Friday, December 28, 2012

Celebrating My December Selfie Check-In

Ill Wind 105/365
Ill Wind 105/365

Linking with Christy for December's {in the picture}.

In The Picture

2012 is almost over.  Back in January on sort of a lark I decided to join Christy in a year long selfie project.  I am celebrating that I made it the entire way.  It was part of her New Year's Resolution-and many of those who signed on were also making it a resolution.  I don't do resolutions, so I entered the arena with no expectations....and am now among the last standing that made it the entire way through.  That is celebratory, isn't it?  Yay me.

Self BW Texture
Self BW

I guess I don't look like I'm celebrating in this image, but that's part of my learning along the way.  There are, and I have, a gazillion moods.  Sometimes they are reflected in images in an "acting it out way", yet other times there's just no hiding-sadness and sorrow; laughter and joy; indifference.  It all comes through.  I am glad I took the chance to make not only "pretty" pictures, but also some more intense.  Every day is NOT perfect.  There are blogs I've seen though, where you'd think that was the case.  God bless if it really is.

Selective Selfie
Selective Selfie

Here's a recent shot-taken at the same time as the one above.  I may be able to see myself a little bit better after doing this for a year-or at least look.  Is it a good thing to be better at pretending?  Maybe if I have to go to one of those boring cocktail networking meetings that I hate more than brussel sprouts.

Selfie Mosaic
Selfie Mosaic

Here are 2 images from each month, in order.  I don't know if they show growth or not.  I think I got better about being more direct with the camera over time.  I learned that I like hands and feet shots-not over faces, but I find-especially hands-tell a lot silently.  I like that.  Apparently the color blue is a favorite as well....either that or it was just a quirk.  I also got better at jump shots along the way....thank goodness.  I was horrible at them back in February.

Square Biz
Square Biz

See?  I've just got to get my arms to do something a little more attractive.

Here are some of my most faves from the last year.

Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes

A Walk 1/365
A Walk

Cuba Selfie
Cuba Selfie

A special celebration shout out to Christy.  Hosting a meme means not only keeping yourself going and motivated, but keeping those that are along for the ride going too.  I am most appreciative to Christy's dedication to this project.

Thanks for reading over my self-serving selfie post.  Will I continue to take selfies-why not?  When they don't seem to work, there's always that delete button.


Tamar SB said...

These are all great, Susan! I loved seeing these throughout the year! Love the jumping one! Happy new year!

Kathryn said...

I've loved all your selfie images. I still suck at them and haven't taken many of myself but seeing yours did inspire me . . . at least in my head anyway. I find it hard to look natural when they feel so contrived. I think that's what I love about yours so much, the range of emotions they convey. Hope you continue with the selfies next year.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

you go girl, and way to finish in style!

I'm very impressed,you've really done well. I read somewhere that a truly great photographer is comfortable on both side of the shutter.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a great series, Susan!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Zena said...

Womderful series. Love your new selfies. Happy 2013

Carol Blackburn said...

Super dooper trouper! You stayed with it and look what you got. Bravo! Love the mosaic. Hope your day is special, Susan.

urban muser said...

Susan, what a great post! You definitely should be really stuck with it this year. I love the mosaic and I definitely see some growth there. Hope to see you continue on your selfie journey in our flickr pool. Thanks for all your support along the way, it meant alot :)

gina said...

Congrats, Susan! Well done! I love how you captured your different moods - really fun to see them all in the mosaic. Your Cuba selfie is so wonderful, it's my fave. I really enjoyed this project too. Happy 2013!

Brenda said...

A BIG YAY to you! And a celebration that is more than well-deserved. I have loved "meeting" you each month, through all the emotions, good and bad; through all the jumping experiments; the great big smiles and brown eyes shining; the pensive looks; the hands that told the story and the brightly colored Chucks. All the pieces and parts that make up the unique and amazing person that is you. What a pleasure to have witnessed your journey. Happy New Year, my friend!

seabluelee said...

Brown Eyes! Love that one. Well, I love most of them, but that one is special. It makes me think of photo shoots and pizza and how much I miss you. I'm going to miss seeing your face here every month, but maybe you'll still post some selfies now and then? I hope so. Have a happy New Year, my friend!

Kathy said...

Yaaaaaay YOU! :)

Tezzie said...

Yay you, for sure! Congratulations to a job very well done. Very courageous to step in front of the camera like that. I'm not there, yet, but you've planted the seed of possibly considering it, at least ;)

I'm so sorry I haven't been around more...I think of your beautiful photos often, especially whenever I see a really cool reflection somewhere!

Happy Holidays to you, and best wishes for a wonderful 2013!

Chezka said...

Really nice photos :) you have great skill!

Gallery Juana said...

Hi Susan,

Great idea to create a mosaic of your selfies. You captured your different moods creatively and strikingly. It's hard to say which on is my favorite, but I think the square biz one won me with the red sneakers:) I also enjoyed your clever photo titles each month!
Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Leanne Barnett said...

Great shots, well done you you too for making the year!

Sandra said...

I love seeing all the stages of your self-portrait journey and how they represented the real you at that moment. My favourite is still the one with the map on your face... you should be on the middle page of an Atlas and say "boo" when the people turn the page! LOL!

Jess said...

Congrats on completing! Selfies are inherently difficult, even if it's just hands and feet. I love the motion blurred one of your feet walking, it's very emotive.