Sunday, January 6, 2013

Can Anyone HELP me?

Wondering if anyone knows and could recommend a good, easy to use, relatively inexpensive program for creating a slide show.  I have LR 3 and can use the slide show function there, but might like something with a little more-variety in time between images not being stationary and maybe different music add possibilities. 

I need to put together a slide show of a large number of images from Cuba and could use some suggestions.

I have lots of people shots....





Lime Green Perch


Rule of Thirds

to put together.

Here are a bunch of mini contact sheets I did a quick print of to try and help make sense of the thing.

A Gazillion Photos

Sense has not yet reached me.

If you have any suggestions or experience with something that might be helpful, I'd really appreciate the input.  Or if you can suggest how to make LR more effective, I'm interested in that too.  Muchas graicias.


Sonishka said...

Hi Susan,

Im using google picasa for most of editing. You can do slide shows there too and play videos. not sure about adding a sound track to it but it might be possible.

love your travel photos!

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Tamar SB said...

I actually have a small slideshow business and use imovie to create them. Do you have a mac?

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

OpenOffice is very good and free :-) 'Impress' is the Multimedia application. I've not used it but I assume it's like PowerPoint.

Kathy said...

Can't help you on this BUT...totally diggin' that car shot!

Norma Ruttan said...

good luck in your hunt, I'm no help, sorry! I love the colors in your photos of Cuba.

TheChieftess said...

At a photography program I used to attend, they recommended ProShow producer for PC's... I use imovie on my mac...

Love the architecture shot!!!

Becs said...

I used animoto to do a time capsule slideshow - here's the link.
It was really, really easy (upload and put them in the order you want) and they have music etc that you can choose from too. Mine was free (but only 30secs!), not sure of the prices as they get bigger but might be worth a look?
Hope that helps.

Jamie said...

I'm old school - and use PowerPoint when I'm doing slide shows on my PC. It isn't designed to do photo slide shows but it works - and best of all is already on most computers.

Brenda said...

Haven't tried a slideshow myself so I can't give you any advice on the technical issue. But I love any opportunity to see more of your Cuba shots.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Fun! I love the colorful architecture! It sounds like quite the project!

Picasa can combine your pictures into a movie format that are rather cool and it allows for music. (they also have slide shows) Best of all it's free.

Gilly said...

Hi Susan,
I've never done this myself, but try these links for some reviews of the best free software:

I've also heard Animoto is good, so that might be worth a try.

Loving that shot of the pink and green buildings - those colours are delicious.