Friday, September 28, 2012

Selfie City

Linking with Christy over at Urban Muser for September's {in the picture} check in.  I'm giving myself a mini round of applause for doing this for 9 months now-sticking with it.  I can definitely go another 3 months!  Applause for Christy for hosting this too.  I'm sure it is time consuming, but it is appreciated.  You could join in too-it's not too late. 

In The Picture

New perspective.
  Last month I mentioned that I felt like I wasn't really expanding my selfie repertoire, and I'm sort of still feeling that way.  It's OK.  I'm having trouble blogging regularly-and that's OK too.  It will happen.  I did start a 365, and that daily exercise is good practice-I've had to push myself on that too. I am working on taking less pictures, thinking more, and finding something good with way fewer clicks per day.  That can be difficult.

All this boils down to one of my fave selfies this month.

A Walk 1/365
A Walk 1/365

Something I've realized, I really like taking and viewing images of hands and feet-in general, but also including my own.  I find they tell a lot about a scene, a day, an emotion-even though they are seemingly void of any expression.  I am not reluctant to show my face-I just like these extremities.  Whatever that might mean.
This is sort of a new perspective as it includes motion-and the abstractness of that also appeals to me.

I Want to Fly Away 6/365
I Want to Fly Away 6/365

Here's another.  The emotion in this is very sad to me-even though it says dreams and someone else might interpret as uplifting.  My hand says me anyway.

Selfie Collage
Selfie Collage

I think one of the problems is I don't plan on doing selfies.  Sometimes in an environ I'm unmoved, so I decide to add myself to liven things up  (I guess I'm a lively sort)....Lots of RR tracks as tripod examples here.  In this case I think the spontaneity worked, but I think if I could be better planned, I might get away from what I'm accustomed to.  In general I don't take staged or planned photos-I shoot what I find along the way "as is where is" which I think plays into it.

Lens Talk BW
Lens Talk BW

OK...that's it for this month.  Had to leave you with a face shot-how awesome a find-water that made such a mirror. Didn't plan this one either.
 Looking forward to seeing what the rest of my selfie die-hards have come up with for their new perspectives.  Thanks for stopping by to see mine.


Linda said...

I admire your tenacity...I am just not able to love selfies...yours are always so good. If I tried them, I would have to copy someone else's ideas, since I can't seem to get inspired!

Tamar SB said...

I love the moving foot shot!! I felt like I was moving looking at it! And I too find that I am trying to take fewer, more meaningful pictures! Stay dry (-:

Kathy said...

I always love seeing your selfies. The motion in your foot one is amazing...I feel like I'm travelling along at a pretty good clip with you :). I go in spurts with my selfies...but I'm "going along"...which I'm kinda proud of myself to keeping on the journey. Keep up the good work!

Kay L. Davies said...

Love the foot shots, Susan. And unplanned is wonderful, especially when you find selfie-water staring you, um, in the face, as it were.

'Tsuki said...

Excellent post ! I love the way you tell your day in pics...

Leanne Barnett said...

Great shots, love the movement in the first, and all your different perspectives inthe collage. ANd that last is amazing that you are looking into walking.
Well done for getting 3/4 the way through!

Brenda said...

I like your ideas about putting thought behind your images - taking fewer clicks to find something good. Love your "A Walk" photo - that sense of motion and time and the seasons passing. Best of luck as you kick-off your 365.

Kathryn said...

The tension in your hand in the hand image looked like you were trying hard to hold onto your dreams but it felt as though those balloons would float away at any moment. Love your feet on the train tracks too. You've done great exploring the selfie angle, it's something I definitely need to do more of.

seabluelee said...

Love the movement in A Walk, and the feeling in I Want to Fly Away. The red shoes on the railroad track is my favorite this time. That is just so YOU!

Stephanie said...

The water reflection shot is awesome - so is the collage. Someday I'm going to do selfies but I'm not there yet.

urban muser said...

you've done such an awesome job sticking with this project. yay for you! and a 365? good luck. i failed in mine miserably back in 2010...maybe someday i will try again.

Urban Rustic said...

wonderful images!!

momphotographer said...

wow! they are all wonderful but the first one is awesome! I love how you captured the motion!

Cathy H. said...

Hang in there!! We're about to make it, only three more months!! I love the motion you captured in the first one! Your RR collage is fantastic! Your images are great with such beautiful light!!

Sandra said...

I love that first shot with the movement and the hand holding the balloons! Great fun!

shirley said...

Good for you for sticking with it! And I love that last photo - cool that it is a water mirror.