Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger, Sandy Edition

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

I imagine the weather terrorists (that's what I call the weather reporters) are licking their chops on this one.  They get so excited and love to go into crisis mode.  I think they stress people out way more than necessary.

It does seem like a legitimate storm barreling up the Eastern coast line of the US.  I don't watch TV or listen much to radio, but do hope my blogger friends far and wide are safe with the oncoming storm.  Mama nature sure is gettin' her bitch on.  Thank goodness for the SHS to take every one's crisis mode down one level.  I sure hope there are eggs, milk and bread left when I get to the grocery....and red wine.  It should definitely be eggs, milk, bread and wine rather than just the first three.

I'll go on to the hunt as I'm beginning to speak gibberish.  I do have many endearing qualities however.

Crossing 51/365
Crossing 51/365

Pattern:  Mama said don't play on the RR tracks.  She said eat your veggies, always make your bed, don't stare-it's not polite, and might meet someone.  What was I saying?, oh yes, not only the tracks, but the cool overpass bridge make great patterns.

Daily Bread BW 49/365
Daily Bread BW 49/365

Machine:  Yah....all night, all day.  I think my fingers might freeze that way.

Scandal in a Small Town
Scandal in a Small Town

Sign or Logo:  Have you heard the story about the Zumba instructor/prostitution ring?  There are 100 johns on "the list" and their names are being released in little batches.  Our town is now noted as not only the summer escape of George H. W. Bush, but also of the Zumba prostitution ring.  And I thought the media hype for Sandy was bad.  If there wasn't an election and a hurricane, trust would be all Zumba all the time.

Changing Seasons at the Shore 53/365
Changing Seasons at the Shore 53/365

Rocks or Stones:  Because I wonder too much, I often wonder what the hell an oak leaf is doing on the middle of the beach with no oak trees anywhere around.  There are little stones too....I get why they're there.

Evening Commute 54/365
Evening Commute
54/365  (look at that....already in the 50's!)

Sparkle:  I've been playing a lot with low POV.  This was a shot from Friday evening...sun heading down, headlights turning on, and yours truly stretched out on the sidewalk on Main Street.  People may be starting to talk....unless that Zumba scandal has them preoccupied.

I'm really punchy, must be the fluctuating barometer or a full moon or something.  Thanks for checking in with my SHS for this week.  Stay high and dry.


MG Atwood said...

Beautiful collection. Button down your hatches! Laughing at Zumba scandal! Adore that patterns shot. Happy week to you.

Patrice said...

Love all of your low POV shots, Susan!

Stephanie said...

You are way too funny this morning!
I'm looking forward to some great storm photo ops this week. Maybe I'll see you at the beach.

Tamar SB said...

Love these! Stay safe and dry! I am kinda hoping for a hurricane day...

Dina Lettre said...

Wonderful choices, Susan. I especially love the 1st and last shots.

Kay L. Davies said...

Susan, you are too funny. I love the things your mama said. Mine said the same things.
And I can understand lying down on the sidewalk to get a good shot. I can't do it any more, but I can understand why you do.
Are you going inland to escape the storm? Moving to a different state to avoid the Zumba stuff? Eating your veggies?
Take care.
Luv, K

Carol Blackburn said...

Susan you are a hoot! You are getting braver, I dare say, lying down on the public sidewalk. Planking??? with a camera. If I am ever flat on a sidewalk it is because "I've fallen and I can't get up" literally. It ain't easy!
Batten down the hataches and stay safe. I don't think we will get more than some heavy rain here in the hills but then again we do have these scary trees all around that could come down if you just blow on them. It will be interesting! Oh, by the way, great shots :)

Deborah Tisch said...

Gibberish or not, your endearing qualities always bring me back for more...more of your own personal style of words and images.

Saun said...

LOL love your sparkle shot!!!

Kathy said...

Oh WOW...that "sparkle" shot is gettin' it's bitch on :). Totally lovin it! Please be safe up there...have to admit I'm a be "nervous" about this one. Love the comparison to terrorists when it comes to the local Food Stores can attest to that!

Dianne said...

I love your angle on the RR bridge shot
and the leaves!! so cool
well done

Ms. Becky said...

I've been meaning to ask you about the zumba scandal but you've answered my wonder. exciting times, no? I'm really liking that Evening Commute. the light is fab, the POV is fab, the photo is just screamin' FAB. hey - take the hurricane warnings seriously. go to the store and get ice, water, avocados, beans, candles, matches, and cat/dog food. you just never know. I'm into the prepared society thing. happy week to you my friend. take care now.

Rachelle said...

really like that first image of the bridge. Such an interesting angle.

Ross said...

Really great pictures! The last two pictures have to be my favorites. Hope you had a great weekend!

Justine said...

lovely lovely lovely and such beautiful light

Linda said...

Oh, how I have nissed checking in on you! You are always good for some delightful eye candy and a laugh! Love the "momisms" and the thought of you stretched out on the sidewalk! We were in Cape Cod for a VERY short trip! Arrived Friday at 4pm, left Saturday at 7am because of this stupid storm! Good thing we left when we did too, because we have to cross water to get home and the water was pretty high on Saturday night on the bridge...

Kathryn said...

You crack me up, thanks for the giggle this morning . . . I needed that. Haven't heard the expression "licking their chops in a long while".

Gorgeous shots, love that last one and I can just image the funny looks you must have been getting. I can picture people giving you a wide berth thinking you're some kind of crazy. :0)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

A little diversion from the weather/political/sex scandals is welcomed, especially your scavenger hunt.

Something about train bridges, I can never get enough.

Brenda said...

Love your experiments with getting down low. I am now stuck with the image of you laying on the sidewalk to get the shot. Well worth the possible humiliation. I applaud your grit and determination in the pursuit of your art. As always, a wonderful set.

Linda R said...

And here I thought that Zumba was an exercise class.. Well I guess someone was getting exercise. LOL.. Love your photos. Love the POV on your sparkle shot.

Anita Johnson said...

Did I already tell you I liked the point of view on the leaves? Well I did, maybe twice! (o:

Norma Ruttan said...

wonderful as always!
I started a new blog because I lost access to my blog's dashboard. I tried to change my identity that I signed up to follow you. But I get a message that it won't let me. Color me frustrated.
Any way, my new blog is Nonnie's Observations. URL:

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photos as always.

How did your area weather the storm?