Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scavenger Week 1

Linking with Ashley for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I believe I'm the only one in the whole world that can't get the "button" for SHS to copy and paste to my blog.  I keep trying, but it keeps dissin' me, so follow the link.

Well happy 2013 to you.  Boy this week's topics were tough.  And the crappy thing is, I made them up.  Don't tell anybody.  Kind of pathetic when you have a tough time with your own list.  Yikes.

Spinach Omelette 125/365
Spinach Omelet 125/365

Breakfast:  Well, right after I took this photo, it became breakfast.  I make spinach omelet almost everyday for breakfast.  I don't like veggies and this is a way to get one in that I can drown out the taste of with ketchup.

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

Multi-Colored:  This was the first year my niece (4) and nephew (6) chose their own gifts to give.  They did really well-white cap and coffee mug with a picture of a cat.  I understand there were shopping lists and everything.  I made this goofy photo to create a card for each to send in the mail.  Kids love getting snail mail.  This is a product of someone spending too much time screwing around with Photoshop and making a mess.
Used a cool texture by JoesSistah.

Old Seth Thomas BW 124/365
Old Seth Thomas BW 124/365

Starts with C:  Clock pendulum in motion.  My father has a variety of old clocks, both at home and in the office.  When one is stretching for a photo of the 365 variety, one will try shooting just about anything.

Morning After 121/365
Morning After 121/365

Roll:  I found this can after it had rolled into the street.  I was up early on New Year's Morning, but you can see that Main Street is looking pretty quiet.

Outside the Office Window
Outside the Office Window

Future:  "They" say it's supposed to warm up next week, so the future for these fellas looks pretty bleak.  The future for my mood looks to be improving.  Stepping out of the Arctic "thang" that's been happening, especially if there's sun will be a blessing for me.

And there it is!  A complete list and the first SHS for the year is in the bag.  Psyche. 
Hope you have a super sparkly day!


Karen said...

Those icicles look like weapons! For some reason....the simplicity of that can laying in the street is my favorite! What does that say about me?! Haha!

Christine E-E said...

You crack me up! Your photo card is a kick... And kids do love getting snail mail (just like adults). The pic of the can is a perfect example of your humor. Thanks giving me a chuckle so early on a Sunday morning.

Deanna said...

yum, what a healthy way to begin your the perspective of that shot. I am sure you niece and nephew loved their thank you fun for them. You are freezing and we are going to be in the 40's again next week...wanna trade??

Shannon said...

The clock photo is absolutely amazing!

Tamar SB said...

The thank you card is beyond adorable, as are their gifts!! Love those icicles - wowza!

Brooke said...

AWWWW - they did a great job picking out gifts for you :D So cute. And I love the card idea... with the cool snow effect. We really need some snow in these parts. I may have to start adding that texture over all my photos. The boys are getting depressed due to the lack of the white fluffy stuff. I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! PS - I am glad to be back at the hunt.... thanks for the kind words!

Patti G said...

Love your series!
I would actually welcome some Arctic Freeze - so sick of sloppy, wet & barely any snow in our region. I know, I'm weird like that....
Oh.....and I can't get the "button" to work either. I attribute it to "operator error".....

Kathy said...

So YOU are to blame this week, huh!?!? :). You must be one fun AUNT to your neice and cool that you think of fun ideas AND take the time to do them.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

You make cool thank you cards! I like the beer can shot, but I hate getting down that low - I'm getting lazy. The pendulum is also very cool, I like old mechanical stuff and the details in the plate are stunning.

Nicki said...

I just love your 'Thank You' pic and the composition (and content) of your breakfast. Nicely don't with these incredibly hard, challenging, ridiculous words (hahaha, just kidding!)

Brenda said...

Welcome to the 2013 version of Susan's SHS. Always good to be here - whether you make up your list or not. And just so you know - one can NEVER spend too much time in Photoshop.

Love your breakfast photo with that beautiful green and the Seth Thomas BW, with its blur of motion.

Cathy H. said...

These is a great set of images and a great set of prompts!! I had to miss the very first SHS of the year!! Holidays, power outages, and family kept me busy!!

Stephanie said...

I don't think I could face all that green stuff first thing in the morning. Pass the cinnamon rolls please. I probably should revert to something healthy though since I've been down and out all week with the flu.