeing fellow selfie survivors who have stuck it out-the things they share at the end of the month in the link up.  If you fell off the bandwagon (and how come the band keeps loosing members, but the hay wagon stays intact?), I'm sure you could climb aboard again and that would be fine.  You'd be welcome for sure.

This month's suggested theme was reflection which was easy for me, because I do that anyway.  Sort of my way of keeping track of myself since no one else is doing it.  Self-sufficient selfies.  Hmmmm.

Backpack Selfie
Backpack Selfie

I shared this in another post recently, but this was a backpack check.  I had to buy that monstrosity before Cuba as I had a ton of equipment.  The thing checked in at 23 pounds fully loaded.  Don't know that it cuts a slimming profile, but it did the job.  Does my butt look big in this backpack?  Hee, hee, hee.

Photog On the Job BW
Photog On the Job

My job in Cuba was to document the 110 members of the chorus as they went about doing what they were doing....but a girl's gotta do a little personal stuff here and there; right?
In a window outside a hotel restaurant.  I think I was hungry and lingering about.

Cuba Selfie
Cuba Selfie

OK...not a reflection, but I really like this image.  One of my fave selfies I've taken thus far this year.  The terrace at the Hotel Nacional.  It's one of the most famous hotels in Havana and I understand that a scene or two from Godfather may have been filmed here.  I'm going to have to check out that film again now that I've been there.
"I know it was you Fredo.  You broke my heart."

Planker BW
Planker BW

And to make up for last month when I didn't get the plank done, I thought to do one of those too.  Was trying not to think about who might have been sitting in that spot last.  Ummm...yuck.  There is a little reflection on the coffee table too.  I'm covered.

Guess that gives you the quick version of July, and a touch of June too.


Sandra said...

I like the backpack selfie with wiggly lines and two right arms and two left hands! Maybe I can see two right ears too! I love surrealistic shots! It's like seeing the mirage on the road on a hot day!!
I have not been faithful on the selfie journey, though I came back for this one. Thanks for you comment when you came to visit by the way. I like the word "sassy" even though my daughter thought I looked bizarre!
I try to visit everyone although the others don't come in and say hello much at all, but they leave their print in the sand. Do you think they know?!
Have a great day! Sandra
P.S. Good plank! Did you do it on an exhale?!

Carol Blackburn said...

LOL....planks for the laugh!

Scrappy Grams said...

no, young'un, your butt doesn't look big! But your backpack makes me wish that's what I'd bought for my camera equipment rather than the shoulder bag.

Rosie Grey said...

I love your selfies, Susan, and I love your approach! I don't know if I'm wrong but I get the feeling that you're getting more comfortable with your selfies! Just look at that Cuba selfie - it's gorgeous!

shirley said...

Fabulous selfies!! I love the first one, third one and the little reflection on the last one.

Brenda said...

Susan - yes, that Cuba selfie is absolutely fabulous - your personality seems to shine right through. Can't imagine carrying that 23-pound pack on my back for more than 5 minutes - another reason I stick with my point-and-shoot. And actually your butt looks rather small in comparison. I'm glad you have stayed on this hay wagon.

gina said...

I agree with Brenda, I can't imagine carrying that heavy backpack -- my shoulders just hurt thinking about it. Great collection of selfies here -- the Cuba selfie is my fave too. Just terrific!

Leanne said...

These are great, love the Cuba selfie.

Linda said...

That Cuba selfie should be framed! It is great! Of course, I always enjoy your interpretations anyway...

Tamar SB said...

Love the Cuba selfie! But, I'm a sucker for reflection shots, so they rock too!

Kathryn said...

Great selfies, love the 'planker' pose. Selfies still embarass me but maybe when my knee is better I'll think about striking some poses and exploring it a little more.

seabluelee said...

Oh Susan, you are priceless. I love all your selfies here. The Cuban one is so beautiful, and the last one, combined by your commentary, absolutely cracked me up. I don't think I could stand it if you jumped of this wagon!

urban muser said...

These are all wonderful! I love that you planked in Cuba, you go girl!! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month :)