Sunday, September 2, 2012

Morning Scavenger

Linking with Ashley for the weekly Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Got my java and I'm ready to go.

Forgive me for supplementing my post with a few archive shots from my Cuba trip.  Newly processed this week though.  That sort of counts, right?
Candid:  One of the places the chorus visited in Havana was a senior center where they sang for and interacted with the elderly.  This man's face has such wonderful character.  I'm very taken with him....and glad I "took" this shot.
Here's another candid of one of the members chatting it up.
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
Toys:  No kids, no toys.  That's a bummer.  Here's one of my adult toys.  A DVD.  Man do I love this show.  So addicted, pardon the pun.
Any of 5 Senses:  Um.  Yum.
Batteries:  Tough topic.  Battery indicator still looks OK on the ipod.  Lame, but I got it done.
The Guitarist BW
The Guitarist BW
Half:  Isn't this half circle open-air window beautiful?  How could I not capture it?  I couldn't...that's it.  Jeanne in the light with the guitar pure bonus.
Thanks for taking a peek at my images today.  Hope you have a very happy long weekend.  To wax the car or to not wax the car, that's the question.  Always a big job, but the extra day?....
Not sure if I'll make use of the time, or take a nap instead.


Kathy said...

Oh I so can't wait to see more Cuba shots. That first and last shot both mesmerize me.

Rainey said...

Love the first photo and that dinner looks yummy!

Oh, you can get free library books on the Kindle, just fyi ;-).

MG Atwood said...

Lovely set! I missed out on my trip to Cuba, hoping to get there one day. Love your entire set. Very creative! Have a great week.

Nicki said...

your Cuba shots are wonderful - great group all together.

Tamar SB said...

Love that window! Stunning! Love the old school ipod - way to rock it out!

Christine E-E said...

oh... I'm trying to decide if I should wax my car also! my fave of your pics this week has to be CANDID. What a sweet-looking man. Sounds like your trip was amazing.

Carol Blackburn said...

I see you've recovered from working so much.....enjoy the relaxing weekend if you can. It's raining here so we are just chillin'............. Love that window shot!

Carol Blackburn said...

I see you've recovered from working so much.....enjoy the relaxing weekend if you can. It's raining here so we are just chillin'............. Love that window shot!

Kimberly said...

Wow! I just love that first one! I could look at it all day! Love the last one too!

I vote for the nap. :)

Brenda said...

You have captured such wonderful personalities in your Cuba shots. And that window is to die for - such an interesting composition - you are immediately focused on the window with its beautiful grillwork but then are pleasantly surprised to discover the figure with guitar in the corner. Keep working those Cuba images - all that effort is definitely worth it.

Verna said...

These are simply wonderful! I especially love "half" and "candid" Great job!

Scrappy Grams said...

Candid surely is full of character. I love the window! how I'd love to have something like it encased in my home!

Linda said...

I always love your shots! You have such a great, quirky outlook - so much fun!

Heather said...

Love the shots for this week! Your first shot is awesome! Fav of the series.

Ida said...

Nice set.
My favorites:
Half - That is a lovely window and I like the B/W composition of the photo.
5 Senses - Oh my that does look tasty.

Top pick: Candid - What an expressive face.

Kathryn said...

Hey Susan, sorry I haven't been by in a while. This moving house business is tougher than I remember. I love those candid shots and the last shot is just stunning.

Rosie Grey said...

Such a wonderful selection again, Susan! I admire how you come up with all sorts of ideas for the prompts!!

Cathy H. said...

I'm so glad you're still showing images from Cuba! My favorite is the last one! Beautiful light, window, and composition. Love the B&W, too!