Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clean Sweep

Red on Red
Red on Red

Looking for a little help if anyone can.

I'm an old-fashioned girl who still doesn't read blogs in Google Reader except from time to time.
I'm looking for how to delete blogs from my "reading list" on the dashboard.  I have 8 or 10 that have moved or disbanded their blogs, yet the title is still listed there.

I have gone to Google reader and "unsubscribed" there, but they still show up on the left side in the dashboard.  My anal-retentive, Virgo, perfectionist self is looking to tidy up.  I've gone to the settings wheel, and that isn't helping.

Anyone got the inside scoop?

Call it a head start on spring cleaning.


Kathryn said...

On the right hand side next to Google Reader is a cog wheel looking icon. When you click on this it takes you to a list of all the blogs you follow. Then by clicking on settings next to the relevant blog I am usually able to 'stop following' them. Hope this helps. Love that image by the way, so rich and full of character. You've also reminded me to have a bit of a clean up too.

Lisa Gordon said...

Susan, this is an issue that has been going on for a "select" few, for well over a year now. I have not been able to delete (or add, for that matter). Last time I knew, it was "being worked on." :-(

This is a great shot! Love the red shorts and the red graffiti.

Norma Ruttan said...

the only way I deleted blogs from my reading list was by starting a new one. but the only reason I did that was because suddenly in October I could no longer access my dashboard; the message said that I was not an author on Blogger.
best of luck!
love the image, red tops it off!
thanks for visiting my new blog

Rosie Grey said...

I just love your photo, Susan! But I'm afraid I can't help with your question as I'm dealing with the very same problem... I will keep my eyes on the comments here...
Have a great week and a happy Valentine's Day!

Leanne Barnett said...

I love this image- Kathryn has the answer to your question. Click on the cog which will lead you to manage your blogs, then click on settings & there is an option to stop following.

Susan said...

I love the colors in this image. Good luck with your spring cleaning. :-)

Brenda said...

I don't use Google Reader so I can't help with your issue - but I love the photo. The colors and the captured moment.

seabluelee said...

I can't help with your question either, but I do like this photo. It looks warm there. :-)

Carol Blackburn said...

Susan, I just deleted one by going into google reader and hitting settings then I hit remove everywhere I found it on that persons info. It seems to have worked. Good luck!

Justine said...

Love this shot. I haven't idea about google reader, sorry

Anita Johnson said...

Ditto what everyone above said. I would like to clean up my list the other cleaning chores on my to do list.