Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Time...yay.  Linking with Ashley for this week's SHS.  Thanks Ashley.

Metal Jacket 4/365
Metal Jacket 4/365
Monochromatic:  Rust is a color, right?  Newly installed cover for one of those clean out thingys.  Describing this is outside my expertise area.  It's like a sewer hole cover.
I thought the textures were kind of cool.
I Want to Fly Away 6/365
I Want to Fly Away 6/365
Starts with the Letter....B:  Balloons.  This was one of those weirdo "what if I held balloons in the air? because I'm totally bored" shots.  BUT, I really like the way it came out.  And Kim's dreams texture doesn't hurt either.
Upside Down:  I was about upside down when I shot this upside down leaf.  Fall.  No.  Say it isn't so.
Laura Lee
Laura Lee
Hair:  My best friend.  That's why her eyes smile when she looks at me.  While in Cuba she had her hair done in cornrows which proved to be much cooler than wearing it down....or at least that's what she said.
Princess P BW
Princess P BW
Soft:  I can't think of something much softer than my cat's fur.  I love my sweet cat so much.
On another note...
Anyone Home
Anyone Home?
....this is my neighbor's cat Leo.  He's a cool cat, and I like him, but he tormenting my sweet Princess P thru the window.  She's hissing and crashing into the glass and can't seem to sleep anymore.  She's a 13 yr old lady-she's totally stressed out.
Anyone have suggestions other than this?.....
Battle Station
Battle Station
We've set up a missle defense system to thwart attacks, but you can see she's still on guard.
Kind of ruins the HGTV beauty that should be happening in my dining room too. 
Thanks for checking out my pics for the day.  Off to my 6 yr old nephew's birthday party with multiple 6 yr old friends and their little 3 and 4 yr old siblings.  I'll take aspirin first.  Have a great day.


Kathy said...

Rust is DEF a color :). One of my fav colors to photograph actually! I really like the simplicity of your upside down shot. It is just so freakin' striking to me. And how nice to have a friend who's face lights up like that! Mine usually hide when they see my camera, haha. Great job! Have fun at the party.

Tamar SB said...

Monochromatic is super awesome! Love upside down, too - it sure feels like fall outside right now!

MG Atwood said...

Great set. That first one is fabulous! Love all the kitty shots, and your friend makes me smile. Have a wonderful week.

Linda said...

Great shots - I love that texture in the first one also!

Deborah Tisch said...

These are all excellent, but then I'm not surprised. I'm so glad someone put a camera in your hands.

That balloon image did turn out really good, love how you processed it.

Beautiful photo of your best friend!

Best of luck with the unrequited love of Leo the Cat.

Anonymous said...

Nice selection of photos. Interesting monochrome - both color and texture. Like your balloons!

Justine said...

what a fantastic set and I love those cats!

Tina´s PicStory said...

beautiful impressions! :)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Rust is THE color :-) I'm sorry Leo is not being a good neighbor, maybe you need a cat whisperer.

Leanne Barnett said...

Great shots, love the rust monochromatic photo & your B for balloons are very nice.
Hope you enjoyed the 6 yr old party

Seizing My Day said...

laughing out loud at the kitty battle station! ;) my cat torments our neighbors indoor cat ... I tell them to just spray her with the hose a few times... she'll stop... =) as much as you like him/her... water will do the trick! but it IS funny.. lol! anyway... good luck!