Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scavenger Time

Linking with Ashley today for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  You're welcome to join in you know.  It's fun.

August?  Really? Bah humbug.  Fading light-boo hiss.   Better hop to before it starts shutting down early next month.  I think I need to live in a place that's not so far east, and someplace warm, and sunny.  Yah, that would be good.

Orange Taxi
Orange Taxi

Going Back in Time:  From Cuba, an old car used as taxi.  Very common to see there, but lots of newer cars too, just not American ones.


Something Just for Me:  I'm sharing this, because I like it.  That's for me I guess.  And it keeps with the orange theme, tho' that ain't gonna last thru out this post.

Bike at the Beach
Bike at the Beach

Best Part of my Day:  For me chasing light at the end of a sunny day is usually the best part of my day.  On the rainy days, not so much.  (I guess this could be a touch orange too.)

Sweet Sunset
Sweet Sunset

Night and Day:  Too sweet not to capture.  The last of the sunset-that's sort of a time between night and day.  I wonder how many sunsets they've watched together.

Station 5 BW
Station 5 BW

Look Up:  I love ice cream.  I get it, a lot.  Probably too much, but, oh well.  The other night while waiting for my mint chocolate chip cone, I noticed old license plates attached to the ceiling.  Hmmmm.  Kind of cool I guess....the ice cream was definitely cool.

Well that's it.  Another SHS in the bag.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day.
And thanks to our hostess Ashley.  It must be hard keeping up when you're a new mom.


Life with Kaishon said...

It's crazy that it is August already, isn't it? How does time fly so quickly!

Tamar SB said...

Night and day is so sweet! Love the old car too, I'd love to see Cuba for the old world feel of it!

Rainey said...

Beautiful shots! I love the license plate one. I was having so much trouble thinking of something creative for this week, so I like to see what others come up with.

Justine said...

yo've got that stunning light again! all your shots look amazing and all jump out at you, excellent!

Lorraine said...

Great shots! I love the taxi one the most.

MG Atwood said...

I love that first photo! Nice set. Have a great week

Ms. Becky said...

hmmmm, though I don't need to pick a fave, I usually do so I'll go with tradition. it's difficult this time though. okay, Bike at the Beach. It was almost a tie with Sweet Sunset. How you happen upon these lovely shots, teach me a thing or two? Happy Sunday to you my friend.

Karen said...

Love that orange taxi! I eat too much ice cream too. I'll have to look up next time and see if there is anything interesting above. I'm always too busy making sure they're giving me enough ice cream :)

Brenda said...

Susan - great set. Glad to see the Cuba photos trickling in - it must mean you are making progress on your editing. Also, love the point-of-view and black-and-white treatment of Station 5 - all those letters and numbers and rectangles. And really, can one ever have TOO much ice cream? I think not.

Cathy H. said...

All so great! But, the sweet couple tugs at my heart! I love how you captured more than just them...the huge sunflowers and play equipment. It tells a bigger story! Also love the frets!

seabluelee said...

I love that taxi! It puts me in mind of orange Creamsicles, which were one of my favorite summer treats as a kid. In fact, I wish I had one NOW. Nice set for SHS!

Leanne said...

Love that last shot, the focus & the B&W. nice set this week.

Linda R said...

Great shots again.. LOVE the last B&W shot.

Linda said...

Time flies by way too quickly these a speeding bullet. Unless, of course, you are anxiously awaiting something! Love that last shot, and the sharing sunset one!

Verna said...

Ahhh, that sunset shot is beautiful. I bet you are right, I bet they have watched many a sunset together. Sweet!

JUDITH said...

I liked the photo of the couple. What a special time.

Jess said...

Love the randomness of "bike at the beach".

Just yesterday I noticed that the light in our house was more like autumn light. Heck, bring it on. I'm ready for a change. :)

Dianne said...

I agree .... chasing light at the end of a day is such a good thing to do .... soft light ..shadows .. muted colours.
I love your bike at the beach capture ... Beautiful!

Anita Johnson said...

I've been resisting ice cream until now. Thanks. (o: