Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scavenger Time

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Confession.  Writing this on Saturday night with a glass of red wine, rather than Sunday morning with a cup of coffee.  I vowed to go to the gym first thing on Sunday.  And then, why am I drinking red wine?  I'm not really thinking things through very well, am I?  I'm mentioning the wine as a disclaimer for mis-spellings, run on sentences, topics that go way off subject never to return, and the like.   You know; just in case.

Shutter BW
Shutter BW

Shadow:  Rain.  A lot of rain.  Light rain, but daily rain and gray and drab and yuck, and hard to shoot photos with any kind of inspiration OR find shadows.  This subtle shadow will have to do.


Key:  Lock?  Key?  Need key to open?  And Knack starts with K, just like key does.  Cool tool box though, huh?

Off to Work
Off to Work

Smile:  Let me redeem myself with this warm smile.
I love this image from Cuba.  I was walking a side street passing her, and she asked me to take her photo.  At first I said no, because often when you take some one's photo, they expect money.  But she didn't.  I guess she just enjoyed posing.  Cuba's Next Top Model?  Isn't she lovely?

For Sale SOOC
For Sale (SOOC)

Unedited:  I didn't realize the addiction was so strong.  I'm dying to get in there and clean this up just a little bit.  It's a good image, but I'm itching to make a few adjustments, but that's not what "unedited" means.


Spice:  Now you're realizing the red wine is having a little effect that coffee wouldn't....
I am able to cook, but I rarely make anything fancy, clever, or involved.  So sue me.  Ketchup is a wonderful enhancement to most any dish.  Who needs thyme, parsley, or mustard seed?  Really.  Ketchup covers so many sins.

Okay.  I'm all scavenged up for another week albeit (albeit-who uses albeit when they're drinking coffee?  No one, that's who.) with a few stretches and twists.  Thanks for visiting today-always appreciated.  You can now think of me at the gym sweating and stuff like that. : )


Carol Blackburn said...

Sweat on..............LOL
I've heard red wine is good for you with a meal. The resveratrol is an antioxidant I think. Keep bacteria away. Drink on......:)
Love the way the Cuban lass posed for you. Hmmm, "Cuban lass", does that even sound right? And I am drinking coffee. Hope you find more fun things to do on this beautiful sunday which I am assuming you have off and are not working.....:)

Kathy said...

Nothing wrong with enjoying some wine...and kudos for getting o the gym early. I'm to going til this afternoon, I swear!!! :). Great shots this week. That smile shot is fantastic, and I love that she is holding a cig in her hand...truly in the moment.

Magdaleena said...

Great shots and what a fun post! You made me smile! =D

Brooke said...

Susan - Did you make it to the gym?!? I have fallen off the work out wagon... yet again :( *sigh* Okay, your KEY shot is my FAV.... and it totally works! Oh, and smile is fantastic too.
Great shots this week.

Stephanie said...

I'm with you on the ketchup but it's safe to say you won't find me at the gym. Love your toolbox!

MG Atwood said...

I love red wine, see nothing wrong with it helping you post! Nice set. Really love smile!

Nicki said...

These are all great - but I absolutely love the smile shot - what a beautiful young lady indeed.

seabluelee said...

Well, you wouldn't want to be drinking coffee before bed, it might keep you awake. As for excuses, you don't need anything to excuse any of your posts. They are straight-up you, and that's what I love about them. The smile shot is my favorite. You're right, she is beautiful. It reminds me of a time when I was walking home from work and paused to photograph an old mill building. A beautiful little girl and her father, neither of whom spoke English, asked me to take their picture. It wasn't a great photo, but it was a great experience.

Miss you, my friend.

Tamar SB said...

Yes! Ketchup is a spice!! It is a "Jewish" thing to put it on almost everything (and I do...)

Love that shutter! Hope your're enjoying the colder weather! We hit the apple orchards first thing this am!

Brenda said...

Well, the wine had barely any impact at all - certainly not on the quality of your images. And yes, I'll take that subtle shutter shadow - sometimes those are the best. Love the textures on "Scratched" and the lovely Cuban smile. And I completely understand the SOOC dilemma - there's no way I could do it. And here's hoping you did make it to the gym to work off that Ketchup.

lessandragr said...

You did good for a rainy day and a glass of wine :) Love your Cuban lady, and your shadow is still plenty good! Can I have some of your fries - please?

urban muser said...

love that shot of the woman in cuba susan. hope you made it to the gym as planned!

Fresh Mommy said...

Well I think your post is wonderful with a little bit of red wine in ya!! So, well done!!! :) Love that smile photo as well. So sweet.


Anita Johnson said...

I like ketchup too. (o:

Justine said...

beautiful shots, love all the textures you have chosen

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I like my fried naked, no 'chup although I admit, it makes for a great shot.

The shutter is really cool as you scroll the screen, it seems to change perspective.

The smile is what you need on a Monday morning!

Kathryn said...

Susan, you make me laugh . . . love the shutter image and the one of the woman in cuba made me smile. She just seems to radiate happiness. Hope the wine was good. :0)

Megan Bailey said...

SOOC is amazing! And I love your shadow photo. Great job!

Seizing My Day said...

SOOC is my fav... keys is a close runner up though!! ;)

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Hmmm... if I like using albeit a lot, does that mean I'm usually drinking wine? I guess I'll have to monitor my usage.

Love the shot of the Cuban cleaning lady, too fun!