Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo Heart

Linking with Kat and the others who have discovered the satisfaction of the Photo Heart Connection.

Date Night
Date Night

Date Night is a sweet photo. This couple stayed on the docks sitting enjoying the view and one another-cozy, quiet, and from where I watched, seemingly blissful. In this photo I thought I caught what I witnessed. I guess there's a part of me that wishes I was sitting on that dock in such imagined bliss.

If I'm being honest, and if you read me enough, you know I am...I don't really have a favorite photo this month-one that moved me enough for me to notice.  Date Night will just have to suffice.  I went scouring the archives and nothing jumped out at me as "wow".  There are good photos there, but in looking over them, I believe my heart hasn't been too connected to the process this past month.  I've still made some good images, but there was only one night I can remember going out shooting when I felt any tug of excitement-and it was a subtle tug, not one that was stirring.  My heart has been absent from the process....and I've felt that, and I'm sure my images reflect that as well.

Last Monday was my birthday-a Labor Day baby, how fitting.  I decided to begin my 2nd 365-thought it a good way to record my 50th year, and to perhaps push me to get out there and shoot-to make it work.  I've been so lost in processing Cuba, I've had to let the art of taking photos fall aside.  Not enough balance there. 


I created this 365 logo thingy. I am connected to this collage and 9/10ths of the photos layered within I took in August.  Maybe that makes my heart-photo connect a bit better. 

I like making these layered collages and often include a selfie component.  They can be immensely personal-often too much so to share.  I really don't know what they mean; I just keep putting images together until I sense that it's done.  One of the things I like is, similar to a composition by Mozart, there's always something more that you didn't notice before.  Upon subsequent reflection, you become aware and find it quite obvious and wonder why you didn't sense it earlier. 

Does that makes sense or did I lose you in the depths of my right brain?  I did not say my art was genius like Mozart's music is....I said that I don't get it all on one intake, the same as when I listened to Mozart.  There.  I feel better having clarified that.

I need to go to bed.

Thanks for taking a look at my PHC for the month of August.  Hoping my everyday 365 practice will offer up more heart connected images in coming months.  Thanks to Kat for being that mostest hostess.


Leanne Barnett said...

I really like your 365collage, such a lot to look at. Looking forward to see you documenting your 50th year!
I quite like your date night shot too- it does look like quite a good place to be.

Linda said...

Even when I didn't understand what you were saying (just for a minute), I certainly felt the depth of your thoughts...sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn't it? I really like that 365 logo thing you did...and belated happy birthday!

Tamar SB said...

What a sweet photo! And a happy belated birthday! Hope it is a fantastic year!!

Lisa Gordon said...

365 is AMAZING!!!

Kathy said...

Well happy, happy milestone birthday my friend! Ticks me off tho...made me realize I'm older than you :(

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I'm with you on the motivation thing, I need to get out of my funk. I just haven't been pushing the shutter.

I like the 365 logo, it's way cool.

Carol Blackburn said...

Well, happy birthday kiddo! You should have told us so we could throw you a virtual blog party. Wishing you a beautiful 365.

Kathryn said...

Happy Belated Birthday . . . love the idea of the 365 to celebrate your big one. Looking forward to what lays behind that door, I simply love your layered images. Show us more . . . please!

Brenda said...

Sometimes the images just don't come. That is one of the lessons I have learned through my 365 projects - but it is the daily doing that is the point. I have found that I learn from even the mediocre images and the uninspiring days.

Welcome to another 365 - a great way to celebrate the big 50. Love your 365 collage and the emotional resonance behind its creation.

Deborah Tisch said...

Your post and Brenda's comment here are what I needed to read today. There are just times when it doesn't all come together the way we'd like. Guess that makes us appreciate life even more when it does!

Your photo of the couple on date night is sweet and tells a good story, Susan. And your collage is really amazing.

I've been past that 50 mark for 7 years now, and it isn't so bad. So I hope you enjoyed your birthday and that your new 365 project will be inspiring.

Cathy H. said...

Some months I struggle with a photo-heart connection, too! The couple make me smile! It's wonderful to see them taking the time to just relax and enjoy time together. I am fascinated by your collages! You do just such a great job creating them!

Elsie said...

For me whas the cozy couple a wow photo, I think it whas so relaxed, thank you for sharing, I wish you a happy 365 day's of new photo's too to celebrate your 50th birthday, a think great way to celebrate it.

Bo Mackison said...

I love your honesty.
And I love your logo. I kept looking , then closing my eyes, then looking again to see if I could see more. Oh yes, very nice!

Kat Sloma said...

Ah, balance, and the challenges of it. When we have a big assignment - like your Cuba one - we sometimes get out of balance with our personal practice. It's just the teeter-totter of life, always in motion. I know that your heart connection with your photos will come back, when this project is done. And, on your collages, I understand the intensely personal nature of them. I've done one or two myself and there is something strongly emotional about the process. Thank you so much for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection.