Friday, November 30, 2012

Checking Myself

I'm checking in with Christy for this month's {in the picture}.  Hard to believe December is on the doorstep.  Just one more month to fulfill this project.  Very proud and happy that I've stuck through 'til the end.  That is if I don't screw up the last month.

In The Picture

Optional theme this month was "thankful".  Hmmmm...

Farewell Old Friend
Farewell Old Friend

Well, this month I am most thankful that I was able to purchase a new (lightly used) car.  Not exactly actly actly what I wanted, but damn close.  It was a good deal from an acquaintance.  His father's car-8 years old with low mileage.  I'm not sure it only went to church on Sunday, but maybe made just a few trips a week to the golf course.

Dry Your Tears
Dry Your Tears

In addition, I sold my 1999 wagon with 200,000 miles to the kid next door.  Right before I sold it to him I had it washed-and decided to snap one last selfie in the side mirror.  And then I felt a bit sad.  I guess that's normal when one has carried you through several phases of your life, both good and trying.  Perhaps those drops were the car being a touch sad too.

Sloppy 86/365
Sloppy 86/365

I don't know that I'm thankful for jeans, but then again, yes I am.  My favorite clothing item.  This isn't an iphone shot, just a square crop and texture.

Although I have kept up with the selfie project, last month I missed doing a post and linky.  Whoops.  The theme then was to put yourself in a favorite place....which I pretty much failed at.

You Talkin' to Me? 42/365
You Talkin' to Me? 42/365

One of my favorite places is being home.  It's quiet, there's food, computer, TV, a comfy bed and a couple of pets.  I suppose you can't tell I'm home since I hogged the frame with my mug, but I am.  Trust me.

Flat Car Selfie
Flat Car Selfie

I don't know that on a flat car is a favorite place to be, but I am drawn to RR tracks as places to shoot.  Counterbalances all the rural and water scenes available to me.

Suddenly I See
Suddenly I See

Lastly, here's my fave selfie from the last month. The photo is from February, but the process is new. I shared it a couple weeks ago to mixed reviews-because, it's weird. I like using selfies as a basis for making abstract pieces-my eyes usually play heavy in the results. Believe me, this is child's play compared to a lot of the things I've done.

Thanks to Christy for making the effort to keep this linky up and running.  I know it's hard work and time consuming, but if it's any consolation, I've really enjoyed the process throughout the year.  Happy weekend everyone.



gina said...

Hi Susan!

Glad you stuck to it! I've enjoyed the selfies project too -- both doing it and seeing what creative approaches others take. I like your sloppy jeans image and your flat car selfie, but my fave is the last one -- fantastic! What a great idea and so well executed! Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

As I mentioned on Flickr, this last shot is really good and so imaginative! I don't know how you do it, but it's great! I like the flat car selfie too. We shall miss these monthly get-togethers that Christy has so kindly hosted for us all!

urban muser said...

what a great collection of shots. i don't have a car now living in the city, but i have fond memories of some of my old four-wheeled friends.

you've been so dedicated to this project all year and i don't think you'll mess it up in the last month:) thanks for linking up, it's always great to see you!

Rosie Grey said...

Congrats to your new car and also to sticking to the project - wow, I'm so impressed! I love your series!

shirley said...

Yay for sticking with the selfies (I noticed you didn't post last month and thought you had stopped).
I like all your selfies, but that last one is really interesting and cool. I would never think to blend two photos together like that!

Tamar SB said...

These are awesome!! Enjoy the new ride! How are you liking the iphone?

Gallery Juana said...

I know cars usually hold lots of memories for people. My Mom, decades later, still would reminisce about her dear ol' bug. Congratulations on your new wheels. That map selfie is my favorite!

Kathryn said...

So glad you got yourself a new set of wheels, it is always sad saying goodbye to the old one . . . there's always lots of memories tied up with them. Love the selfies and other than pj's jeans are my favorite piece of clothing I live in them. In fact I'm going out to dinner tonight with my husband and some friends and my first question was can I wear jeans. Unfortunately not so I had to go searching like a mad thing through my wardrobe.

Leanne Barnett said...

I love a good pair of jeans too! Great shots this month- & well done for sticking to it- I've definitely lost a bit of that initial enthusiasm- glad there's just one month to go.

Kay L. Davies said...

Hey there, Susan. Long time no comment. Sorry 'bout that, but I've been away, and sick, and all that jazz.
So glad you're still shooting selfies, and the one with the map of the world is fabulous. I'll to show it to my husband because he asked me what I want for my birthday tomorrow, and I don't know. Now I can say "I want one of those" and he'll ask what it is, and I'll say "I don't know, but isn't it nifty?" Then he'll agree it's nifty and get me a 10-lb. box of herbal tea or something.
Good to see you. Sounds like a good deal on the not-new car, but can you bear to have your ex-car living next door? Will you be heartbroken when the kid smucks it up?
Just askin'...

Kathy said...

I am so close to finishing up too. A BIT behind schedule, but I think I will be able to pull it off. You have done such a consistent AND brilliant job with this project. I'd pat you on the back and share a celebratory glass of wine with you...if I could :). Bravo my friend!

Anita Johnson said...

I'm not very good at or happy with pictures of myself, congrats for sticking with it! The map picture spooks me, but there is something very intriguing about it.

Brenda said...

I can't believe that almost a full year of selfies has come and gone. This has been such a wonderful project to witness - to see your creativity at capturing all the many faces of Susan. Such a wonderful accomplishment. (I still don't have the nerve to do it myself.) Congrats on getting the car.

Cathy H. said...

Susan, once again you did an excellent job with your self-portraits! Your map selfie interests me! It's like your seeing the world with your eyes wide open or I'm seeing the world through your eyes and your camera!

seabluelee said...

Hey, my friend. I've really loved having this venue to see your face in since I moved away. I think my favorite of this series is the car mirror - a cool double reflection selfie! I hope your new car proves to be as reliable a friend as the old one was.