Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scavenging on Sunday

Linking with Ashley at her new snazzy website for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Bring it on!

Didn't know if there was a new button or not, and for some reason the blogger layout thingy is being disgruntled today and not letting me copy any follow the link above if you want in.


Mobile:  OK...Loser.  Big time.  No mobile phone, but small phone bill.
So, although this is not a mobile home, it is a camper that is mobile.  C'mon, I'm being super clever here.  And BTW-it's for sale $2,500.

At the Docks
At the Docks

Hanging by a Thread:  Or a rope.  Down at the docks again, killing time and ignoring tourists.  We got like 3 weeks left 'til they thin out.  Really, I'm ready.  Maybe it's me that's hanging by a thread...then again, maybe it Maybelline.  Oooh, I'm a little punchy today.  Sorry.

Fins in Color
Fins in Color

Collage:  Was trying to get a little Andy Warhol-esque with this car image from Cuba.  Not sure if I like it.

Here's the original.  Cool car, huh?


Between Fronts
Between Fronts

Always Look on the Bright Side:  Even if it's only behind you.....
and looking behind me, in this case, was enormously worth it.


Kennebunk River
Kennebunk River

Home:  This is a view from my home town.  This is why there are so many tourists

I know I took a lot of liberty with the prompts this week, and threw in a couple extra shots too.  Thanks for visiting and bearing with me.  Hope you have a great day.


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

What a place to call home!

Tamar SB said...

Gorgeous, Susan!! Your take on mobile is great - the two of us, pushing the limits once again!! And the perspective on hanging is marvelous!

Patrice said...

Fabulous your collage!

MG Atwood said...

Great shots! Love where you live! I can see why tourists gather there. Nice collage, and mobile is creative.

Brenda said...

Your shots at the dock (with or without tourists) make a wonderful series - exploring all the myriad textures and color contrasts. This one is no exception - beautiful lines leading us to the rope and float and those beautiful loops. I like your Andy Warhol experiment as well - great fins! And its always good to look behind.

Michelle said...

Saw you over on SHS and I have to say your photo's are all fantastic. That old car is so cool, perfect for the AW effect. The rope on the dock is one of my favorites for the great depth of field.

Dianne said...

I love the dock shot, your perspective is so cool
beautiful series of photos!!

Leanne said...

YOur home town is beautiful, & I like your Cuban car Andy Warhol style!

Cathy H. said...

I think Scavenger Hunt is so much more interesting when people push the limits of a prompt! I love how your mind thinks and love the "mobile" shot!! I honestly thought I may be the only person with out a cell phone photo!! My favorite would be the dock! I can't quit looking at it! Your POV and the reflections, your's perfect!!

Linda said...

I am pretty certain that your pushing the limits is exactly what makes you a great photographer! Love that view from your town!

Becky said...

Love the between the fronts shot. And the original pic of the Cuba car is my favorite!

Debbie said...

they are super creative....way outside the box and i love it!!

Nadege, said...

Great shots, as always.

Anita Johnson said...

Nice shots...I think the fins is a keeper.

Lisa Gordon said...

Love these, Susan, especially the second one.
What a wonderful composition!

EG CameraGirl said...

I enjoyed this post very much! I LOVE your interpretations! :)

seabluelee said...

Susan. I think I love your Scavenger Hunt posts best of all. Your commentary always makes me laugh, and sometimes cry (in a good way) at the same time. Trailer: when I was a kid, our family lived in an 8 x 35 foot trailer - not much bigger than this one, I'll bet. Fins in Color: not sure if I like it either, but I'd say you nailed the Andy Warhol impression. Between Fronts simply took my breath away. And Gold just makes me homesick, as does Kennebunk River. Great job, my friend.

Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

Pushing the limits is really the only way to go - isn't it? This series is really fun and I love to see how you can stretch us all into your perspective on the prompts. Love every single photo. Marvelous!

Brooke said...

Punchy is good :D Loved all the shots!! I wanna be a tourist there :D

Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!
I'm so frazzled, spread thin, exhausted and behind, I'm sure I've missed a bunch of posts about your trip to Cuba. Figure I'll have a long winter to play catch-up, but for now I wanted to pop in and say howdy!

That is the most unusual car!! What a fun keepsake from your Cuba trip, and what a perfect photo for the Fins prompt! I've never seen car fins "flattened out" like those, and the... trunk ornament? Logo? Airplane?... on the back - very cool!

Love your rear view mirror photo, too - the reflected golden light and the jewel-like raindrops really make it special. And of course I'm always a fan of your grasses and wildflower shots.

Enjoy the post-Labor Day peace and quiet! Won't be long now.